Resposibility of HR department

It is the responsibility of the HR department at WHS to find suitable staff, identify training needs for its staff and train them, development of WHS and deal with industrial related affairs. The above are possible through the use of HR functions namely HR planning, recruitment and selection, training and development and performance management if used together effectively they contribute great to the success and competitiveness of the school. HR planning Human resources planning is ‘the activity of management which is aimed at co-ordinating the requirements for and the availability of different types of employees’

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Human resources planning is import to WHS because schools are competitive, they compete for students and the schools with a good reputation will always more competitive. In order for a school to have a good reputation it has to have good teachers with good teaching standards. Which WHS has dealt with by employing specialist teachers for every subject, which leads to good exam results, this is true for WHS as they have seen an increase in students getting A-C every year. A good reputation does not only attract students it also attracts teachers to come and teach at WHS were they feel safe and can get on with there job well.

As in a normal organisation your reputation always determines how many staff you will recruit so the better your reputation is the more staff you are likely to recruit. Hr planning helps Woodbridge high school to control the number of staff employed and the cost of employing them far more effectively, the staff they WHS has the money it has to pay as salary. To manage the number of teacher WHS has it has employed a formula to work out how many teachers are needed depending on how many lesson per subject are to be taught a week. This helps WHS to manage its resources effectively.

Human resources planning encourages teachers to develop clear links between the school’s business plan and their HR plans so that they can integrate the two more effectively. By using HR planing WHS can build up a skills profile for each of the different staff it employs. This makes it easier to give them work where they are most valued to the school. HR also helps WHS to create a staff profile, which is necessary for the operation of an equal opportunities policy this also, aids the reputation of the school. Having an equal opportunities policy means that more staff and teacher from the minorities will be attracted to the school.

If the HR planning is successful the school staff employed are fully utilised to the benefit of the school. This may lead to good exam results. Teachers do challenging work, which motivates and stimulates them; WHS will not have to spend lots of money on staff training if the staff are well motivated. A well-motivated workforce is most likely to work hard and more effectively. WHS will have teachers that are properly qualified to do the job allocated to them, which will lead to good exam results therefore improving the reputation of WHS. WHS under takes regular reviews to ensure that their human resources planning process is effective.

After recruiting new staff the school always evaluates, e. g. was the new recruitment drive effective in recruiting the right number and quality of staff. The school also looks at various factors that might affect the supply and demand of teachers. These include researching on social, political, industrial, legal and technological changes. The school also has to find out about its competitors and what they are doing, for example having done research about competitors WHS found out that to have a competitive advantage over other schools it had to become a language collage.

WHS was given funds from the government to build a language collage, it is the only language collage in the borough this has increased its competitiveness as it attracts more teachers and students interested in languages it has also helped rise the profile of the school and improved its reputation. HR planning contributes to the performance of WHS, good HR planning means that WHS can predict how many teachers are going to needed if any and if so which subjects need teachers.

This effective planning helps ensure that the right numbers of staff are employed to cover all lessons. Which means that resources will not be wasted by employing to many staff. If WHS failed to have the right number of staff at a time this would have devastating effects as class will not have teachers to cover lessons, grades will slip, affecting the reputation and league table of WHS. This would discourage students to come to WHS also less applicants will apply for posts in the school living WHS with a bad reputation and less competitive.

So good and effective HR planning is vital to ensure that WHS attracts as many students and applicants to the school as possible. This will improve its competitiveness. Recruitment and selection There are a number of reasons why WHS might need new staff one of the main reason is that due to the shortage of schools places in the borough. The school has had to take on more students in each year, to cope with these high numbers of students entering the school; WHS has had to employ new staff.

Other reasons for a vacancy to be filled include, a new job is available because of expansion of the organisation this was the case when WHS introduced a six-form, and they had to employ more teachers to work in the six-for. Some in the school retiring lives a vacant job that needs to be filled. Some times teachers live because they do not like the school or have found a better job in another school that pays better money. Before the school can recruit and new staff a post has to be available, teachers are required to hand in notice if they are planning to leave the school a term in ahead.

The school then decides which method will be most suitable to advertise the post if a longer period of notice then the school puts the adverts in the educational press and if it’s a short notice then other recruitment methods are used. For example local newspapers, teachers recruitment agencies, and the Internet. The cost for the adverts comes out of the school’s budget. Recruiting and selecting the right person for the job is vital for WHS because if an inexperienced teacher is employed, this could have devastating effects on the performance of the students, which might spoil the reputation of the school.

Having the right employees means that resources are managed effectively. If the school does not recruit staff it means that there wont be enough teachers in the school, which means that class will suffer, have no teacher or have teachers to cover that don’t have the knowledge of that particular subject. Because WHS gives priority to year10, 11, 12, and 13 to have teachers because they close to taking public exams, the remaining of the years will suffer most. It would also have an impact on the school’s performance and the exam results reputation will be damaged.

The remaining staff will be put under pressure doing more work than they should do. Recruiting the right number of staff is important because WHS want to teach their students well in order to achieve good exam grades and create a good image and keep the good reputation of the school. There a number of constraints affecting the number of teachers WHS can employ at a time. The major one that all schools in the country are faces is the number of teachers available. There has been a shortage of teachers this may be because of the standards that new graduates do not want to entire the teaching profession.

Also the property prices in the south east has contributed to the shortage of teachers in the area, it costs twice as much to buy a house in the south east than in any other area in the UK. The school’s budget for staff is also a major factor that effects recruitment of new staff. The local authority gives the school a budget and the school is expect to use it effectively to last for the all year but with the number of students the school is carting for it often find that it needs more staff.