Reasons for Apple’s Success

Apple is known for being a technological mastermind creating successful and innovative products that can be used for any group age. Not only have they changed the way technology is used, but they stand out at the top creating record sales and immense revenue. Being such a strong empire, Apple creates such high standards that opposing companies can barely keep up and compete, giving Apple the upper hand to success. Apple`s successful evolution and upper responsiveness have created intense consumer demand on a global scale. An analysis of the company`s achievements and advancements explains its considerable success.

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Like any other company Apple started small and evolved its products into something big, they have also created huge advancements in technology that many companies base their products on. Apple is renowned for its immense demand and of course its success related to their entrepreneur skills as a multi-billion dollar company. Every company have their own starting grounds; Apple started planting its roots in a small garage making computer circuit boards, then later computers, to music players all the way to the number one selling phone in the world.

Apple faced a huge amount of evolution in its products from day one, and ever since then the sky’s been the limit to success. They seem to come out stronger and better every time leaving people speechless. Apple’s come a long way from making circuit boards, Steve finally decided he had to create a product that would place his company on the map and that people would die to have. His goal was to develop his brand and company in a positive yet effective way by making easy to use products, just like how Job’s re-invented the Apple I into the Apple II.

“Jobs’s mission was to bring an easy-to-use computer to market, which led to the release of the Apple II in April 1978. It sparked a computing revolution that drove the PC industry to $1 billion in annual sales in less than three years Apple quickly became the industry leader, selling more than 100,000 Apple II’s by the end of 1980. ” (Renne, “Apple Inc. ”) After creating a spark with the Apple II, jobs started to move on with different innovative products never seen before creating a name for his start-up company and setting standards for opposing companies.

Which lead to the infamous Apple iPod, a product that evolved everything about the mp3, along with the iPhone and the notorious iPad, all products that are now a huge part of Apple and their overall revenue. “While the prospects for the Macintosh business had improved, it was the iPod that set Apple on its explosive growth path. The iPod was initially one of many portable digital music players based on the MP3 standard. Thanks to its sleek design, simple user interface, and large storage, it soon became “an icon of the Digital Age,” in the words of one writer.

” (Renne, “Apple Inc. ”) Without doubt the creation of the iPhone was Apple’s most innovative and revolutionary product that everyone had to have; it was debatably the phone that could do anything and had everything needed in one device, it caught everyone’s attention and set headlines everywhere. After realizing the multi-billion dollar potential and success Steve and his team knew they had much more than just a product that would evolve their company but rather opportunity’s to grow massively and create an empire of technology.

“Hailed as Time magazine’s “Invention of the Year,” the iPhone represented Apple’s bid to “reinvent the phone. ” Two and a half years of development efforts had been devoted to the phone, guarded under intense secrecy, even within the company’s own employees. The estimated development cost was around $150 million. ” (Renne, “Apple Inc. ”) Apple also has a tarnished amount of software that took place in its evolution like the eminent iTunes and App Store.

Considering that their software interconnects with the consumers Apple product it creates a personal connection between them and their manufactured goods making it that much better. “Two features which dramatically differentiated Apple’s iPods were its iTunes desktop Software, which synchronized iPods with computers; and its iTunes Music Store, which opened in April 2003. The two, in combination, completed Apple’s vision of an entertainment hub. ” (Renne, “Apple Inc. ”).

All this mass evolution of Apple products made Steve Jobs primarily realize he has started a movement in technology changing the way technology used in today’s generation and changing it the next. The company continues to evolve and create products better than ever. Apple often stands high above the clouds in success with their ingenuity to perfect technology in ways it can’t be improved by competitors in any way possible, it’s what makes their products so special and unique to the buyer.

They create advancements in technology never thought possible and make sure they are flawless leaving people in awe. Apple’s iPod touch was notorious worldwide for its touch screen, they were the first to perfect the technology and make it better than ever. Even though they were not the first to create the technology they certainly were the first to use it properly and intricate it in a product that changed a good part of technology that no one seen coming.