Strategic Planning and Personal Development

In the given assignment of personal development as a strategic manager and a leader I am going to explain about the different strategic directions of an organization. The given assignment also highlights different ways and procedures to evaluate the strategic skills that are required in order to achieve the required and targeted ambition or the goal of the organization. Furthermore it also explains and asses the relationship between existing required skills and also explains the required future skills that are required by the organization.

In this assignment I am going to discuss the opportunities that support leadership development also constructing the development plan and implement all these things in the organization. In the next part of the assignment I am assessing the achievements of outcomes of the plan, evaluate the impact of the achievement and also review the entire plan. In the last section I am going to evaluate the impact of corporate commitment to staff welfare on organizational objectives.

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At the end there is the discussion of different ways in order to make sure the staff welfare environment so that organizational objectives can be achieved easily, and then at the end consider the influence of a corporate commitment to staff welfare on the development of organizational values. Taking the practical example of Tests, one of the biggest organizations in the I-J and USA, there are a lot of strengths of this organization like good, cooperative, dedicated, hardworking and trustworthy staff. There is proper division of labor among the staff, every one understand their duties fully and properly.

Dealing with customers is very good; payments with the customers and employees are fulfilled in time. Low prices ND packages for the customers and also for the employer’s good quality products, behavior of the workers with the customers is excellent and they are ready to help all the time. Display is very good; every section is separately displayed so that all the customers can reach easily to their required side. Strategic direction can be defined as a course of action that ultimately leads to the achievement of the stated goals of the business or organizational strategy.

Strategic direction is established during the strategic planning of an organization. During the tragic planning process an organization will create a strategic plan and establish a written vision and statement. (Business dictionary 2011) While taking the practical view in the organization of Tests, in analyzing the strategic direction or the position of Tests , the vision statement provides blueprints of their market position, Monsoons and Schools, 2008). Tests vision statement is to provide the best quality products in low prices.

Tests mission statement is to become a most successful retailer, to beat all the other megastars, (Tests, Morrison, Kingsbury) for the lowest prices, (TESTS, 011) The strategic direction of Tests is to provide quality products in I-J, the best customer services, maximize profit for the shareholders, and become a reputable global Drain Witt ten Patton AT current technology to salsas inclement service delivery, (TESTS, 2011). I am a retail manager in this organization and my main aims and objective is to be a general manager in the organization of the frozen department in the next three years.