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Stages of Innovation Product Development Services Stage Gate Process 2007 Stages of Innovation SO services stages innovation Product Development o Discovery and Invention o Design & Feasibility o Prototype & Test o Launch o Product Lifestyle ‘ Management OSI can undertake the entire product development process or can assist your team during any stage of the development process. We also provide product development p management services to help p you launch the right g products at the right time. 2007 Stages of Innovation sol’s proprietary product placement tools provoke a tenuous product at every stage Market Feasibility review AT o We identify a need or a problem in the marketplace that we believe you can provide a solution for for. We navigate complex market structures in a way that BP can deliver a strong value proposition. Business Feasibility ability o Our financial analysis helps determines where BP will make money, how BP is going to make money, and what it will take to build and launch any product. We thoroughly identify the risks associated with the product and provide contingencies.

Technology Feasibility o The GAPS PDP process builds on the principles of speed and quality to determine the WHAT, the HOW, and the HOW MUCH. E write the product specs for our development group to build. Co’s systematic and methodological process achieves the highest degree of results I en core Process Deigns Walt assessment areas AT opportunities Tort your company. We then validate and refute internal, external and market assumptions. The process continues to feed the innovation stages with verifiable data data, customer feedback and market analysis and avoids product development pitfalls arising from information gaps Assessment Validation l.

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Discovery & Invention Requirements II Design & Feasibility Build Launch h Ill. Prototype & Test ‘V. Launch Commercialism Discovery & Invention We seek to create value for new and existing markets, capture value from customers and keep that value for the long-term. Long term After reviewing and assessing the industry we look for appropriate areas of opportunity that meet corporate objectives. Through a thorough assessment of the needs and the competitive structure of the market we provide a value proposition, value delivery system, and effective business model.