Staffing the organisation

his report provides a comprehensive description of CooperVision’s current recruitment and selection process. CooperVision is one of the world’s largest soft contact lens manufacturers. CooperVision Singapore has been set up in Singapore for 10years and has a total of 95employees. 2 positions will be analyzed; Financial Controller and Sales Executive. First part of the essay discusses about human resource planning followed by job description and specification. The focus is on the thorough description of recruitment and selection process.

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Second part of the essay states the pros and cons of the process used in recruitment and selection. An example is “medical investigation” which is not performed in CooperVision that could possibly lead to long term issues. The last part of the essay suggests recommendations for improvements in the recruitment and selection process with regards to the cons. For example, there is suggestion on performing medical checks on all employees before the decision to hire the personnel as some medical condition might make the candidate unfit for the job.

Conclusion states structured, fair and professional selection process must be used in order to hire the right person. Introduction To manage a growing organization with 95 employees requires a Strategic Human Resource plan to maximize the use of people. Maximizing the use of people comprise selecting employees who best fit the organization as well as to retain the competent employees. Organisation Profile CooperVision, a unit of The Cooper Companies, Inc. [NYSE: COO], a contact lens pioneer for decades, has become the fourth-largest soft contact lens maker in the world.

Dedicated to enhancing the contact lens experience for practitioners and patients, CooperVision specializes in lenses for astigmatism, presbyopia (near reading problem), and ocular dryness. CooperVision distributes high-quality lenses from our network of facilities in 12 countries across five continents. CooperVision Singapore Private Limited has been set up in Singapore for 10 years. It has fast mount up to become the fourth-largest contact lens manufacturer locally from a modest number of 20 employees to a current headcount of 95 employees. Human Resource Planning

In order to gain the most out of the human capital from the organization, it requires a good fit with how the people are treated and long term effect on the bottom line. The turnover of employees is commonly used in evaluating the effectiveness of attraction and selection. Headcount budget is proposed by the individual department head to the Managing Director who seeks for approval by headquarter in United States. Recruitment begins when there is a vacancy or newly created jobs. Job analysis used for recruitment is a combination of job specification and description.

It should be clear, precise and up-to-date so as to get the best fit for the job. Job Description & Person Specification for Sales Executive Responsibility includes the ability to achieve sales target, development of organization’s business with the accounts assigned, collection of accounts receivables and to actively do product detailing. To be competent in company’s computer system for account analysis and sales planning. Candidates are the capacity to overcome objections and to work with enthusiasm. Qualification requirements are secondary education with sales background.

Job Description & Person Specification for Financial Controller Provide leadership and coordination of company financial planning, debt financing, asset & budget management functions, people management, forecasting and reporting. Ensure company accounting procedures conform to regulation & statutory compliance. Qualification requirements are a combination of the completion of a Masters Degree in Finance or Accounting, five to ten years of experience in senior-level finance or accounting position, and a CPA. Attraction

External recruitment methods are employed in the recruitment of Sales Executive which includes: recruitment agencies, online job portal such as Monster. com, via job vacancies posted in company’s webpage and employee referral. Recruitment of Financial Controller is usually done by internal promotions and job rotations. External recruitment will be deployed when no suitable current employees can be found. Selection Appendix 1 demonstrates the strategic selection process which is used differently in every organization.

Appendix 2 shows the selection process used on the Sales Executives while Appendix 3 demonstrates selection process for Financial Controller. Both positions requires resume to be sent in. Potential candidates will be informed of the preliminary interviews. All interviews process in CooperVision requires an application form to be filled up before the preliminary interview. Every interviews consists a mixture of structured and unstructured questions.

Applicants for Financial Controller need to sit for the personality test and background check will be conducted while the Sales Executives are omitted from both the processes. In the final interview, Sales Executives will go through a panel interview conducted by the Branch Head and GM, while the Financial Controller will have its one to one interview conducted by the Managing Director. In both positions, successful candidates will be notified via telephone calls followed by a confirmation electronic mail which states the schedule for signing of appointment letter and confirmation of commencement date.