SWOT analysis for Organisation

Strengths Weaknesses

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I have an innate apt for mathematics and love of numbers/equations. I can relate and empathic with most anyone and have always been told my people-skills are above the norm. My determination is unending ranging from minute issues to large tasks.

Problem solving: I have always been able to see the larger picture and break it down to smaller problems with solutions easier to accomplish for the large situation at- hand.

Computer skills: I possess common knowledge of computers as well as the inner workings of operating systems as a result of fixing my personal computer issues and refusal of seeking IT assistance (could also be a weakness in that I’d rather do everything on my own instead of asking for help). I attended 3 years of nursing school and attained knowledge and experience in the health science field. I have a well-rounded knowledge base and background as opposed to one specific field of study.

My lack of organization is frustrating and inefficient. I lack multitasking skills, as a result of my disorientation and confusion due to side effects of medications necessary for my health I lack follow- thru on projects or goals because I get bored easily and think of a new goal I want to achieve before finishing the one I am working on. The assessments showed my lack of managerial skills that I believe are a result of confidence, or lack thereof.

My physical handicap makes everything more difficult despite my innovativeness. My peripheral vision deficiency makes attention to detail difficult. Fields that I know I can excel in are accounting, medical research, engineering, and psychology. Prior to this class however I thought accounting was my only option due o the education required in these fields and my paralysis holds me back from obtaining other degrees in the traditional campus setting. I need to focus on one field instead of a broad scope of possibilities.

My biggest fear in life is to not live up to my fullest potential and have an impact on the world at large that I know I can have. The hardest thing about deciding on one career is the never-ending feeling of What could be. ‘ My lack of confidence could hold me back from promotions because I’m scared to fail and uneasy pushing my own boundaries beyond my comfort level SWOT analysis By rehiring Reflection: In seeing my strengths and weaknesses laid out, I’m concerned I may not have chosen the best field for myself.

I’m worried that I might regret choosing accounting. I chose it based on what I perceived my strengths were without considering the threats of working in the field. I was looking short-term rather than long-term of an accounting career and my potential of becoming bored with the field. I’m conflicted on what to do now. On one hand, I want to get the degree and not succumb to my lack of follow-thru. But on the other hand, I don’t want to possibly waste my efforts on a degree that will yield a career I am unhappy with.