Rapid Development Tools

Without this document it leads the users to be uninterested about NY application so the purpose of the software will fail. The following Running- Instructions Document provides the step by step instructions, how to run the Application Fox Reporting. Install the Mended Business Modeled 2. 5. 6 if required. Run the modeled Open Reporting Fox. Mr., in the folder Mended Reporting Fox.

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Run it It will go through several steps before the server starts Automatically Build the application Click “Open the browser” A new web browser object will load the application First it needs authentication for users (Administrator, Expert, Resident and Nonuser) to enter into the Application. The following table shows User Names and Passwords: Role Name User Name Password Administrator Ala Adman/adman 1234 Expert Lie. Resident Raff John/John 123 Taffeta/taffeta BBC If users are not authenticated then the Application shows message so that they can Register here or Exit.

Administrator can Add and Delete Expert upon some criteria Expert can View, Add, Edit and Validate the Fox report to be displayed in the form submitted by the Residents. Expert can Start and Make blob entries and Edit the blobs entered by the Residents. Resident can enter reports and make blob entries of ox-sightings near their home in text and point on the map view. Resident can query the report of fox-sighting. Any User can only see the fox-sighting reports and blobs.

Task 5 Test Plan for Reporting Foxes: Any application or software needs test plan for the user to use the software confidently that the application is flawless. The following table shows the Test Plan for the Fox Sighting Application: Test No. Form Requirement/Function/Feature Description Input Expected Output Login Displays all User Options to Login User Name and Password Open the desired form Yes 2 Displays only Administrator Form to Add or Delete Expert.

Click on Add Expert of Delete Expert Expert List is updated according to Addition or Deletion 3 Displays the options to View, Add, Edit and Validate the Fox report and to start or make blob entry Click on the options to View, Add, Edit and Validate the Fox report, start or make blob entry Desired task is done and database is updated 4 Displays options to enter report, make blob entry and make query of fox-sightings Click on the options to enter report, make blob entry and make query Desired task is done and database is updated 5 Any User Displays options to make view or make query of fox-sighting Click on the options to view or make query

Desired task is done 6 Report Fox Displays the list of report entries of Fox-sighting and displays the options to Edit, Confirm or the Delete the Report Click on the desired options 7 Query desired options Display the list according the query 8 Blob Displays the options to start or make blob entry Click on the desired options Task 6: The name of my application is Reporting Foxes developed in Mended Business Modeled 2. 5. 6. This is a web-based application which will produce output directly to web. This application will enable the residents of Middlebrow’s to enter reports of fox-sighting near their home.

There is four kinds of users in my application as Nonuser, Residents, Expert and Administrator. As this is a web based application so any user can have a limited access to this application such as only to view reports and blobs entered by the registered users. Registered users are the residents of Middlebrow’s. Anyone can apply to be a Resident. He will be registered after verification by the Expert and Administrator of this application. Same procedure is applicable for to be an Expert also who will be verified by the Administrator.

This application enables the residents and experts to enter reports and possible logs of fox- sightings and query the database of sightings. Entries of reports and blobs by residents are published only after validation by expert. Expert can start a blob and able to make blobs of fox-sightings without any moderation. The software development process which includes procedures like software prototyping and iterative development is known as “Rapid application development”. There are range of Rapid application tools available in the market, but among them Mended has its own identity.

Mended tool is used in wide range, which includes designing applications, quick organizing, administer, verifying etc. Mended rapid application development tool and prototyping methodology were used to develop my application. I had a little experience in MS Access but it needs some programming language coding knowledge. When our module tutor introduced us Mended, I was curious and tried Mended and found interest on it as it publishes output directly to the web and decided to the implement my application in Mended.

I found that Process-centered, data-centered and object-oriented methodologies that follow the basic approaches of the following three RADAR categories: Phased Prototyping Throwaway Prototyping (Dennis et al. 2010, p. 10). Among them I have chosen Prototyping methodology because I found that Prototyping methodology performs the analysis, design and implementation phases concurrently and all three phases are performed repeatedly in cycle until the system is completed. It provides a system very quickly with which the users can interact. Prototyping helps to refine more quickly to real requirements.

It needs less paper work comparatively. The prototyping methodology requires more careful and methodical analysis fundamental issues and problems are not recognized until the development process is complete. I like Mended as a RADAR tool for development projects. Since Mended platform provides fast running and deployment of applications it suits all cases of Rapid development. It has the capability of Modeling and controlling the whole system flow using micro flow. This helps developers to professionally work in different groups which are working on different software modules.

Its faultless integration features allow diverse modules from all different teams of the software house to be integrated into one function unit. This makes it easy to scale, maintain security, and construct large and legible web application. Mended supports an agile development approach so changes are made quickly. When the software requirements change with time it’s very easy to implement those changes in Mended. Services can be stared in Just a few clicks serving the whole client base remotely. This integration of old systems with Mended application allows for risk free shift to future proof software tools like Mended.

So considering all I preferred Mended RADAR tool and Prototyping Methodology. Task 7 Question 1: It was found that Mended offers designing, verifying, testing, running, and executing he overall application in user friendly manner without writing any codes is. The user can design and build an application rapidly and at the same time he can test. It allows the user’s to implement complex and large business applications. One of the powerful tools of Mended is ‘microfilms’ that can be generated so quickly that requires only drag and drop. The editor layout is presented according to the need I found. Information and the content are organized according the categories and everywhere there is link where necessary for further information. The Passport is very rich also. But for a beginner Mended is a little difficult to cope up with at the very beginning. Though the help is available instantly the error handling was found very difficult in Mended. The user interface of the output is very complicated to change as it requires the CSS file to edit by CSS editor. Mended offers very powerful security. Applications can be secured at different levels by setting up the authentication instructions.

From the Passport, user can get range of applications like theme, Plug-in, model, widgets and templates which make rapid solution rather than on custom development activities. Developer can generate documents and reports without difficulty as the outline facts and information is previously in the document template, user can also export these documents into a variety of formats. In conclusion, I will say that Mended offer range of services and features which I found while implementing IAC throughout the course, I consider Mended as one of the most powerful and easy to learn Rapid Application Development Tool.

Question 2: Compare Mended in detail with ONE other RADAR tool Rapid Application Development, sometimes referred to as Rapid Prototyping, is a yester development method of decreasing the time taken to design software systems. It uses incremental development and the construction of prototypes and encourages constant feedback from users/customers by keeping lines of communication clear with the end goal of expediting the development cycle. Another key element of the Rapid Application Development-lit approach was visual programming.

According to this concept, it should be possible to construct software with little or no knowledge of programming. In this method users modify the desired look of the user interface from a visual editor and the Rapid Development tool then narrate the appropriate code to create that look automatically (BPCS, Articles and Glossary, 2011). Different RADAR tools are available in the market for the development purpose, such as Mended, Wordless, Joana, Microsoft Light Switch, Microsoft Access, Neatens and Microsoft Publisher.

RADAR tools have their advantages and disc- advantages over each other. Some are suitable for developing web application; some are used for desktop application and others have capability to help developing both kinds of applications. Comparison of Mended with Microsoft Access: The RADAR tools which I have chosen for the purpose of comparing them are Mended tools is explained below. Serial No Topic Mended Microsoft Access Introduction Mended is the agile development, model-driven development and rapid prototyping platform to design, deploy, integrate and share business applications.

Mended lets capturing business requirements in visual models and execute them as flexible web portal applications and cloud services. Mended stand on Speed, Flexibility and Ease- of-Use these three pillars (Mended, 2012). Microsoft Access is a database application system design and deployment tool. With this tool data can be kept in the local computer, or can be published to the Web -? so others can use the database with a web browser. Platform Independence The application which is developed using Mended can be run on all the operating systems where JAVA can run.

JAVA can be installed on Linux, Windows, Solaris and Mac operating systems. So, Mended is platform independent. Microsoft Access can be installed only in Windows operating system and the application developed in this is also limited to Windows platform. Hence, It is not platform independent. 3 Multi Language Support Supports multi-language. The application can be converted to other languages even at run time. The languages supported by the Mended Framework are the same languages that are supported by Java (Mended, 2011).

To convert into any other language There is a drop down menu on top left corner which has all the available languages to convert. Supports the multi-language partially and this facility is not enabled by default. Developer has to install the required language. But the web forms cannot be converted to other languages at run time. So, it provides partial support of multi- language availability. 4 Active Java Script and XML (AJAX) The application, created using Mended, is fully Active Java Script enabled. As Java script is dynamic the web layout looks the same in any display unit.

Thus it reduces the bandwidth usage and increase the data transfer speed. Microsoft Access does not provide any facility to implement AJAX and there is no pre-defined AJAX component. 5 Mended was founded in late 2005 and supported by a team of 75+ Mennonites. It has strong community web support also. Microsoft Access is managed by Microsoft Corporation. So, there is a strong group which is managing the Access and this can be trusted for developing applications. Web Services Web service is produced in Mended in a single click. Manage the application landscape form a central management dashboard: The Cloud Dashboard (Mended, 2011).

The web services are not directly supported in Access. For integrating the web service it needs to use the Web Service References Tool. 7 Teeming It allows the custom or corporate themes to integrate with the current application. But the facility is limited in Mended. It also allows the custom themes to use for development of any application and the range is wider than Mended. 8 Security The security is high in Mended. It provides the different level of security to protect the application from UN authorized use. Different roles can be defined with limited access to various pages, microfilms and data entities.

The security cannot be broken by any third party software. Access also has ability to secure the data entities and web pages according to user role. In Access the security cane broken by the third party software. This is a limitation of access. 9 Templates Templates can be easily created using Mended. Different part of current application can be stored as a template and can be reused for the next releases or products. Microsoft Access provides different templates which are suitable for different pre- defined scenarios. Therefore, templates can be added into Access as well. 0 Real time Reporting It allows generating reports based on real time scenarios. Access also provides the facility to generate the reports. But there is no facility to generate them on real time basis. 11 Data Export Facility Data can be exported to different format including Adobe PDF, MS Excel and MS Word from Mended. Data can also be exported to different format including Adobe PDF, MS Excel and MS Word from MS Access. 12 Mobile Application Development Mobile application can be developed using Mended, which can be run on most mobile devices.

Mobile applications cannot be developed in Access directly. Applications can be run in the mobiles at the cost of quality. 13 3rd Party Plug-ins Third party custom code, libraries, widgets and plug-ins can be integrated with the current application in Mended. Visual Basic (IV) is used to integrate the different plug-ins. Hence, there is need to learn IV to integrate anything. 14 Centralized Authentication It provides the centralized authentication for different applications. The same login does not provide the centralized authentication for different application. 4 Help Tutorials and Documentation from Mended community is available on the web. Different forums, blobs and groups are also available to help to understand and share the tools. Detailed Documentation is available in the form of MASS from Microsoft Corporation. Forums and groups are also available to resolve any issue. 1 5 Open Source Mended is not an open source software and there is a software development kit from the community. MS Access is not open source and no one can rebuild it. 16 Web Forms Web forms can be designed using drag and drop utility.

The AJAX based components are available to make application robust. Navigation can also be managed for different user roles. Access also allows the drag and drop utility to design pages, but no AJAX component is available. 17 Data Model Data Model can be created using the drag and drop facility to create the database. No need to write any SQL code to do any function. It is written automatically according to the designed data model. Access also allows the developer to create data model using drag and drop facility. But it needs to write structure query engage (SQL) code for fetching data from database tables. 8 Deployment Application can be deployed easily with a single click on the run button. It compiles the application and then deploys it to the web server. The Access applications can also be deployed but not with a single click. Run time environment is necessary is necessary to run on any system. 19 License Fee There is a license fee to use Mended for commercial use and free for educational purposes. Access is not free and it needs to pay license fee to use. 20 Scalability Mended can be used for any scale of applications whether it is small or large.

This can be used for commercial products and latterly the products are easy to maintain. This is best for small scale applications and is not suitable for developing any commercial product. 21 Database Storage Data can be stored using the different database systems including My SQL, SQL, SQL Server, Oracle and Postures. XML files can also be used to store the data for implementing the concept of application independence. Access can be connected with SQL server for storing the data. 22 Stability Mended is a new product and rapidly expanding releasing new versions. Before some