SWOT Analysis Sample

1.1. Strengths

From the raw materials stage till the time our products leave the factory, equally strict quality hygiene standards are maintained all the way.

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Never for a moment is quality compromised.

A feature that helps us in our control efforts is the micro-processors for all equipment in our factories which ensure greater precision and consistent quality in the end products.

1. 2 Weaknesses

Despite awards the group has won it still have some weaknesses that can be wreath to the group.

The obvious weakness is where they were lacked of Wow factor in advertisement.

Other than that the chairman admitted that their newly reorganized team is still lack of experiences.

1. 3 Opportunities

During the year, the group has reorganized the sales team, re-examined sales routes and outlets to streamline and improve the sales and cost efficiency as well as cut wastage.

Several new consumer food products have also been developed and are set to be launched as soon as funds are available state the chairman.

The chairman ND four other directors subsequently took over the reigns from former boss Dates Jackson Tan.

When queried by shareholders about the sustainability of the business, the chairman expressed confidence that Silver Bird would pull through. “We have survived for the past 15 months.

The market is there. We Just have to go through a restructuring,” he explained.

He added that a study had been conducted to ascertain that the business, which generates between in cash daily, is still viable, and a turnaround possible.

While there was talk of a white knight for Soot Analysis By urban fire sales.

1. 4 Threats

The chairman added that Malaysia’s No. 2 bread and confectionery maker by market share was in the midst of creating a new line of bread products to be unveiled soon, and is even looking at expanding in Singapore, a market he said had not been managed well previously.

The company think it can be profitable. But they are tight on funds.

They have no bank facilities.

They have all been frozen.

Once the restructuring is done, they will have the cash to expand.