Skill Development Industry in India and Its benefits

Skill Development Industry in India and Its benefits Employment of Youth As per the estimation of the gobo. Of India, It has been suggested that the working age group would be in excess in near future as per the number of dependents increasing day by-day. This has demanded the need of skill development as a national priority. The 1 lath Five-Year plan has created skill development map mission at both state and national levels by following three-tier institutional structure: M’s National Council on Skill Development National Skill Development Coordination Board (NCSC)

Development Corporation (NCSC) National Skill Some skill development institutes that are running currently all across India as and adopted the employment youth status and training as follows: Sahara Samba Skill Development Pet. Ltd NCSC – National Skill Development Corporation – OVATE Development Limited and others.. Skill development initiatives by industry association: Everyone – Skill FOCI- the Skill Development Landscape in India and implementing… Need of Skill Development Initiatives by Industries on Youth: Scale & Quality is one f the major challenges in the skill development space in India. Ђ Due to unemployment and under-employment, we are not getting sufficient skilful employees. Lack of sufficient funds to skill them is major cause to arise its need. NC, CACTI & sector skill councils need to monitor, evaluates and analyses the outcomes of various schemes & programmers through technology enabled national monitoring system. It needs to suggest/initiate mid-course corrections, additions & closure of parts or whole of any particular programmer/scheme.

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According to the International Labor Organization (ILL) – “Skill development is of key importance in stimulating a sustainable development process and can make a contribution in facilitating the transition from an informal to formal economy. It is also essential to address the opportunities and challenges to meet new demands of changing economies and new technologies in the context of globalization. ” Benefit of Skill Development Initiatives by Industries on Youth: Such training & development programmers Nell In creation AT sell-employment opportunities. Ђ It enables employees to act as a catalyst for entrepreneurs. It helps in building a virtuous circle in which the quality & relevance of education and training are innovative for both men & women. It synergies the efforts of various sectors such as youth, women, disabled & other disadvantaged sections of our society. It transforms the present system with the enhanced strength and abilities to adapt the changing technology. Such trainings improve the productivity & employability of work-force. This creates empowered workforce with the necessary upgraded skills & knowledge.