Structure Of ChocolateIndustry

Chocolate Industry in the World Production of sugar and chocolate products are approximately 11. 2 million tons in the world. Sugar and chocolate products are manufactured approximately 45% of world production by nine big company. Staple of chocolate is cocoa. Cocoa was manufactured 2. 5 million tons in 2002. 500000 tons chocolate was produced in Germany. Consumption volume is 6 million tons. Chocolate sector is one of the largest food markets in the world.

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The more high income level the more chocolate consumption. 1 1. 5 kilograms are annual per capita consumption of chocolate in Switzerland and 9. 9 kilograms are annual per capita consumption of chocolate in England. Foreign trade volume is high level in the highest per capita consumption. Imports and exports level of chocolate are close to each other, and export level is more than import level approximately 3-5%. There is highest chocolate production, export and import level in Europe. 2.

Chocolate Industry internet Chocolate product markets are approximately 50000 tons in Turkey. 800 grams are annual per capita consumption of chocolate in Turkey. Chocolate consumption of Turkey is lower than chocolate consumption of Europe because of level of Income. 400000 tons chocolate was produced in Turkey in 2002. Consumption volume is 15000 tons. Favorite type of chocolate Is milk chocolate that rate is 80%. Consumption of chocolate is highest level before Ramadan and Sacrifice Holiday and winter months.

There are two stock of manufacturing of chocolate; sugar and cocoa. Sugar Is purchased In domestic markets, and cocoa Is Imported. Turkey’s exports of chocolate rate was decreasing from 1997 to 1999 because of economic crises. After that Turkey’s exports of chocolate was Increasing from 2000 to 2002. Chocolate sector Is import dependent because of cocoa In Turkey. Import followed a fluctuating course from 1997 to 2002. Some large firms In Turkey are Гњliker, Sacra, Kent, plane Chocolate, Ender Chocolate, Pent, and Arden Food.