Solar Energy Analysis

Solar energy as a main source of energy In fulfillment to the requirement in Methods of Research, Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineer Prepared by: Air C. Pinned Arabia C. Pinned EXEC-FAA Submitted to Anger. Joseph Maggots Professor

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Chapter 1

1. 1 Introduction

1. 2 Statement of the Problem

1. 3 Significant of the Study

1. 4 Objective of the Study

1. 5 Scope and Delimitation

1. 6 Definition of Terms

Introduction Statement of the Problem How Solar Energy can be use as main source of energy that would maximize all the energy that we use in our households even without sunlight at night Sub Problem How Solar Energy can be determined or analyzed in means of using it as the main source of energy.  How Solar Energy can be used as alternative source of energy.

Significant of the study The significant of this study is to help our own household to lessen their debt from paying monthly electrical bills, because even my family and relatives suffers a lot from paying much expensive and not reasonable cost of electrical bills, so we cited as a group to find new effective and sufficient source of energy. So we come out to research about the solar energy because solar energy is the most accessible, cheaper and most sufficient form of energy that can be use easily to our household.

Objective of the Study

The main objective of our study is to find effective and sufficient alternative source of energy that can be use as a main source of energy. And the other following objectives are To help household to lessen their payment from expensive and not reasonable cost of electrical bills To help poor household to have their own sufficient and low cost main source of energy To enlightened the hope of the poor household that suffers from the darkness of the dim at night Scope and Delimitation

The Scope of our study will only deal with Solar Energy that qualifies as alternative source of energy.

Any other energies that not satisfy as source of energy is beyond the scope of study. The other studies only deal with the application and use of solar energy to light households. The study designed only for the evaluation of the uses on liar energy to as an alternative source of energy. The study is only limited to the areas that are not affected by sunlight and also limited to the areas has not have the technology to transfer solar energy.

Definition of Terms sunlight of the sun Solar Panel

– A technology that has a capability to restore energy comes from the sunlight Main Source of Energy

– A form of energy that can be defined as effective source of sufficient source Alternative Source of Energy

– Form of energy that can be use as a secondary energy as substitute to the main or primary source of energy Household