SWOT Analysis for Javanese

The business plan for Javanese outlines the start up of an Internet Cafe. In reviewing the business plan for the SOOT analysis these are the items discovered.

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The strengths of the proposed business are these, it will be managed by one person. This gives the business the opportunity to adapt quickly to changes in the market place. Another strength found in the plan is the business will establish a comfortable, well kept, homey atmosphere being planned. The business plans to ensure that it’s customers have a comfortable visit while at the cafe. First and remote the business is a coffee house.

Javanese needs to provide quality baked good and coffee. This will be a strength for the business if the continue to provide these top quality products.

The second portion of the business focuses on the Internet access, “Cyber”, portion of the business. The strength in this area comes from providing state of the art computer equipment.

This equipment will make it enticing for users to want to come thou the cafe. The on site staff, full time

Technical support employee will also be a positive for the business, as well as ensuring that the jugular employees are computer literate.

Ensuring that the staff has a friendly, customer oriented attitude will also ensure the success of the business.

Finally, providing the training to those who are new to the Internet will establish a client base that is loyal to the Cafe, keeping them coming back for more Internet access, training, coffee and baked goods. Weakness associated with the business plan, first having only one management person with one view point can be restrictive on the business and how and when it moves forward.

The dependency on outside vendors for baked goods, coffee products, and Internet services can have pitfalls if the wholesale business being dealt with becomes unstable in some way. There are also problems with the rising cost of wholesale goods. These rising cost will need to be passed on to the customer. There is also the issue of the rapid changes taking place in the technology that will make it necessary for the cafe to continually upgrade the computer equipment being used in the cafe. As well as continual training enhancements for staffing.

By providing lasses and encouraging first time user to come into the Cafe there is the potential that novice computer users will over occupy the support staff with their needs. This could be overcome by adding staff as needed. The Javanese business plan outlines several good opportunities. The cafe is poised to take advantage of the growing interest in usage of the Internet.

The Cafe is also SWOT Analysis By lowercased to the niche factor the business has an opportunity to create a loyal customer base.

The business plan has a good 3 prong strategy, but if one one aspect of the plan goes out of balance, this can be bad for the cafe. The Cafe is being established in a college town. College students have a tendency to frequent places off campus that have Internet access, as well as the access to caffeine and the colonization aspect. The cafe will be located in the business district. This will provide a place for business people to meet and greet away for the office in comfortable atmosphere that allows for access to the Internet. There are several threats that face the business as it begins.

Having the niche ill not last long as the business does well, other business will take note and make adjustments to follow in the footsteps of Javanese. There is the fact that Internet access for the home is becoming cheaper as time goes by. As well as the various options for Internet access such as AOL, AT, MS, which all will make it more difficult for the smaller Javanese service to establish and continue. There is also the threat of financial failure, not having made or established the proper income and pricing decision at start up.