Relation To Mentorship Program

Pacman : entering new patients (acute & chronic) into database , sorting patients , printing & updating daily, weekly , monthly & annual lists ,entering & ^’ing data for Kt/V , PRU’s , patient schedules etc.; legalities of database & printouts Hepatitis : interpretation & analyzing results, scheduling vaccinations in B/W book , kx, & computer ;initializing or entering new patients into database , updating isolation q mon. based on hepatitis results , ordering of vaccinations from BCCD, consulting with BCCD re: results , interpretation of unusual results , new updates etc. ,monitoring & ensuring implementation of infection control guidelines in renal program & informing staff of any new updates or ^’s

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Passmaster : trouble shooting the system ,computer(displaced connections) ; RAM cards ; formatting RAM cards , programming/initiating cards, making ^’s & updating cards ; analyzing , interpreting & printing patient grafts & collaborating with nephrologist regarding concerns – for ex. BV as it relates to GW, – plasma conductivity as it relates to patients serum conductivity(increased thirst)- Kt/V related to dialyzer, access, clotted fibres ,larger body surface area ,etc (ensure trouble shoot run/sprio to consulting with Dr.) ; entering /initiating new patients into database ; I.S. support for passmaster (Gambro rep’s)

Staffing : assignments -knowledge of things to consider in creating staff/patient assignments; providing new nurses with the opportunities ; support to do ICU’s , acute & emergent dialysis in collaboration with mentor & clinical educator ; ensuring on-call list completed ,reviewed , ^’s made ; posted on time ; working with staffing clerk to ensure unit staffing needs are met (refer to workload requirement specifics- (algorhythm to be worked on), dealing with short term sick calls ; workload issues ;diversion requirements ; how to initiate; handling staff injury ; incident reports ;handling general staff complaints ; problems.

Skill ;/or work issues ; accomplishments, recognition of staff achievements ;communication of day to day issues, long ; short term changes in unit policies ; procedures , patient up-dates , am ; 1500 report , reporting to evening charge nurse ,CRN report , SW , UC Tech ; Mentor communication books (voice mail for SW ; Dietician also an option) , report to SW , Dietician ; Pharmacist q am ; prn ; maintain communication with Techs ; UC regarding board changes ; with Nurses regarding their assignment changes ; informing at least 1 person ( usually U.C.) when leaving unit for an extended period of time; monitoring ; guiding staff both in the dialysis unit ; off ward ; responsible to set staff meeting agenda (provided by staff -blank document posted prior to meeting)

Rounds : q thur ; designate nurse (prn) to follow-up on outstanding unit issues while at rounds ; print rounds lists (usually U.C.) , ensure Pharmacist , SW, Dietician , Neprologist ; interested staff aware of time ; location or any ^’s from the usual ; preparation for rounds & follow-up of identified issues; clarification & documentation (on rounds sheet) of person & or discipline responsible for follow-up ; document prn in appropriate areas any pertinent findings discussed during rounds

Multidisciplinary Interactions :pharmacy med list done q week for patients due med reviews (according to master list) (this task may be designated or soon relinquished to the U.C’s) ; give list to U.C. by, no later than Sun. so she may call Mondays patient to bring their meds ; med book (see med. review guidelines ; ensure UC aware to place med book ,order summary sheet ; then thin chart after ) ; fax copy to Pharmacy Attn: Gord or Indy ; give report to Pharmacist q am (or when they arrive on unit) regarding any in patients being D/C , admitted or any patient med concerns or ward MAR concerns ;ensure any relevant issues reported to you are reported to Dietician.

SW, Pastoral Care, Pharmacist , Doctors etc.(or designate person to report ); collaborate with lab, BCCD ,various surgeons related to patient follow-up (particularly vascular surgeons ; diagnostic imaging) working with national , regional, local ; outside agencies related to patient ,unit ; staff concerns (for ex.: CRN is the contact ; person responsible for CORR data , working in co-operation with Specials @ RCH for patient interventions , maintenance @ SMH for unit physical problems, WCB for staff injuries) ; transplant work-up ; initiation of test ; submission of forms ,or ensure patients Nephrologist office aware of referral to transplant, ensuring cytotoxic antibodies drawn the 1st of q month

Misc. : responsible for patient , staff ; visitor safety while in the dialysis unit by having knowledge of ; ability to implement when necessary: evacuation procedures ; routes ,direct persons to appropriate fire exits ; ensure passage kept clear ,implement disaster procedures according to manual ; fan out lists , implement or provide for crisis intervention ,initiation of diversion policy ,monitor infection control guidelines ; policies ; ability to recognize ; report appropriately any trend changes negative or otherwise that impact patient outcomes ; safety as well as staff performance ; safety ; thorough knowledge of dialysis machines/RO , procedures , safety issues , equipment ; unit procedures , hospital policies ; procedures