Summery Of Transit Oriented Development

City Planning Reading Summary Congaing Kong Transit-oriented Development and Joint Development in the United States: A Literature review (1-26) Robert Coercer, Christopher Farrell, and Steven Murphy(2002) Introduction The article “Transit-oriented Development and Joint Development in the United States” focuses on the definition about Transit-oriented Development (TODD) and Joint Development (TTS) and institutional issue about TODD and TTS in certain areas.

During the article, the author presented many cases to illustrate the institutional and organizational issues. Summary Transit-oriented Development (TODD) refers to “A mixed-use community that encourages people to live near transit services and to decrease their dependence on driving” (Statistics). TOSS are not only help us improving traffic conditions and readership, and also give people more choices on where to live and how to travel.

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Transit-Joint Development (TTS), as a small-scale TODD, means “Real estate development that is closely linked to public transit services and station facilities and takes advantage of the market and location benefits provided by them” (Keepers 984). Successful TODD and TTS typically need many units of society such s individuals, organizations institutions and other interest related units to cooperate. In the beginning of TODD and TTS development, the federal, state and local interests play a very important role in those processes.

Transit Agencies can be different roles in the TODD and TTS process. They try to control the development process by requests and proposals-from providing technical information to developer. Some transit agencies are committed to design standards, and others also concern about non-traditional transit activities. Conclusion The article mainly presents the definition of TODD and TTS. And use several cases to illustrate function about TOSS and Tads, to point out what kind of effects they will have on the behaviors of people, changes of the markets and so on.

And the article also states the development processes of TODD and TTS in United States, and the government and the interest play an important role in it, especially transit agencies. Questions: 1, what is public transit -once privately owned and operated 2, why public transit is important 3 Public transit Trends and Problems 2, want Is 10 Define with different years with graphics 2, why the public become interested in TODD? 4, Benefits, barriers of TODD 5, how to develop TODD? 6,