SWOT analysis for company


Figure is comparatively harmless than the nicotine counterparts.

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It can also work as a mouth freshener and will not give the users the bad smell after smoking.

It contains all herbal ingredients.

Figure is one of its kind new development with caffeine as the main ingredient.

The company provides a wide range of products available (variation available), different packaging size

The packaging is done keeping in mind ease to carry.

Provides smoke for user who do not prefer smoke free options.

Strong management.


Many competitors with similar products but not the same.

The product may lead to high intake of caffeine and may also lead to caffeine addiction.

Price is higher as compared to the usual cigarettes.

Production requires large capital and other technology.

Government approval, rules, and regulation may impose restriction on various parameters such as distribution, production.

Vegetarians a smaller group of people.

Late entry into market as many competitors already have launched different alternatives to cigarettes.

The brand has to work a lot in spreading awareness especially in the rural markets where reach of TV media is limited. No brand image in the market.


Figure is a very youth centric product and major population is that of youth hence it will provide the great opportunities.

String R&D, which will lead to continuous product development.

There is sudden increase in number of health conscious people.

There is high scope of expansion to other markets after the success of target market.

The De marketing of cigarettes by government and Nags also increase the number of wannabe quitters.

May get strong support from No’s and health-related organizations


Government restrictions and laws can be hurdles.

There are existing products which may act as competitors.

Chain smokers may not appreciate the product.

The general public will be resistant in trying new product by a new brand.

Pharmacy products are subject to stringent legal regulations; any mistake in adherence to quality etc.

Can have strong implications

The acceptance of product in Indian markets would depend on cultural and social norms also.

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