SWOT analysis of Nike

The strength of Nikkei is they are one of the famous sports brand that available in all around the world. It was founded in 1972 and now they have 709 contract factories around 44 countries and they employed almost 1 million workers over the world. Their logo ‘swoosh’ is instantly recognizable, most of the people able to recognize them without their brand name.

Moreover, their product innovation also one of their strength, they are using new technology to improve their product design and material to make it more lightweight, durable and form-fitting, continuous improvement help Nikkei get the retention of customers, they fulfill customers need ND want.

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The weakness of Nikkei is they spend a lot in their advertising and endorsements cost, their movements in different areas have different spokesperson, they have cooperation with famous athletes like Michael Jordan, retirement professional basketball player and Tiger Woods, famous golf player as spokesperson for their brand, it became great overhead for their company. Besides, Nikkei does have a diversified range of sports products but their income are heavily depends on footwear market, most of the people still not familiar with the others product of Nikkei.

When we talk about Nikkei will think about their footwear first. The opportunity of Nikkei is they are now become a trendy, fashionable brand among generation Y, even Nikkei do not think that they are but it is the facts, because most of the people who bought Nikkei sport shoes normally are not athletes or participate in sport, they Just think that Nikkei is trendy and fashion, and it also create opportunity to Nikkei, because people will buy new one when they think their shoes is out of fashion.

Besides, Nikkei can expand their market in emerging country such as China, India and so on, because these country are developed rapidly in recent years, and it affect most f the local resident to pursue better quality of lifestyle. The threat of Nikkei is there are a lot of competitors, like Ideas and so on. The market in sport wears is very competitive, the competitors will create substitution brand to take away their market share.

Moreover, fake imitations and replicas also one of the threats of Nikkei, the company reputation will affect by comments from customers. If some people do not know that they bought fake imitations, they will think that Nine’s product quality is not good, and through word of mouth, it will cause losses for Nikkei. SOOT analysis of Nikkei By tanbark