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You’ve just discovered the easiest way to get discount software online.

Ztechsoftware.com makes it easy to get the exact software you need at the very best prices. How do we do it? First we make sure we’ve got an extensive inventory to choose from. With literally hundreds of products to purchase on our website, you’ll be sure to find exactly what you need. For instance, are you looking for the Corel Software that perfectly suits your needs? We’ve got 18 Corel products to choose from including Corel Draw Software, Corel Designer and Corel Paint. Our Adobe inventory includes over 145 products while our Microsoft inventory boasts 320 products. But our large inventory is just the beginning. Then we discount the software – all of it, every single product – to prices that you can really afford. We have prices as low as $37 and $102 on some of the most popular products. And these great prices include a discount on OEM software as well. So if you thought you’d never find cheap discount software anywhere, now you know that Ztechsoftware.com is the best place to find discount software online.

But how do you know that buying discount software from us is safe, secure and real? We’re glad you asked. We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure you feel comfortable and confident when buying discount software online from us. Here are a few reasons you can trust us:

Better Business Bureau Member. These guys don’t fool around when it comes to making sure businesses are behaving appropriately. They checked out everything we do and gave us the thumbs up.

Registered Microsoft Partner. Bill Gates likes us; in fact, he likes us so much he gives us 100% real Microsoft Products for our inventory. So when you see discount OEM software from Microsoft (or any other manufacturer for that matter), you can rest assured that Microsoft (or that particular manufacturer) approved of it.

We’re BuySafe Bonded. These folks checked us out thoroughly and ensure that every online purchase is smooth, safe, reliable and doesn’t have any surprises. Which leads us to…

PayPal Verified. When you buy cheap discount software from us you can feel confident that PayPal will recognize us and that your transaction will be easy and efficient.

100% Genuine & Authentic Software Guarantee. Any product you buy at Ztechsoftware.com – from Corel Draw software to Microsoft Windows XP to Adobe Acrobat Professional – is guaranteed 100% to be the real thing.

100% Money Back Guarantee. And if that Corel software, Microsoft, Adobe or any other software doesn’t perform the way we claim it will, we’ll give you your money back or an exchange for a similar item.

Excellent Customer Service. We pride ourselves on providing the most professional, efficient, informative and friendly customer service for discount software. We’ll answer emails within 24 – 48 hours (usually less) and ship all orders within 24 hours.

Any other questions about our cheap discount software? How do you get started finding that Corel Draw software or other discount OEM software? It’s super easy. To buy discount software online easily and efficiently, just click here.

Cell Phone Plans

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LG phones, chocolate phone, LG mobile phones, LG mobile

Mmmm…chocolate. I mean, chocolate LG Phones…

So you’ve searched all the LG phones and found the one that has the features you need. You can listen to music, shoot videos, take pictures, watch streaming videos and even use it as a walkie talkie. Oh, yeah, and you can use it as a phone to call your friends and family. Great – it’s got every thing you need. But how does it look? How does it feel? It may seem strange to some, but how a cell phone looks and feels has become almost as equally important as how you can use it. Luckily, LG mobile phones are made in various sizes and shapes so you can really purchase the one that fits your style.

Did you ever think there would be such a thing as a chocolate phone that wasn’t edible or appear in a Willy Wonka story? Why on earth did LG mobile name a series of their phones after a candy? Well, maybe it was to make your mouth water. But probably because it’s the size of a candy bar and is just as delicious…in a multi-media kind of way.

For instance, whereas other LG phones are smaller and open in the classic flip style, the chocolate phone slides open to reveal the soft-touch keypad. And the colors for these cell phones are hip and fun, with names to match, like Blue Ice, Black Cherry, Blue Mint and Pink Chocolate. Easy to hold and easy to use, different colors means you really get to match your phone to your personality. LG mobile devices seem to double as accessories.

Music is what it’s all about with LG mobile phones, and design is the icing on the chocolate cake, so to speak. Most of the cell phones in this line have incredible features like external graphic equalizers, streaming or downloadable music from VCAST and the ability to move music to and from your PC.

But even if you don’t want a chocolate phone, by browsing the other LG phones you’ll find that the size and style you want is just waiting for you at a greatly discounted price. You can look through all the LG cell phones and easily compare design, price and features. LG mobile phones will make you look and feel good – while you’re listening to your favorite music and watching your favorite videos. So check out the phones at LG right now and satisfy that craving!

Epson – Artisan 50

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Artisan® 50
Photo | CD/DVD | Document Printer

Imagination meets innovation.
Bring your imagination to life with the Artisan 50 from Epson.
This compact and stylish printer ignites all your creative inspirations. Print Ultra Hi-Definition photos with amazing richness, depth and clarity. Print your own images and text onto CDs and DVDs. Create colorful greeting cards with ease. And, print documents, e-mails and itineraries quickly and easily. Get maximum print speeds up to 38 ppm color and laser quality speeds of 5 ppm color. An affordable, high performance ink jet, the Artisan 50 is ideal for all your photos and everyday projects.

Quality beyond compare
The Artisan 50 delivers vibrant color photos and crisp, clear text. Working in tandem with Claria® Hi-Definition Ink, the “smart nozzles” in Epson’s exclusive MicroPiezo® print head deliver up to five droplet sizes, some as small as 1.5 picoliters, to produce exceptionally smooth gradations, amazingly accurate skin tones and sharp, grain-free photos.

Professional looking CDs/DVDs
Now there’s no need to use messy labels or markers in order to personalize CDs and DVDs. With this innovative feature from Epson, you can make professional looking discs that are easy to identify by printing your images and text right onto ink jet printable CDs/DVDs. (Software included)

Perfect photos, every time 
Now you don’t have to discard poorly exposed photos. Thanks to smart photo enhancement features from Epson, you can make your pictures look the way you intended them to look. Built-in Auto Photo Correction automatically evaluates and corrects digital images — better than the competition. It even includes advanced face detection, which distinguishes people from scenery, correcting the color accordingly to ensure beautiful, natural skin tones. With the Artisan 50, you can also remove red eye. It’s like having your own photo lab right at home.

Versatile paper handling
It’s never been easier to get what you want, when you want it. With the Artisan 50’s adjustable paper tray, you can print a variety of things, from 4×6 photos to legal-size documents. And, it’s just as easy to print on both sides of the paper. With manual, two-sided printing1, you’ll save money and paper.

Worry-free handling of photos
With the Artisan 50, you get professional quality photos that are smudge, scratch, water and fade resistant, so you can handle them right after printing. Place them in an album or share them
with family and friends, worry-free.

Prints that outlast photo lab prints
Six-color Claria Hi-Definition Ink, together with Epson premium photo papers, offers the ultimate combination of photo quality and longevity. Prints made with Claria ink last up to four times longer than those from a traditional photo lab. Photos last up to 98 years on display under glass and over 200 years in an album. Photos from the leading competitor last only 65 years on display under glass. With Epson, you can feel confident in sharing your prints for generations to come.

Fast print speeds
This speedy printer keeps up with your busy life. Print brilliant 4×6 photos in as fast as 11 seconds†. The Artisan 50 is just as impressive when it comes to everyday documents like e-mails, driving directions, term papers and more, delivering maximum print speeds up to 38 pages per minute color/37 pages per minute black and laser quality print speeds of 4.8 ppm black /5 ppm color.

Sleek, compact design
Enjoy the best of both worlds: compact design and powerful performance. With Artisan, you get quality and speed, without sacrificing space or a stylish design. Sleek and chic, Artisan fits your lifestyle and your décor.

Individual ink cartridges — replace only the color you need
Six individual ink cartridges give you control over ink usage. Replace only the cartridge you need! Claria ink is also available in high-capacity cartridges to accommodate higher volume print needs, giving you about 60% more prints than with the standard cartridge.

Product protection you can count on
The Artisan 50 comes with a 1-year limited warranty, which includes a quick product exchange benefit. So, you can rest easy, knowing you have dependable service and support.


  • Ultra Hi-Definition prints — Claria 6-color ink for images with richness, depth and clarity; great for photos and everyday printing
  • Professional looking CDs/DVDs — print right onto ink jet printable CDs/DVDs (software included)
  • Perfect photos made easy — Auto Photo Correction and red-eye removal
  • Save paper — two-sided printing
  • Better than lab quality photos — photos are smudge, scratch, water and fade resistant
  • Fast print speeds — maximum speed up to 38 ppm color, laser quality speeds of 5 ppm color; photos in as fast as 11 sec
  • Individual ink cartridges — replace only the color you need

Artisan products
Unleash your creativity with an Artisan. This sophisticated, yet simple line of products masterfully combines the world of style and technology. With an innovative feature set, these premier products make it easy to bring your imagination to life, empowering you to make your photos, everyday documents and projects rise above the rest.

Epson PictureMate Show

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PictureMate Show™
Digital Frame and Photo Printer

The best of both worlds.
Change the way you print and share photos with PictureMate Show from Epson. Its clever 2-in-1 design offers the best of both worlds, enabling you to print better-than-lab-quality photos, and also display your favorite images on a high-resolution, 7″, widescreen, digital photo frame — all without a PC. Just connect any digital camera, or insert a memory card. That’s all it takes to get started. Use the digital photo frame to view and crop images, fix red eye, choose color effects and more. Then, choose a custom print size. You’ll get brilliant photos — fast. With PictureMate Show, you can print a 4″ x 6″ photo in as fast as 37 seconds, or print multiple photos, all without a trip to the photo lab. Whatever you choose to print, you can be sure you’ll get photos that are smudge, scratch, water and fade resistant, and made to last up to 4x longer than lab prints. You can also display your images, using the digital photo frame and included remote control. Choose from 12 different slideshow options to share images with family and friends. With the large, built-in memory, you can store hundreds of photos for viewing anytime. PictureMate Show makes it easy to print and display photos right on the spot — at parties, events and family gatherings!

7″, widescreen, digital photo frame
With its high resolution, 16:9 LCD photo frame, PictureMate Show makes it easy to enhance, archive or share your favorite photos. On-screen instructions walk you through it all — whatever you choose to do:

  • Select the photos you want
  • Crop photos or remove red eye
  • Preview your edits immediately
  • Display photos for family and friends
  • Print or save your photos
  • Display a slideshow

PictureMate Show’s WVGA (800 x 480) digital photo frame allows you to view photos with precision detail. You get to see exactly what you’ll get before you print, so there’s no wasted paper! And, you can store hundreds of photos to the internal memory. Then, display them for all to see using one of 12 different slideshow modes, including a calendar and clock feature. Now, you can print, share and display your photos just the way you want to, anytime, day or night.

Convenient compatibility
PictureMate Show is the worry-free way to print and save your digital photos. PictureMate® works with all digital cameras — just insert a memory card and you’ll be previewing your photos in seconds! You can even use PictureMate with PictBridge™ devices, USB flash drives and your Bluetooth®-enabled camera phone.

Fast photo print speeds — without compromising quality
With PictureMate, you get superior, better-than-lab-quality prints at truly unbeatable speeds — 4″ x 6″ photos in as fast as 37 seconds! No other portable, small-format printer can offer such performance and quality. It’s fast, easy and offers amazing results. With PictureMate, it’s easier than ever to achieve exceptional quality and get prints that are better than those from a lab or photo kiosk, or traditional, film-processed prints.

Worry-free handling of photos
With PictureMate Show, you get professional quality photos that are smudge, scratch, water and fade resistant, so you can handle them right after printing. Place them in an album or share them with family and friends, worry-free.

Great design — fits right into your home
With its sleek design and large, widescreen, digital photo frame, PictureMate Show is ideal in any setting. It offers the perfect way to view and share your favorite photos, in your living room, kitchen or home office. Choose from one of 12 convenient slideshow functions and display your images for all to enjoy. With its ultra bright LCD, PictureMate Show ensures brilliant quality slideshows right in the comfort of your own home. It’s fast, easy and designed for any décor.

Choose from multiple sizes and options
Print stacks of photos to share with family and friends. It’s easier than ever with PictureMate Show. Best of all, you can print each photo just the way you want it. Crop, remove red eye, and much more! Then, when you’re ready, choose the size and option you desire, without altering the original file:

  • Black-and-white, color or sepia
  • Mini-wallet, wallet, classic borders or borderless
  • Custom photo sizes

It’s never been easier to get beautiful photos, made to order!


  • 2-in-1, digital photo frame and compact photo printer — ultra bright, 7″, widescreen photo frame has 12 different slideshow modes and doubles as an editing and preview monitor
  • Put on a show — slideshow options include book, calendar, clock, museum, spin and animated slideshows — it’s ideal for any family
  • Convenient slideshow operation — remote control gives you easy access to many slideshow choices
  • Store photos for easy print and display — large, 270MB, internal memory lets you automatically store hundreds of photos, and run a slideshow or reprint at any time
  • Print your favorite photos, PC-free — print and archive photos directly from your memory card1, digital camera or USB flash drive
  • Get pro quality photos, fast! — print vibrant 4″ x 6″ photos in as fast as 37 seconds
  • Print wirelessly — optional Bluetooth adapter
  • Share prints for generations to come — durable prints that last up to 4x longer longer than traditional, film-processed photos
  • Get your photos, your way — print various photo sizes, black-and-white or sepia
  • Create custom photo sizes — print whatever size you want, from .3″ x .3″ extra up to 4″ x 6″; great for filling unusual frame sizes, photo key chains, photo bracelets and more with your favorite photos
  • Print and display simultaneously — instantly select and print photos for family and friends while sharing a digital slideshow
  • Easily edit photos — crop, remove red eye, and more
  • Print stacks of photos at an everyday, low print price — without a trip to the store
  • Ready to share — instant-dry photos make it easy to give pictures to family and friends right away
  • Ideal for any room — fits perfectly into your livingroom, kitchen or home office

PictureMate products
Your photos, your way
PictureMate is the perfect accessory for your digital camera. It’s like having your own personal photo lab, all in the comfort of home. Print in the kitchen, den, anywhere, even while on the go — anytime, day or night. It’s easy — no computer required. Get beautiful photos, fast. And, share them for generations to come. With an everyday, low print price, you can print all you want! PictureMate fits your needs, your schedule and your life