SWOT Analysis of Alumna

Sales of the Alumna line-up hit an all time high in Q this year with over 7. 4 million units sold worldwide. Adam Johnson (the UK marketing director) told Marketing Week that they’re proud of his innovation, since it is a product that tries to capture the attention of the audience and a technology leader in large general public, something like a dream of marketing.

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Monika is using better camera quality as its strategy.Even though this strategy hasn’t worked for the company much in the past, Monika still insists that camera quality will SWOT analysis By roomed Promoting the Alumna 1020 only as the “41 Megalith phone” is a problem because no consumer wakes up thinking, “What I really need is larger images from my phone. ” What Monika is ultimately selling with the Alumna 1020 is an improved picture making experience. Even traditional camera makers have now pulled back from their megalith wars of the last two decades, as it became clear to consumers that bigger did not necessarily mean better.

A survey DC carried out showed that camera resolution is not the most important feature for the consumer when buying a smartened. Out of the 23 most important features that consumers thought about when buying a smartened, camera resolution ranked at 15. More important was audio quality, battery life, ease of use ND operating system. It runs the Windows Phone 8 SO, which raises the important problem of the lack of consumer interest in the Windows Phone platform, significantly limiting the potential audience to what it could have been on the Android platform.

The Windows 8 store still lacks big name APS, so if somebody is looking for applications they’re still going to look at phone, and in an Mainstream age, relatively few consumers are disappointed because not only the Mainstream app is not in the store, also turning a 41 PM image into a low-resolution, filtered square makes no ensue. Monika and AT agreement. In the US, the Alumna 1020 is sold exclusively through AT, limiting exposure to current AT subscribers and those with expired contracts from rival cellular providers.


Social Networks In 2013 it has been showed that people use their smart phones more regularly to access their social networking site. Individuals are using their phones to upload directly to social networks. By having the new Monika Alumna 1020, individuals will be able to have a better quality camera, meaning they will have better quality pictures to upload. 1 Misapplies, Ionians new handset is more advanced than its competitors The stand out quality of this phone is what distinguishes this product apart from its competitors.

Even if you are not picture taking fan, this new handset will still provide the right specs for you still to have a wonderful phone. Monika Alumna 1020 Display Screen 4. 5 inches Display Screen 4 inches Talk Time 13. 30 Hours Talk Time 10 Hours Camera 41 Misapplies Camera 8 Misapplies Weight 1 egg Weight egg


Competition. The main problem for Ionians new handset will be the fierce competition that impasses such as Apple and Samsung will provide. Their reputation has increased throughout the years while Ionians reputation has been declining.