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Titan Entertainment Launches New Sporting Event Hybrid With Television Pilot, “Titan Fighting Championship”

Titan Entertainment is breaking ground in the rapidly growing industry of Mixed Martial Arts (“MMA”) with the Titan Fighting Championship (“TFC”) television series which will combine the gritty reality of the MMA events with the theatrical aspect of World Wrestling Entertainment (“WWE”). The first episode of the TFC, The Red Rumble 2007 Fighting Tour, will be shot in Kansas City, Missouri on March 23, 2007. DJ Hurricane of The Beastie Boys will spin tunes for the Red Rumble Extreme After-Party at Harrah’s Voodoo Lounge and adult film star, Brittany Andrews, will be on hand to sign the Women of TFC posters.

While the WWE is known for its pre-staged theatrics, the MMA is popular because professional fighters from different disciplines are pitted against each other without pre-determined outcomes. Titan Entertainment’s TFC series will combine the best of both worlds by surrounding unpredictable professional competitions with a plush VIP section, celebrity appearances and the beautiful Women of TFC.

Titan Entertainment will kick off the Red Rumble 2007 Fighting Tour with a regional model search in association with Entercom Broadcasting in Kansas City and two of it’s radio stations, 610 AM Sports and 98.9 FM The Rock. The Women of TFC contest will be hosted by Harrah’s Voodoo Lounge on March 2, 2007. Brittany Andrews, the honorary “First Woman of TFC,” and the contest winners will participate in the pilot, appear in a promotional Woman of TFC poster and attend the after-party to personalize the posters.

But the March 23rd pilot is just the beginning. Titan Entertainment plans to shoot an additional ten events in 2007 for the Red Rumble Tour. For 2008, they’re developing Battle Of The Titans, an international championship tournament open to all professional fighters regardless of their promoter affiliation. They hope to have world-class competition and grand prize money that will reflect the level of the first Titan World Champion.

“We’re working to create several qualifying tournaments around the globe in locations such as Tokyo, Moscow, Sydney and several places in the United States with the final event taking place in either Las Vegas or Atlantic City,” says Joe Kelly, President of Titan Entertainment. “We’re in the early stages, but were committed to making this a reality and hope to be partnered with a major television network. We’re confident that the grand prize amount could be at a level never before seen at a tournament, which is a sure way to draw gladiators from across the globe,” says Kelly. “Now that would be fun.”

About Titan Entertainment
Titan Entertainment LLC, based in Kansas City, Missouri is a professional sports entertainment company that produces World Championship Boxing events. Titan Entertainment has produced events in connection with companies such as Showtime Entertainment, ESPN, Harrah’s Entertainment, Univision, and Metro Sports in Kansas City

The Crooked Eye Press Release Example

Announcement touting film’s latest success in festival circuit.
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Hit The Fan Productions Announces L.A. Premiere Of
The Crooked Eye In Dances With Films Independent Film Festival

The latest short film from Hit The Fan Productions, The Crooked Eye, will have its Los Angeles premiere on June 9, 2009 at 5 p.m. at Laemmle’s Sunset 5 as a part of the Dances With Films Independent Film Festival. Chosen by the festival to be a part of an exclusive block of CGI shorts, the film will be discussed by a panel from the Visual Effects Society prior to the screening. Tickets are $12 and can be purchased via the Dances With Films website at http://danceswithfilms.com/09_schedule.html.

Dances With Films supports and celebrates the true independent film spirit by mandating that only films without celebrity actors, writers, directors or producers will be selected for festival competition. Despite being narrated by Academy Award Winner Linda Hunt, The Crooked Eye was accepted because of the independent nature of the production, which was adapted for the screen, directed and edited by an unknown artist, D.C. Douglas. In addition to Mr. Douglas, just three special effects technicians created the CGI environment of the 18-minute film.

Starring Fay Masterson (Eyes Wide Shut) and Katherine Boecher (Heroes), The Crooked Eye follows a quiet woman through her daily drudgery one St. Patrick’s Day. A surreal journey that drifts through memories of a recently unraveled marriage, The Crooked Eye dreamily connects the guilty moments that made her world so unreliable. Adapted for the screen, The Crooked Eye is based on the short story of the same name, written by Betty Malicoat.

Having already received rave reviews from the FilmWorks Festival in Fresno, Ms. Malicoat’s town of residence, The Crooked Eye is playing up and down the West Coast this month, most notably at the prestigious Palm Springs International ShortsFest at the end of June. The short film will also screen at the Reno Film Festival and SSG Summer Shorts Festival and has already won an award for best narration from the Seattle True Independent Film Festival. To date, the film has been selected for ten festivals, both domestic and international.

Looking Beyond (Landing Content)

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Psychic Relationship Readings

Human relationships can be the most complex interactions of our daily lives. Sometimes it can be hard to say what you mean or even understand how you really feel. Many times communicating seems harder than it should be. If you’re having trouble in a relationship, psychic readings can help you get clarity about what is happening between you and the other person.

Perhaps you and your loved one seem to have been fighting more recently. Or perhaps the other person doesn’t seem to be listening to you. Or maybe you’re not sure how you feel, so telling them what is going on with you is particularly difficult. Psychic love readings from one of Looking Beyond’s Master Psychics will help you focus on your core issues with the other person so you can address them accordingly and move to a healthier place with each other.

Of course, our relationships aren’t limited to just our significant other. We have friends, family, co-workers and even pets that we strive to communicate clearly with every day. Psychic relationship readings can help you better understand any number of these relationships. Perhaps you’re going through a difficult time with a parent or child and need to adjust how you talk with them. Or you have to work closely with a new co-worker and you’re not sure how to handle this kind of new, but not very personal relationship. Maybe your pet is acting differently and you want to find out how you can help. Looking Beyond offers both psychic love readings and psychic relationship readings, so you can get guidance no matter what.

For any kind of relationship, psychic readings from a Master Psychic can really help you to soothe your soul and ease your mind. Call 1-800-710-2060 to take the first step to a more healthy relationship today.

Casa Rolandi

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Everyone knows that Casa Rolandi in the Plaza Caracol Mall is one of Cancun’s most popular restaurants. But did you know that Casa Rolandi can make your vacation in paradise even better? Indulge in the ultimate get-away with “The Rolandi’s Experience”. Enjoy a day trip to the Caribbean’s nearby island gem, Isla Mujeres, where you’ll discover Mexico’s true tranquility. Your adventure begins aboard The Cocoon, Casa Rolandi’s luxurious power yacht, for a 25 minute trip across spectacular blue-green waters. Once on Isla Mujeres, pamper yourself with Rolandi’s exclusive thalassotherapy, a spa treatment incorporating all the natural elements of the ocean and the coastal environment to relax the mind, body and spirit. Then plunge into our outdoor swimming pool and cascading waterfall or soak up the rays on our sun patio. Finish the day in style with a romantic sunset dinner at the award-winning Casa Rolandi Isla Mujeres Restaurant, where you’ll delight in delicious gourmet Northern Italian Cuisine cooked in our famous firewood oven. Paradise doesn’t get any better

Aqua World

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Want to turn your vacation into an adventure? Discover Cancun from sea to sky with Aqua World’s unforgettable water sport activities. Find out why our waverunners are so popular when you take an exhilarating wave-jumping ride through the crystal-clear Caribbean. For a longer excursion, try our classic guided Jungle Tour. Explore winding mangroves in the breathtaking Nichupte Lagoon and then speed your way to Punta Nizuc for snorkeling along the stunning coral reefs. To discover Cancun’s watery treasures without getting wet, try our exclusive Subsee Explorer. This air-conditioned glass-bottomed boat guides you through the paradise reef and glorious marine life on a narrated underwater voyage. Prefer the air to the water? Our exclusive Skyrider takes you and a friend high into the blue for an astounding view of Cancun’s tropical paradise. For a more lively air ride, shoot into the air at 60 miles per second on The Rocket, bouncing from land to air on our double bungee cord. All our activities are designed with the highest safety standards so you can rest easy and explore with excitement. Visit the Aqua World booth or call extension 8436 to start your adventure!

Angelfest Advertising

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Where L.A.’s film & theatre communities connect.

Direct from the film festival circuit, these short films were produced, directed or written by Company Of Angels members.

Come rub elbows with your fellow film & theatre directors, producers, writers, actors & more at this networking fundraiser for COA, Los Angeles’ oldest non-profit repertory theatre.

Hors d’ oeuvres provided by Pomodoro, libations, prizes and live classical piano by the award-winning Lily Popova.

Suggested donation: $10. Don’t forget your business card!

See original films. Make connections. Feel good.


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SPEEDREELS LOGO (tag with the logo)

From “Who?” to “Hired.” in just 60 seconds.

“As the Creator of the “CSI” franchise, I personally comb through thousands of SpeedReels clients via the Internet in search of new talent.  I have used many of their clients on all three shows.  SpeedReels is my ‘ace in the hole’ when looking for the next best thing.”


What Casting Directors Are Saying:

“We love SpeedReels! It helps us get actors jobs!”

“SpeedReels are great!  Agents can shoot them over in an email, then we just click and see the reel immediately and we can tell instantly if their client is right for that audition. I think it’s the future of casting.” 

“How do you get your work in front of me?  SpeedReels.  EVERY actor—represented or not—should have one.”

What Agents/Managers Are Saying:

“I stopped counting the additional appointments I generated in three weeks after it surpassed 48, and that’s when only 16 clients had SpeedReels. I use AOL and every time I get a new SpeedReel I tend to Instant Message a few of the CD’s online at the time.” 

“SpeedReels has made my job so much easier. I no longer have to wait for messengers to pick tapes up. I no longer have to wait for the tape to be viewed. A client’s reel can be viewed within seconds of my sending it. I highly recommend it to all actors and their representatives. The immediate response has made my client’s activity soar.” 

“SpeedReels has simplified my life tremendously. One click and all of my clients’ materials are in one place, easy to access, and organized. Thank you!” 


What is a SpeedReel?
A SpeedReel is a full-length demo reel’s quicker cousin.  Just 60 seconds of an actor’s best work, hosted on SpeedReels.com and instantly email-able to industry folks.

Why just 60 seconds?
Because viewing reels is a little like going on a first date, minus the awkward moments.  That one minute is all the time casting directors need (and have) to know if you’re right for the job.

The SpeedReel Advantage.
Delivery made easy.  Email it!  CD’s can see you right away while that other actor’s reel is caught in cross-town traffic. You save the CD time; they like that.

Your SpeedReel isn’t coy. It gets right to the point, showing your best work in 60 seconds.  Even more saved time; CD’s really like that.

They already know us. And like us! CD’s are already asking for SpeedReels by name and browsing our online database. And that saves you time. (See? It works both ways.)

One is all you need. No more dubs! You save money!  Alert the media!

Free stuff! Through our partnership with Breakdown Services, your SpeedReel link can be added to your Actors Access account for free. Plus, you can also add it to your imdb.com page for free.  Free. Yup, we said it again.

The SpeedReel Experience.
Working with the SpeedReel gang is the most fun you’ll have taking control of your career.  We enjoy creating reels that make the CD jump up and say, “That’s the one!” That’s why we make sure you get what you need and what you want throughout the whole process.


Whether you have no footage at all or a closet full of tapes & DVDs, we can help.  (Though there’s no way to digitally remove bad hairstyle choices. Sorry.)

One Reel:  SpeedReel
It’s easy.  Just bring in an existing full-length reel (VHS, DVD or Mini-DVD) and we’ll:

  • Select the best scenes
  • Digitize material
  • Edit SpeedReel
  • Add your name
  • Make SpeedReel Internet-friendly
  • SpeedReel Online Hosting

Two Reels:  SpeedReel & Full-Length Reel
Also easy.  Bring in up to five cued VHS tapes or DVDs and we’ll do all of the above for both reels.

Super-easy. For convenient emailing and viewing, www.SpeedReels.com will host your:

  • SpeedReel
  • 2 Headshots
  • Resume
  • Other reels or special media
  • Paid SpeedReel clients host jointly on SpeedReels.com & Actors Access for free.


These days, headshots just aren’t enough anymore.  Actors need good tape and the IDR is perfect if you don’t have any material yet.  Shooting your IDR is a fun, rewarding process; you get to choose exactly what you want to showcase and we make you the star of the day.  Then you walk away with a great, professional-looking reel to email to agents, managers, casting directors and your 3,000 MySpace friends.

  • Monologues (Discount for Actors Access members.)
  • One-person scenes
  • Two-person scenes
  • Custom-developed Showcase Reel

Don’t shoot in your living room with overhead lighting and the dog barking next door.  Let us cover the technical stuff to make sure it looks & sounds great.  All you have to do is act.  It’s fun, fast and the audition goes online or on DVD immediately. (Discount available for SpeedReel clients.)

ADDITIONAL SERVICES (Discount available for SpeedReel clients.)
But wait!  There’s more!  We also do:

  • General Editing
  • DVD masters
  • DVD dubbing

Want to see some SpeedReels?  Visit www.SpeedReels.com. 

Want to chat with us? Call 323-931-1712.

Want to get started?  Come on by:  5225 Wilshire Blvd., Ste 410, LA, CA 90036