Sorting employee’s wages

The store manager is in charge of running the store, ordering the stock sorting employee’s wages. The store manager is in charge of dealing with major problems. Personnel specifications McDonalds do not have any specific specifications but they do like their employees to be well presented and hard working. McDonalds always choose the most suited person for the job. All applicants need a certain amount of attributes to be successful and the store manager determines this by firstly marking the application forms and secondly by an interview.

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Job Advertisements McDonalds very rarely advertises for jobs, as there are many young teenagers who always apply within. The only time when McDonalds advertise for jobs is when a certain amount of employees leave a store at the same time or when a new McDonalds store opens and a hole know employee’s team is needed. Selection The next stage after recruitment is the selection stage, assessing applicants by various means, and making a choice followed by an offer of employment.

If the vacancy is additional to the present workforce, it has occurred because of some new or increased activity, then in all probability the need for the new employee has been established and a job specification complied. The majority of vacancies occur as a job replacement for people who have left the company or as the final event in a chain transfers and promotions following on a reorganisation. In these cases consideration may be taken to the following points:

It may be possible to fill vacancies from within the company It may be filled by a different kind of employee The job personnel specifications my need to be revised. The usual career route in business: Personnel management involves all of the above functions relating to a normal career. Each of the above personnel functions is of great importance if human resources are to be managed efficiently.

McDonalds selection process McDonalds only need applications filled in and don’t ask for CV’s application can be collected from all McDonalds stores. If the store manager checks the application form and the criteria matches of that needed to be a successful employee at McDonalds then the applicant will be invited for an interview. Even if the applicant does not get the job, and they are a successful, then McDonalds will keep the applicant’s information for six months and will contacted if any jobs are available.