Stages of Ego Development

The impulsive stage gives way to the self protective stage of ego development for toddlers. Many individuals can stay in this phase longer; in this stage people might become deceptive in relationship to others ND also opportunistic. Jane Lovingness third phase of ego development is called self protective stage. This stage is usually in a person’s middle childhood. In this stage these children have an appreciation of rules and it is to their well-being to abide by the rules.

Jane Lovingness fourth phase of ego development is called conformist stage, at this stage conformist value cooperation and loyalty to the group. In this stage conformist need to fit in socially and need to gain the appraisal or approval of peer groups seen in most schools. Jane Lovingness fifth stage of ego placement is called self aware stage. Most people fall into this category. This is an incomplete understanding of profound matters, internally and do not understand who they are and who other people are.

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Jane Lovingness six stage of ego development is called conscientious stage. In this stage people self evaluate their goals and ideals they have a sense of responsibility. Jane Lovingness seven stage of ego development is called individualistic stage. In this stage the individual develops a greater tolerance for others individuality. The individual has an increased inability and tolerates contradictions; they have an increased awareness of emotional dependence.

Jane Lovingness eighth stage of ego development is called autonomous. In this stage an individual can cope with conflicts at their individualistic level. These individuals have developed a respect for the autonomy of others. Jane Lovingness night stage of development is called integrated. In this stage this is one of the highest levels and the most difficult to achieve. In this stage individuals have fully worked out their identity. Stages of Ego Development 2 By frankfurter