Skills Difference between management and leadership

Collecting feedbacks are useful for decisions making Lead by example

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Tutorial Assistance has been of great help Passion Have willingness to perform

Be well organized his tail Willing to delegate X

Firmly believe in as some not organized always chases X

Believe in team Job Accepting ownership of work

However there are room for further development Good communication skills X Will have to empower myself

Introduction – What is leadership? SWOT  highlights the relationship of the leader and follower which is based on interactions and motivation.

Everything is done for smooth running of activities that promotes corporate progress

Essential Leadership

Skills Difference between management and leadership

Leadership Management

Being at an early stage of my career is a limitation to foreseen the future with the high precision. In my opinion I will acquire knowledge in this domain while accepting ownership of work. This is how I will be able to manage risks and show the right direction to my followers

Brave hones and full commitment

There are the facets to become a highly respected leader.

However these are directly elated to the level of confidante both in performing and guiding a while team. The more we accept responsibilities the more we are accountable for likely outcomes. One can become brave and be ready to commitment. Moreover it is very important to develop good codes of ethic and to accept corporate culture. However when we move to practical exercises, we note that people are more interested to maximize their personal interest. So this puts me in an awkward situation if I have to lead people who do not believe in honesty and ethics.

Skills where my level of confidence is low

1. Being a good observer and Judge A good leader has an immense responsibility as he must be a very good observer and a correction decision taker. I believer that such qualities cab be acquired with practical experience. For example if I were to delegate duties to my follower I will be imperative to know and to appraise the capability of that person. At this stage taking the wrong decision may cause heavy losses or reduce my competency in the eyes of others.

For the time being I do not feel that I have good analytical skills or have the necessary expertise to understand human psychology well. Sometimes human judgment is so subjective that it becomes very difficult to understand on what bases decision have been made.

2. Pro-activeness and good vision It is believed that readiness to take timely corrective measure can enhance the performance of a leader. A leader is one who sees the horizon and is ready to provide advices and proper guidance to his followers. One who can anticipate changes will be more pro-active.

These particular skills require good vision and a good mastery of the Job. As we say experience is the best teacher, so practical exercise twill enrich us to foreseen changes. How to address to my weaknesses of being a good leader approach. This means if I want to improve my learning goals I will have to make proper documentation observe my business environment and be willing to seize opportunities. In light of this modern philosophy here are some points that can improve my leadership skills especially where my weaknesses are most marked. Being both and observer and a learner at the same time.

As a student I think it is imperative that I assume the role of a good observer while learning. Tutors play the role of coach and present the necessary scaffolding for us to acquire knowledge. So they play the role of a leader and will create the necessary influence on students. This points is very essential and in my opinion will certainly help for my personal empowerment, there will be various circumstance where tutors will play the role model of a leader. Being an observer I will be able to note various facets of a good leader which later, I would put into practice.

Developing positive mindset and attitude Determination and readiness to address to my weakness will depend how far I have to develop a positive mindset and attitude. A leader is a worker for the organization ND a guide for a group of person. I must know that I have to direct my follower to adapt to new era and at the same time motivating them to achieve corporate goals. So it is vital that I place corporate interest above my personal interest and it is in this way that I will be willing to boost up my level of confidence as a leader.

Research for profession growth and development Tutorial assistance plays a determinate role to empower student to become professionals. However in my opinion if one want to develop one’s character there will be a need to carry put professional research. Proper documentation and interacting on social networks will not only improve skills but can provide a series of solution. Moreover regular updating will prepare leader himself for coming changes. It is only then that he will be able to transmit awareness for change among followers.

Accepting critics and learning from mistake We learn our mistake and this is the reason I believe I must remain open to critics. Follower must not be considered as subordinate. On the contrary leader and follower must have good interpersonal relationship and anything that goes wrong must be dealt quickly. To err is human and a leader can commit mistake. It is in this way that I believe I will be able to improve my skills as a leader. The leader as a follower In my opinion a good leader must also be a follower. Putting myself in the shoes of a follower wills enable me to identify all the need.

Working in an organization will enable me to interact with many experience leaders from whom I will be able to learn Learning Goals There are many qualities to become a good leader. If it is true that people have in born qualities, it is equally truest they have to nurture other skills to become a reliable leader. Some are earned throughout courses and interaction to the outside world whereas some qualities will have to be acquired with experience at work. One of the main qualities of a leader is to be well-organized. Since one who is not organized always chase his tail.

The best way for personal development and evaluating same is to create a well-structure personal, professional development plan. Learning goals must be organized in priority and due care must be given to the time frame of achieving these goals. Proportioning learning goals As pointed out in myself appraisal table, my confidence level is very low concerning mom necessary leadership skills. To be able to overcome these shortcomings, it is imperative to classify learning goals in terms of priority as shown in the matrix box.

1. Accepting ownership of work

2. Be a good observer and Judge leadership skills Mission

3.To develop all necessary skills so that I can act as a good and reliable leader in 3 years Vision

4. To become a trustworthy leader in the eyes of all my followers

Aims 1. To provide guidance and support so that followers are fully motivated

2. To develop and maintain good interpersonal relationship with followers

3. To develop am spirit and good code of ethics that promote corporate interest Action

Plan 1.

Immediate change to be brought If we are to improve performance, expertise or skills, there must be readiness for change in mindset, attitudes and philosophy. My professional development plan will include such as accepting responsibilities and challenges so that skills are improved. Attitudes towards others will have to take the shapes of friendship instead of accept ideas and views from followers if they are workable. This will improve interpersonal relationship that will consolidate team spirit

2. Optimum use of all resources

Human being depends significantly on modern resources to improve their performance and develop their professional capabilities. Once I will Join an organization, I will have to make optimum use of all communication devices and also will seek assistance from senior officer. My Journey to achieve learning goals will be most advantageous with interaction with other proven leader in my organization. External help from media and internet will also reinforce various types of skills. Interacting with social networks such as Backbone and twitter will give me the opportunity to learn from other leaders.

I will also include opportunities that will be given to me to attain seminars and workshops conducted by highly educated persons.

3. Willingness to accept challenge Practice makes perfect. This means if I am to improve my capabilities as a leader, it is vital for me to embark on a new responsibilities and to accept ownership of work. Throughout my development phase, I will definitely include and accept challenges coming from top management. This is how I will be able to become brave and to develop can do it attitude. My level of confidence will ultimately rise which will open he door for more complex issues.

As a leader has to provide examples, it will be an opportunity to create a positive influence on followers.

4. Evaluation to monitor progress Evaluation exercises during implementation phase plays a determinant goal in the success of a personal development plan. It will act like a sharper and if the need arises I can redirect my plan to achieve learning goals. Evaluation exercise can be and self-appraisal or feedbacks can be obtained either from superior or follower. It is important to remain open to all sorts of critics so that timely remedial action can be asking.

Progress can also be measure by taking into consideration such Harmony and trust that exist between me as a leader and all my followers 5. Long term goals Long term goals will be entertained only after I become knowledgeable about the organization and after developing good communication skills and interpersonal relationships. In my opinion, lack of experience and confident can be hurdle for me to take ownership of work and to answer to any request with determination. Leadership is mainly concerned with creating influence on other and to have good knowledge of dad with example.