Relationship between violence and development

It can be defined as the Intentional use of physical force, power or threat against a person, group or a community that either results Into or has a high Likelihood of resulting in an injury, psychological harm, deprivation or death. Development: Is the systematic use of scientific and technological knowledge in order to meet a specific objectives or requirements. Or The process of economic and social transformation that is based on complex cultural and environmental factors and their interactions.

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When talking about development in elation to violence one should bear in mind that it has got two surfaces to consider. The first surface is developed countries and the second one is the developing countries. Starting with the developed countries, this fact can be proved In a number of facts such as the manufacture of nuclear weapons by these developed countries which have made a step towards technological advance. These weapons have been killed and reported to cause a lot of deaths In the united States, Egypt the war wealth, Libya, Congo, Burundi and Rwanda.

Furthermore, when we consider the developing entries we need to focus a lot of aspects such as economic crisis, political instability, social injustice, and religion conflicts which are still taking roots day and night. For instance in Tanzania where robbery, theft, rape, killing of innocent civilians by police force, security guards during assembly example bomb which killed more than three people in Rash (Jowett) And 70 others were severely injured due to political instability, the death of David Mangos the journalist all these are social violence that are taking place in Tanzania.

Having pinpointed these examples we are owe going to focus on how globalization relates to violence at deferent spheres. Globalization: Is the process of International Integration Orleans from Interchange of world’s views, products, Ideas and other aspects of culture. Or the process that increase world-wide exchange of national and cultural resources. These global aspects include global business organization, economic globalization, socio-cultural globalization, global natural environment as well as political globalization.

On top that due to the effect of modernization, necessaries whereby the mode of production, business and other economic programs to be monitored by the private sectors, all these have geared a lot of efforts for the resources to be left so that foreign investors have equal chance and right to utilize them as a result the indigenous must riot and demonstrate for their resources and this accelerate the so called violence.

For instance the fights which are still going on In Mantra has cause a lot of violence and people have lost their lives, property and others have become apparentness, childless hence the policy of globalization that the world’s resources are to be left free so that we share equally ill cultivate everlasting violence and the world cannot stay in peace. Hereunder are Percentage Cause of violence over 50 Suicide over 30 Homicide over 12 War or other forms of conflicts As a result, violence takes the lives of more than 1. Million people annually in the world.. TYPES OF VIOLENCE. Based on the characteristics of those committing the violent act,the following are the types of violence . Self – directed violence. Inter personal violence. Collective violence. 1) Self -directed violence. This is the type of violence where by a person commits violence against oneself either by doing it or by having suicidal thoughts. A person is not taking a good care of himself or herself does not struggle to protect himself or to keep himself in a good condition.

I. E. Suicidal behavior and self -abuse . 2) Inter personal. This is the type of violence between individuals who may be related or unrelated may take place in their homes or outside the home. Example violence taking place at homes between parents, intimate partners. And violent acts may be child abuse, rape , sex assaults. 3) Collective violence. This involves possible motives for violence committed by larger groups of people or Tate against another . It is subdivided into: a) Economic violence.

This includes attacks by larger groups motivated by economic gain, such as attacks carried out with the purpose of disrupting economic activity, denying access to services or creating economic division and fragmentation’s. B) Political violence. It includes wars, terrorist and related violence conflicts, state violence and similar acts for disrupting and interfering the political state of a country or a particular area. C) Social violence. Involves the violence that is committed to advance a particular social agenda such as ender based, age and social rights I. . Female genital mutilation (FIG) , child abuse , rape , child labor, domestic violence and all the violence acts occurring in our environment. CAUSES OF VIOLENCE . 1 . Due to development and globalization there has been the development of different weapon including the nuclear weapons. This brought the technical capacities of violence to increase. Just think of the guns, bombs, airplanes etc and how modern media enable violence – minded in one part at the world to learn techniques from and to collaborate with likened people elsewhere.

Because of these there probably is more human violence today than at most times in the past. Military people call some of it “collateral” damage but still it is violence. A on innocent child’s food years later. The duties at strong democratic government should include limiting people’s access to deadly weapons. The USA for example should have strong gun – control lows than it does , and I the current attempts by its government to promote international order tailing the worldwide availability of weapons of mass destruction are correct in principle . 2. Industrialization.

Competitive mass – production manufacturing industries in advanced countries exploits the resources and markets of “underdeveloped” countries in ways that often entail violence which is economical violence. While the plant that transforms raw materials into consumable articles is located in some other place the raw material are gathered from the places of their origin and brought together to feed machinery at a speed demanded by the technical requirements for production at an economic speed and then when the goods have been produced they have to be sold.

Again the problem at routes ,ports, steamship and political control at peoples have to be faced. Exchange custom and other financial and political barriers have to be regulated to provide the necessary facilities . All ethics can be done only at point of bayonet. The situation describe at the end of this citation has been due in part to the lack of effective international law to prevent such use of” bayonets” perhaps in happier future phase of globalization instruction somewhat like the MIFF may reduce the level at international violence due indirectly and sometimes directly to mass production industries.

It is important to purse this hope notwithstanding the vestal interest of the industrialized manufactures of military equipment to sell their wares. 3. Lack of employment Due to development, there has been different machines to perform different work, this lead people to be Jobless with no employment because different work and heavy one which could be done maybe by hundreds of people it is being done by one person for example in the office there could be a lot of secretary like the one to type different document another one to find different information and another one to rite information by hand which will be typed later.

This is done by one person using the computer. Hence in developed and developing countries most people end up with no Jobs this lead them to do violence in order to survive or to get the basic need as we know everybody needs clothes, shelter and food so without work they cannot get them so the only solution is to corrupt or steel which is violence so that they can survive. 4. Games and entertainment.

Due to globalization and development there has been different games and entertainment throughout the word, our concern here is the games which they are in CT of violence for example boxing, whereby it is game but people may use it to do violence because they get know different style in which somebody can hurt or beat one another. Coming to children there have been different toys which are in form of guns at the same time this children are watching movies wars , crimes, theft and all those violent stuff.

So, psychologically the children are being affected hence they grow with that mind, like to kill is the simple thing and at the end of the day when they grow up they can easily do it which is violence . Be clearly unfair. Well paid experts like to dispute whether globalization has been aggravating economic inequality and if so in Just ways. It doesn’t seem the richest one or two percent of the world populations are nowadays enjoying far greater material luxury than ever before while the poorest are still suffering from starvation deaths.

Experts have conducted accordingly that where as the ratio of wealth (taking account of market exchange rates when the comparison is between people whose wealth is in different currencies) between the richest and poorest 20% of the world’s population used to be back in ass’s something like 25:1 now it is well over than 60:1 . Many poor people are not stirred up by the extreme inequalities to thoughts of violence.

Some try to become enterprising some others are sunk in dismal fatalism. 6) Modern media, communication, traveling films and highly published news and stories. The global media in informing civic societies about the extreme inequality are also bringing us news of violence in various, more or less far off places. So through media, communication and traveling films we see more and hear more than our ancestors did.

The cause and effect linkage between too much inequality and the resulting violence is so complicated that reducing extreme inequality is only a necessary step and not sufficient remedy to the problem of global violence. And indeed a lot of modern violence may well be due to resentment by people whose material conditions have actually improved in certain ways but whose material conditions have actually improved in certain ways but whose desire for goods the value of which depends on comparatively visa a visa other people have been frustrated.