Swot analysis of unilever

Milliner has 400 brands available in market with different packaging and quantities. Ђ Customer rely and believe in the quality of product because of their trust in milliner brands Competitive advantage Wide product variety Promotion, marketing and advertising Effective and attractive packaging Research and development Economy of scale Milliner operates more than 270 manufacturing sites around the globe to achieve economy of scale easily.

It gives competitive advantage to company Opportunity External conditions those are helpful to achieving the objective. Health conscious products demand Now a day’s people like to eat healthy food which contains fewer lories and use those products which will not harm their environment. This gives a good opportunity to Milliner to add more and more products in its product line. Changing life styles Now people are more aware about innovations because of the media.

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Company can use changing life style and increase the demand of the products. Emerging new markets Now a day’s new markets are emerging company can expand their business to cover these markets. Like Russia, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. Increase production volumes Milliner can concentrate to increase production volumes and they can try to increase their availability in the market. By increasing production volumes and availability it is possible to achieve high demands of products.

Move operations to undeveloped countries Company needs to focus to move their production operations in undeveloped countries. Than they can find cheap labor and save money on operations and they can build a supply chain towards expensive markets. Then their profitability will be high. Threat External conditions which could do damage to the business’s performance. Economic downturn Biggest threat now days are recession. . Company needs to focus on how to become environment friendly. The chances of Global competition are growing.

New companies are coming with innovation. If Milliner wants to stay in market they need to focus on innovation to kill competition around the globe. New local products New local products are introducing in the market. As the sizes of local companies are soot analysis of milliner By seasonal the market share of Milliner easily. Legal effects If the government introduces any sort of law for tax or it introduce new limits for production because the product is harmful for human use or natural environment. It will be very hard to sell out the product in the market.