Support Needed in Catering Industry

To establish and sustain a food catering business there would be support group and a several teams of personnel in the various departments of the business. Accountant We will need an in-house accountant to keep track of all our payments, financial positions and payment receivable from Individuals or corporate clients. The accountant will also be In charge of examining and handling all corporate tax matters. He/she will also be creating and archiving the company’s Income statements, our balance sheets and cash flow statements and advise on all huge financial decision that the company will be making.

He/she will help us keep In track and attain our financial goal. Attorney: Legal consultant We will need to outsource for an attorney to be our legal counsel on matters pertaining to the law. The attorney needs to specialize, or have experience with clients, in the food ; beverages business. It will advise us on the various licenses and permits that our business will need to apply and maintain in order to operate the business without getting into trouble with the law.

In the events that; civil cases are filed against the company, or when the company is filing a case against an individual/corporation, the attorney will advice and act in our stead. Bankers / Financial Planner The company will also engage the service of a banker and financial planner to help us make financial goals through management of our resources. By examining the financial history and current positions they will work with the in-house accountant to help us meet our financial goals. They will provide advice on how to handle/invest excess cash from profits and where to raise funds in the event that the company requires more cash.

Sales ; Marketing Team We will need a sales and marketing team leaded by a sales and a marketing manager. Even with an excellent product/service we will need an excellent team In tooth sales and marketing to bring In more clients to sustain and grow the business. Their core duties would be to handle sales accounts, provide customer service, and come out with marketing strategies and campaigns to Increase the sales volume. Operation ; Logistics Team operations of the business. It will be lead by an operations manager and a logistics manager.

The objective of the Ops ; Logs team is to create and constantly review the workflow and processes in the business, making sure the supplies are received and deliveries are made out promptly, in short, to make the operations more effective and efficient. IT ; Media Team The IT ; Media team would be assembled to provide support for the various departments in the company. The support provided will include: – Creating graphic and content for sales and marketing department – Design and program a website to synchronize with the sales and marketing efforts. Provide tech support for the company’s IT infrastructure. Product; Culinary Team The most important part of the business; the culinary team, to be lead by a head chef with relevant experience in the catering business. The culinary team is to work with the nutritionists to come out with tasty and visually appealing food that is healthy and nutritional. They are to come out with menus for different various cuisines so that our consumers will have a better range of options.

Their keep objective is to provide food quality and consistency, so that our clients will not be disappointed with our product. Nutritionists Pledging ourselves as a nutritional and healthy food caterer, we will need to have a team of nutritionists to work in line with the culinary team to make sure the products meets nutritional standards and that consumers’ health benefit from catering from us in the long run. Their key role would be to create different diet plans and portion for consumers with different diet needs.