Recommendation: Customer Service and Michael Brown Director

Michael Brown Director of Hot & Ready From: Project Manager Subject: Background: Hot and Ready Pizza has been In good standing for over 20 years, but lately our customer service has decreased with the economy and competitors. However, keeping our company the best we should be competitive with sales and service as well.

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Our biggest complaints are slow service, getting a table, phone order line is busy and no delivery available. We may not know how many customers we have lost UT If we provide these needed services we have a chance at building our business back and better. Recommendation: This recommendation is created to make changes on our customer service and providing new technology and better business. Our economy is highly involved with internet access and so should we.

Therefore, we have researched a new way to get paid faster and to get every customer service possible. We found that the new Providing online ordering and access to our menu before arriving should help speed up orders and faster service. This purpose Is to bring a new style of serving and add nonviolence for customers either in our diner or at home. Offering more items to the menu is recommended and providing nutritional facts can benefit many living the healthy lifestyle.

In addition, providing home deliveries, and opening the unused banquet for catering and more open space for our diner are other solutions recommended. Project Cost: Benefits: The following benefits can be realized by Implementing the recommendation: Improved guest satisfaction and loyalty Improve operational efficiency * Increase of sales * Increase of customers Implementation Approach and Process: ‘inclusion: