Sustainability in the Hotel Industry

The State of Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry and What the Future Holds In the sass’s, most hoteliers weren’t concerned with environmental conservation or social enhancement programs. The catalyst for change in these attitudes began with a major energy crisis In the united States during the sass’s which drove up energy prices and limited the spending capableness of consumers and business owners alike. Due in large part to the limited supply of energy, the hotel Industry began employing programs and techniques to reduce their overall energy usage.

Though these programs were employed mainly to maintain profitability, they represent the beginning of a significant change in the way hotels are operated to this day. Hoteliers pushed for greater energy efficiency in the interest of cost reduction throughout the 1 offs, but It wasn’t until the early offs that the Industry began taking true green initiatives. After the united Nations Issued a report on Industrial sustainability the hotel industry began deploying their first Corporate Social Responsibility programs focusing on protecting and conserving the environment.

In he sass’s programs that focused on social issues were incorporated into Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives throughout the hotel industry. These programs emphasized the need to help people live better lives by providing education, medical care, and Jobs to disenfranchised people across the globe. The hotel Industry Is currently continuing to expand their environmental conservation efforts. Intercontinental Hotel Group president, Andrew Collets;s vision of the future of his business is to see his, “… Hotels as more intelligent and sustainable.

This thinking is in peeping with changing consumer expectations. With over 4,000 hotels globally, we have a big responsibility and a big opportunity to make a positive difference. A small incremental change across all our hotels can have a large impact. ” ( Cornell) GIG Isn’t the only hotelier taking on these Initiatives. Banyan Tree resorts has hired several scientists In an effort to conserve coral reefs and beaches near their resorts across the globe. Marriott purchased 1. 4 million acres of land in the Amazon rain forest and provided education, healthcare, and jobs to 2,000 locals in Jump. With Corporate

Social Responsibility in mind, GIG installed energy star light fixtures, energy star appliances, and motion sensing light fixtures. The Idea of Corporate Social Responsibility, as published In the 1992 united Nations study, has been especially prevalent In the hotel Industry where consumers have many options and place a higher premium on the services these companies provide. Consumers are more aware of the charitable organizations established by these companies as well as their involvement in and establishment of programs that help the poor and disenfranchised people in the local communities in which they river.

Several hotels are taking steps to be socially responsible: Banyan Tree resorts provides educational funding to local communities In countries across the globe, to volunteer in efforts such as AIDS walk and Susan G. Semen’s walk for a cure. J. W. Marriott, Jar. States that he, “… Realize(s) how important corporate social responsibility and community engagement are to customers and clients. We all want to do business with companies who embrace values similar to our own. Amorist’s spirit to serve our customers, employees and communities is an important part of our company culture ND has become recognized around the world.

As a good corporate citizen, Marriott is strengthening our communities throughout the world today, and for tomorrow. “(Cornell) Although these changes have had a huge environmental effect, as well as an impact on hotel efficiency, there is still great room for improvement. Some people criticize Marriott saying that their programs only utilize their financial capabilities and they need more employee involvement. Banyan Tree resorts has great social programs but they use guest contributions to fund these endeavors. As a exult, when occupancy is lower, guests will donate less and these programs won’t be well funded.