Recruitment and Selection

Both recruitment and selection play an important part for large businesses and issues need to be taken into consideration when recruitment and selection takes place. In the following paragraphs I will explain recruitment and selection by outline the fundamentals used to make the process successful. Recruitment Recruitment is the first part of the process of filling a vacancy with in business or organization. It includes examination of the applicant for the vacancy, the consideration of the sources of suitable candidate applicants, making contact with the suitable candidates and receive applications from them.

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By the end of 2000, McDonalds employed 49728 people: 46,209 restaurant staff, 2,974 restaurant management and 545 office staff. Around 18,200 more were employed by McDonalds franchises. McDonalds is an equal opportunity employer. The ratio is between male and female staff is 56:46 With a target of 100 new stores opening in 2002, McDonalds will create in excess of 6,000 new jobs this year.

Job analysis In management it is often necessary to obtain and record a description of a job. The description must be kept up to date to take account of changes in the organization or in the technology. Job analysis is the process by which a description of a job is complied. There are many various difficulties associated with job analysis, some practical, some concerned with the attitudes of employees. The following are just some of the methods that can be used: Direct observation – this is always necessary and is mainly the managers and team leaders job but has several draw backs: Interview with the jobholder – this is always necessary, but often difficulties can occur, largely because the worker can be suspicious of the job analysis.

Interview with the supervisor – supervisors are often out of touch with the details of the job, they frequently have never done the job themselves and may do the job in order to increase their own importance. McDonalds job analysis is carried out by the second assistant and the store manager mostly they carry out observations and giv  you help if you are not doing the work right and then after they can have a interview with you. In McDonalds you get sacked after four warnings: 1st Verbal warning 2nd Written warning 3rd the last verbal warning 4th your fired Job description A job description is a board purpose and duties of a particular job. A detailed statement of a physical job and mental activities involved in the job. For general discussions of jobs, a board description has is all that is necessary.

Job roles with in McDonalds Shift manager The shift manager arranges what shifts the workers at McDonalds have to do and can change the shift patterns. The shift manager makes sure that everyone has a shift. The shift manager is responsible for anyone who cannot come in to work so he can organise a replacement so there is sufficient staff for the shift. Training squad The training squad that are in charge of the new recruitment’s just to make sure what they are doing is right or wrong. The training squad train new recruitment’s the basics like using the equipment and how to serve the customers and using the touch keypads on the tills.

Floor manager The floor manager makes sure everything on the shop floor runs smoothly and there are no problems, if there are problems then the floor manager has to sort them out. Their problems range from, emergencies, spillage’s customer problems and errors.