Real media advert

Last shot is a CU of bottle on the ground to the right, with large logo to lest, and beneath the slogan “Rush a burst of adrenaline “. This image then shatters into lots of pieces and flies towards you – transition which adds a great modern street style affect and leaves you thinking the brand is retro, trendy and ‘cool’. The desired feel we were hoping for was liveliness, outrageous, energetic and full of attitude. The actors represent the youth of today, in terms of their dress code (popular culture) and gesture code, which is with attitude. The location we chose was a local park where youths are known to ‘hang out’. To add to this desired feel, several transitions were used to blend the stills together and create an exciting, fast, energetic effect.

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The slogan at the end of the advert anchors the stills and clears up any misunderstanding, and leaves a lasting impression of the drink in your mind. The soundtracks go with the images but the rhythm and pace is a bit random and the timing for the images is slightly off. The sound fx and voice over at the end of the advert adds to the overall style, making it seem more like an advert. Evaluation After completing our advert, we conducted our post-production. We created a storyboard, accurately drawing and colouring in the key shots/frame of the advert, we held an audience focus group so that we can evaluate from more perspectives, we had a one to one questioning and we compared our advert to a real media advert.

After looking at the audience questionnaires I found a trend in responses, most of our audience said that it only targeted boys, and also the storyline was hard to follow because of the fast moving images. But most of the audience questionnaires we gathered were positive and they were able to identify the product, what type of media it was and they would remember it as it was well anchored.

Comparing the advert to real television adverts, we found it was quite positive. The pace, rhythm and interest matched quite well or was similar to ones on T.V. I think that our advert will sell and be accepted to be broadcasted on popular youth channels such as MTV, Q, E4, Nickelodeon and channel 4. I achieved what aimed for and we worked well together. The SFX, transitions, filters, images and sound fitted reasonably well together meeting the brief. But I can see that the advert is targeted more towards males, as the advert contains no females and this should be changed, so this part of the brief has not been met. From this production I have learnt many media skills e.g. editing and photography, and I have had an excellent time doing it.