SWOT Analysis of Collect Ball Tax Service

Collect Ball Tax Service is an income tax preparation company that was established in 1995 by two college seniors that were cousins in Houston, TX. With great success by 2002 the company began franchising and went from one location to over 320 in 23 states. The company has grown tremendously and with a customer based strategy they have been successful with reaching performance goals and increasing franchise owners. Huff, 2013 has attributed. Collect Ball is currently experiencing litigation from franchisees, IRS audits/investigations and customer complaints and satisfaction. In my SOOT analysis it identifies the critical elements for this organization to focus on.

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Strengths (Internal)

-Has an 18 year track record and experience in the business

-Ranked 25th fastest growing franchise

-Over 320 franchise locations in over 23 states

-Trusted reputation,

-Large market share in TX & strong brand recognition

Weaknesses (Internal)

-Organization has grown but no differentiations has occurred (everything still being handled by owners instead of hiring specialist/professional for those roles)

-IRS audits (means company tax prep being scrutinized)

-Dissatisfaction from customers has increased

Opportunities (external)

-Experience in business means knowledge and resources to be the industry leader

– Fast growing franchise means that it’s profitable for franchisees to continue to invest

Trusted reputation and market share gives company more room for continued growth