Creature Annie Analysis

Analysis: Creature Annie Online Munson-Hang University of Phoenix BUS/210 Foundations of Business Brian Gamble August 2, 2013 A SWOT Analysis is a strategic planning exercise that focuses on identifying the internal Strengths and Weaknesses of the proposed new venture. Cones, 2007)

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This type of Analysis also focuses on assessing the external Opportunities and Threats in the competitive market. For my SOOT Analysis assignment I chose to review the Creature Annie, Dog Kenning Services. We will be discussing the strengths, nakedness, opportunities, and threats that the Creature Annie faces.

The Creature Annie is a doggie foster family, an alternative kenning. They provide a more personalized boarding service than a traditional kennel would. The strengths of the company are, a unique service, the facility is in a home setting with acreage for the animal to run around. Each animal is played with, exercised, and treated like a family member. The animals will have personal attention as there will be no more than four (4) animals being care for at a time. This is an ideal setting because the animals are able to roam free around the home and reporter rather than being kept in a cage.

Owners can rest assure their animal companions will be well cared for when boarding at the Creature Annie. They promise to provide a safe loving environment for the animal. For many pet owners this is an ideal facility to leave their loving pets. There is not a lot of competition in this market so having to compete with other businesses is not a factor at this point. The business also has a strong relationship with the Humane Society and respected Veterinarians. These affiliations will help promote their business and give good commendations to their customer that trust in these businesses.

They are a bonded business with the ability to build strong customer loyalty base. There are several weaknesses that have been identified with Creature Nannies business plan. One of the weaknesses is that Creature Annie is a new business and it may be difficult to generate income due to their name not being familiar with the public. Creature Annie would still need to build a customer base, and this can be done by creative marketing strategies. Another weakness is that their target market is limited u to the cost to utilize their services; the boarding cost is 80% higher than a traditional kenning service.

As stated in the business plan, the typical customer will have a household income above $60,000. This decreased the potential revenue they could be making. The occupancy is at a capacity of 4 dogs at a time; the array of services offered are limited and it is a single person running the facility. Once the business is up and running they do have the potential/opportunity to be profitable fast growing market. As stated in their business plan, in 1999, the national dog care industry reached $21 million in sales and this market is expected to grow at 5%.

Doggie foster care was forecasted to grow 9% due to the recent onset of this niche business. They are the only type of facility to provide these particular services in the Threats that the Creature Annie faces are once the Eugene, Oregon area. Business potential is realized other new businesses will open creating competition. Another threat that Creature Annie faces is the economic changes causing less cash flow for potential customers, meaning less traveling resulting in less animal boarding eying needed.

Due to the higher price point to board your dog with Creature Nannies, customers that can still afford to travel but don’t want to spend a great deal of money on boarding fees may decide they are only able to afford a traditional kennel. Most kennels offer feedings several times a day, some offer the option of walks, additional play time and grooming services. Some kennels also offer private rooms with televisions for the dog at a lower cost. I concluded that Creature Annie has found a niche in a service industry that is in high demand.