SWOT Analysis for Ionians Motor Co

Ochs on cost For reasons which should raise major Ionians has always focused on how to immobile resources, which makes them very easy to neglect to consider the quality of the product.

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Vehicles Environmental issues are a matter of major concern all over the world, and how to waste less harmful to the environment is the big question for all of humanity. So the introduction of environmentally friendly vehicles gives Ionians the opportunity to thrive in the car manufacturing industry.

Strategic partnerships Ionians has always done a good Job of building relationships with strategic partners. Unlike competitors, Ionians has always enjoyed the benefits from the relationships other companies especially was the alliance with Renault which was established in 1999.

Another notable partnership was created with Daimler GAG. Ionians has been important technologies from the partnerships. And they are working hard to create more coordination with Renault and Daimler GAG.

Increasing Fuel Price The rise of fuel prices has led to sales of fuel-efficient cars Ionians increased significantly.

The introduction of fuel-efficient vehicles has become one method to solve the difficult problem of fuel price increases.


China Slump China is the biggest market of Ionians in Asia, but the market has caused great difficulty for Ionians. Because of the political issues between Japan and China so Chinese stared boycott products from Japan’s brands. Sell of Ionians in China fell 5. 3% from thee previous year.

 Sale Fall In Japan The financial support from the government for the purchase of fuel-efficient vehicles ill end in September of.

This work has led to reduced consumption of vehicles.

Economic Slump The economic downturn has led to the car business in Europe fell sharply. This has led Ionians losses about 1 1. 2 billion Yen. Sales in Europe decreased 7. 5% from the previous year.

Nature Disaster The production of a number of manufacturing plants in the countries where natural disasters often happen such as Japan, Indonesia, and China frequently interrupted by the impact of natural disasters

Competition In the future, some car manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda, Ford will launch the ewe model form. O not only add the Ionians compete on price but also the vehicle model.

Appreciating yen exchange rate Ionians profits largely derived from the market in other countries, so the conversion of foreign currency into yen will cause corporate profits decline.

Renault Collaboration with Renault, Ionians helped solve some financial problems but also inhibits their growth in Europe. Because Renault always follow the rules and their culture which is based on compromise Ionians – Renault is Ionians can not develop in Europe in the other direction Renault.

In conclusion, Ionians Motor Co. The largest automaker around the world. They produced many high quality products in more than 100 countries on the world. The company has slogan of “thinking ahead”. Ionians has some strengths in the company’s organization and strategy with some weaknesses about deposits too. Company still has some opportunities to develop especially in U. S market , and their best new products – environment friendly vehicles in times of rising fuel prices. Beside that, it has few threats in times of tension between Japan and the countries making up stories business in the biggest market in Asia severely reduced.

Overall, Ionians remains the largest car manufacturing company in the world. With many strengths and opportunities, they can develop easy in future. However, their tensions. Recommendations First thing Ionians need to fix and improve is about LEAF series. LEAF is 100% electric car. However, it has the smaller range of seat height adjustment, the GAPS map software is at least five years out-of-date for our neighborhood, and more disappointing of LEAF is about “Carlings” service which expected to show the charging stations in the region. List of References Ma. J and Hegira.