Just Dog Clothes Press Release Example

News linking clothing line to current events.
Industry: Fashion


JustDogClothes.com Launches Large Dog Winter Wear To Address ASPCA Advisements
Protecting pets from the elements with functional fashion is a priority for dog clothing manufacturer.

With record-breaking snowfalls on the Eastern Coast of the US, the demand for practical dog clothing has increased. In their Top Ten Cold Weather Tips For Dogs, the ASPCA suggests that owners “Consider getting [your dog] a coat or sweater with a high collar or turtleneck with coverage from the base of the tail to the belly. For many dogs, this is regulation winter wear.” In response to this advice, JustDogClothes.com announces the addition of large sizes to their online dog-clothing store just in time for the coldest months of the year. Express ordering via UPS Priority allows customers to get their dog sweaters, parkas, reflective jackets and more within three days so they can take care of their pet properly this winter.

When outside in the cold, a little extra padding can help prevent weather-related illnesses in dogs. Dog clothing doesn’t just keep their outer bodies warm; it keeps their inner organs healthy with warm blood flow. From Pomeranians to Great Danes, JustDogClothes.com offers items to keep dogs of all sizes warm, healthy and stylish. Made with the finest materials of wool, fleece, and acrylic, most items are machine washable and all are comfortable for your pet. JustDogClothes.com provides a dog measuring system so you can be sure to order the correct size for your dog.

No longer just a fashion statement for the elite, functional and stylish dog clothing is now practically mandatory for the mainstream. Available in small, large and extra large sizes, creative designer fashions from JustDogClothing.com allows owners to keep their pets warm and healthy without compromising style.

About JustDogClothes.com
JustDogClothes.com has been serving dog owners and their best friends online with quality products and services since 1999. They strive to provide products that are functional and fashionable, always keeping the health of the pet as their priority. JustDogClothes.com proudly guarantees excellent customer service, great value and safe shopping online. Their head offices are in New Zealand with partners in Ohio.

Titan Entertainment Press Release Example

Launch announcement of ground-breaking TV entertainment program.
Industry: Entertainment


Titan Entertainment Launches New Sporting Event Hybrid With Television Pilot, “Titan Fighting Championship”

Titan Entertainment is breaking ground in the rapidly growing industry of Mixed Martial Arts (“MMA”) with the Titan Fighting Championship (“TFC”) television series which will combine the gritty reality of the MMA events with the theatrical aspect of World Wrestling Entertainment (“WWE”). The first episode of the TFC, The Red Rumble 2007 Fighting Tour, will be shot in Kansas City, Missouri on March 23, 2007. DJ Hurricane of The Beastie Boys will spin tunes for the Red Rumble Extreme After-Party at Harrah’s Voodoo Lounge and adult film star, Brittany Andrews, will be on hand to sign the Women of TFC posters.

While the WWE is known for its pre-staged theatrics, the MMA is popular because professional fighters from different disciplines are pitted against each other without pre-determined outcomes. Titan Entertainment’s TFC series will combine the best of both worlds by surrounding unpredictable professional competitions with a plush VIP section, celebrity appearances and the beautiful Women of TFC.

Titan Entertainment will kick off the Red Rumble 2007 Fighting Tour with a regional model search in association with Entercom Broadcasting in Kansas City and two of it’s radio stations, 610 AM Sports and 98.9 FM The Rock. The Women of TFC contest will be hosted by Harrah’s Voodoo Lounge on March 2, 2007. Brittany Andrews, the honorary “First Woman of TFC,” and the contest winners will participate in the pilot, appear in a promotional Woman of TFC poster and attend the after-party to personalize the posters.

But the March 23rd pilot is just the beginning. Titan Entertainment plans to shoot an additional ten events in 2007 for the Red Rumble Tour. For 2008, they’re developing Battle Of The Titans, an international championship tournament open to all professional fighters regardless of their promoter affiliation. They hope to have world-class competition and grand prize money that will reflect the level of the first Titan World Champion.

“We’re working to create several qualifying tournaments around the globe in locations such as Tokyo, Moscow, Sydney and several places in the United States with the final event taking place in either Las Vegas or Atlantic City,” says Joe Kelly, President of Titan Entertainment. “We’re in the early stages, but were committed to making this a reality and hope to be partnered with a major television network. We’re confident that the grand prize amount could be at a level never before seen at a tournament, which is a sure way to draw gladiators from across the globe,” says Kelly. “Now that would be fun.”

About Titan Entertainment
Titan Entertainment LLC, based in Kansas City, Missouri is a professional sports entertainment company that produces World Championship Boxing events. Titan Entertainment has produced events in connection with companies such as Showtime Entertainment, ESPN, Harrah’s Entertainment, Univision, and Metro Sports in Kansas City

Skin Revolution Press Release Example

Announcement of new natural skin product line.
Industry: Health and Beauty


Skin Revolution Launches Skin Care Products Containing Seabuckthorn Oil, A Natural Anti-Aging Ingredient.
New products contain historically proven natural ingredient to fight the effects of aging.

Recently launched at the IBS New York/American Spa Expo in April, 2006, Skin Revolution’s new line of skin care products utilize natural Seabuckthorn Oil to nourish, revitalize and restore damaged or aging skin. Already available in some spas and salons in New York, the line boasts the popular Wrinkle Defense Night Cream, which reduces lines associated with stress and aging. Other products include: Acne Lotion, Stretch Mark Cream, Revitalize Eye Gel, Rejuvenate Day Cream, Acne Cleanser, Skin Toner, Gentle Cleanser, Skin Softening Foot Cream and Hand Lotion. Ranging in price from $19.99 to $69.99, each product contains the natural rejuvenating skin ingredient, Seabuckthorn Oil.

Historically proven as an effective natural skin care remedy, Seabuckthorn Oil promotes tissue regeneration and also works as an anti-oxidant. Skin treated with Skin Revolution products looks healthier because it is healthier, from the inside out. Healthy tissue cells mean reduced wrinkles and puffiness, without the harmful affects of unnatural chemical remedies.

“Most people want to look younger,” says Tony Caruso and Carlo Gervasi, co-owners of Skin Revolution. “And looking younger just means that you have healthy skin. We wanted to provide a natural way to rejuvenate skin, and the best way to do that is to give your skin the nutrients it needs to be healthy. Skin Revolution created products with Seabuckthorn Oil to offer an alternative to going under the knife or getting skin-stressing chemical shots that don’t last. You just use these products as often as you see fit.”

Biological studies suggest the restorative action of Seabuckthorn Oil may be due to its high content of essential fatty acids, carotenes, Vitamin E, flavonoids and phytosterols – all of which are important for the maintenance of healthy skin. As we age, and particularly when we are stressed, these essential compounds are depleted. By applying products with Seabuckthorn Oil, we give our skin nutrients it may be missing. Tissue regeneration enhances the growth of healthy cells while the anti-oxidant properties help reverse the damaging effects of the sun. The Skin Revolution products also include Bio-Transderma, an ingredient that assists in the proper absorption and quick assimilation of the product into the skin.

About Skin Revolution:
Skin Revolution is dedicated to providing products that utilize historically proven natural ingredients for skin care remedies. Choosing facts over hype, Skin Revolution offers products that are geared specifically for healthy skin, easy to use and safe for the body.

Ayana Apparel Press Release Example

Launch announcement of sun-protective clothing line.
Industry: Fashion


Ayana Launches Fashionable Lines of Sun Protective Clothing

Continuing to revolutionize the clothing industry, expanding brand, Ayana Apparel, has yet another line of stylish sun protective clothing ready for Spring and Summer of 2010. Both the Signature Collection and the Amaranth Collection boast built-in sun protection that doesn’t wash or wear out. Made in Los Angeles, this certified UPF clothing is currently available through Ayana’s website, www.AyanaApparel.com and in selected boutiques.

Ayana’s focus has always been to create sun protective clothing without compromising fashion-forward styles. Each garment in these two casual beachwear lines is tested to guarantee 97.5% protection against UVA and UVB rays. Made with high-end Japanese fabrics, each collection contains eight soft, lightweight items such as tunics, tops, shawls, scarves, tunic dresses, cover ups and wrap skirts. Available in sizes from XS to XL, these garments can be worn on and off the beach – over bathing suits or with denim jeans for a comfortable yet classy look.
While the Signature Collection is made of 100% organic ivory cotton with ivory dots and unique trims like laces or ruffles, The Amaranth Collection’s 100% cotton pieces are made of a contrast fabric that incorporates handmade prints.

Co-founder and Creative Director Sonja Gfeller created Ayana Apparel out of a need for functional clothing that was also stylish. “I’ve always been extremely health conscious,” explains Ms. Gfeller. “But applying sunscreen repeatedly became tedious and messy and the only sun protective clothing available was dull and unattractive. I developed Ayana Apparel to combine function with fashion for women who refused to give up their personal style or compromise their health. Our Spring/Summer lines are especially applicable because these are the seasons when people spend more time outdoors.”

Ayana’s sun protective clothing is achieved by mixing zinc oxide (an important element in sunscreen) directly into the dye used on the fabric that will not wash or wear out. As the days heat up, Ayana expects sales to rise also as more active, independent and fashion-conscious women look for sun protective clothing they can wear in style.

About Ayana
Ayana Apparel is a sun protective apparel brand for women who are fashion-forward and forward-thinking. Geared toward women who are active and enjoy spending time outdoors, Ayana supports a healthy lifestyle while preventing the skin from premature aging, all while offering stylish options to fashion-conscious women. Ayana maintains stylistic integrity by offering a variety of styles and colors so there is something for every taste.

The Crooked Eye Press Release Example

Announcement touting film’s latest success in festival circuit.
Industry: Entertainment


Hit The Fan Productions Announces L.A. Premiere Of
The Crooked Eye In Dances With Films Independent Film Festival

The latest short film from Hit The Fan Productions, The Crooked Eye, will have its Los Angeles premiere on June 9, 2009 at 5 p.m. at Laemmle’s Sunset 5 as a part of the Dances With Films Independent Film Festival. Chosen by the festival to be a part of an exclusive block of CGI shorts, the film will be discussed by a panel from the Visual Effects Society prior to the screening. Tickets are $12 and can be purchased via the Dances With Films website at http://danceswithfilms.com/09_schedule.html.

Dances With Films supports and celebrates the true independent film spirit by mandating that only films without celebrity actors, writers, directors or producers will be selected for festival competition. Despite being narrated by Academy Award Winner Linda Hunt, The Crooked Eye was accepted because of the independent nature of the production, which was adapted for the screen, directed and edited by an unknown artist, D.C. Douglas. In addition to Mr. Douglas, just three special effects technicians created the CGI environment of the 18-minute film.

Starring Fay Masterson (Eyes Wide Shut) and Katherine Boecher (Heroes), The Crooked Eye follows a quiet woman through her daily drudgery one St. Patrick’s Day. A surreal journey that drifts through memories of a recently unraveled marriage, The Crooked Eye dreamily connects the guilty moments that made her world so unreliable. Adapted for the screen, The Crooked Eye is based on the short story of the same name, written by Betty Malicoat.

Having already received rave reviews from the FilmWorks Festival in Fresno, Ms. Malicoat’s town of residence, The Crooked Eye is playing up and down the West Coast this month, most notably at the prestigious Palm Springs International ShortsFest at the end of June. The short film will also screen at the Reno Film Festival and SSG Summer Shorts Festival and has already won an award for best narration from the Seattle True Independent Film Festival. To date, the film has been selected for ten festivals, both domestic and international.

The Candy Palace Press Release Example

Newsworthy hook & story linking young author to non-profit organization.
Industries: non-profit and publishing


Nine-Year-Old Author Inspires Foundation To Feed The Hungry

Nine-year-old Isabel Janavs’ original story, “The Candy Palace,” a playful adventure that follows a young girl as she tries to undo the magic spell of a well-meaning candy monster, teaches children the importance of helping others. Creative and tenacious, Isabel wrote the story with thoughtfulness and purpose, expressly wanting to show other children that there are kids who need help from other kids. It was this combination of creativity and sensitivity that inspired the MMJ Foundation to develop The Candy Palace Program. This program sponsors an annual writing contest that transforms the original story of one Orange County child into a published, illustrated children’s book whose full proceeds are donated to the Kids Cafés Program of the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County. Though the story “The Candy Palace” was not discovered through a writing contest, as the inspiration for the program, it will be the first book published through the program of the same name.

The foundation’s president and, as it happens, Isabel’s mother, Michelle Janavs, recognized an opportunity to encourage and empower children to help others while also promoting reading, writing, and creativity. “Isabel is my daughter but she absolutely surprises me every day with her passion for helping others and her voracious creativity, explains Mrs. Janavs. “I know she’s not the only young person in Orange County with these qualities and I wanted to provide kids with a way to help others that were also fun and resulted in an exciting, tangible achievement. These young authors see their stories published into a real book and the hungry children of Orange County are fed. In fact, it was Isabel’s idea to donate one hundred percent of the profits to Kids Cafés, so I can’t even take full credit for that.” Kids Cafés provides after-school snacks and summer meals as well as nutrition education to underprivileged children throughout Orange County. This program, in particular, has become increasingly important over the last couple of years, as the amount of food needed has increased while donations have decreased due to the recession.

The writing contest will be held annually for Orange County children of all ages and a grant will be provided to a professional children’s picture book illustrator to help create the finished product. “The Candy Palace” will be illustrated by J.H. Everett and will be available for purchase and to retailers in September 2010. A Hope Medal will be awarded to both author and illustrator for their efforts and inspirations.

The Candy Palace Program may be in its infancy, but the MMJ Foundation is confident that Isabel’s story and her book will be just as inspirational to other Orange County children as it was to the MMJ Foundation itself.

Baby Abuelita Press Release Example

Teaser announcement linking popular toy to International Toy Fair.
Industry: Children’s toys


International Toy Fair Gets Sneak Peek At Baby Abuelita DVD
45 minute DVD featuring animated Baby Abuelita characters as teachers of Hispanic culture.

Riding on the wave of rapid growth and popularity, Baby Abuelita Productions will be previewing the first in a series of animated DVDs for the Hispanic children’s market at the New York City International Toy Fair on February 16 – 21, 2008 in the Jacob Javits Center. The Baby Abuelita Family Fiesta DVD is the most recent installment of award-winning Baby Abuelita products that preserve Hispanic heritage by teaching children traditional songs, dances, folklore and language.

The Baby Abuelita direct-to-home DVD follows Abuelita Rosa, Abuelito Pancho and their grandchildren through three 15 minute episodes designed to teach Hispanic culture through educational, entertaining stories and adventures that include music and dances.

Each episode contains one traditional Spanish language lullaby and one original song written exclusively for Baby Abuelita’s Family Fiesta video series by Grammy Award winning artists Joel Someillan and George Noriega of Jollipop Entertainment.

“Baby Abuelita distribution grew so rapidly we knew right away there was a great demand for Hispanic-centered products,” says Carol Fenster, Baby Abuelita CEO. “We want to use every current medium we can to teach children about their culture and heritage. We’ve got dolls and books; DVDs are the next logical step to bring these characters to life. We hope the International Toy Fair will help us reach an even bigger audience.”

Since its launch of www.babyabuelita.com in 2005, Baby Abuelita has more than tripled the size of its national distribution to over 3,000 stores. Multicultural initiatives at major retailers across the country have highlighted Baby Abuelita products in their holiday promotions, which led to an investment partnership with Dany Garcia Johnson and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s wealth management firm JDM Partners LLC.

The Baby Abuelita collection currently features four dolls: Abuelita Rosa, Abuelito Pancho, Baby Andrea and Baby Tita. Each 17 inch plush doll sings a different group of songs in a voice reflective of the doll’s character and comes in packaging designed to look like a rocking chair. Also included is a hardcover interactive sing-along book, Sing Along with Abuelita Rosa, with songs in both Spanish and English.

Baby Abuelita branding continues in Spring 2008 with the launch of the Baby Mimi doll, an infants and children linen line and a line of children’s bedroom slippers made in the likeness of Abuelita Rosa and Abuelito Pancho.

About Baby Abuelita
Baby Abuelita was founded by two working moms who shared a goal to leverage traditional Spanish-language childhood songs to ensure that Hispanic heritage is preserved, passed along to the next generation and easily accessible for everyone. Visit www.babyabuelita.com for more information.

Divorce Relief (website content)

Compassionate, inviting tone for six-page counseling website.
Industry: Health and Wellness
(Not yet launched.)


Balance.  Clarity.  Hope.

Divorce can be a very painful, challenging process. You may feel overwhelmed by feelings of anger, resentment, fear and stress as you navigate through these unknown waters. But even though you’ll have to make some tough decisions, this transition can also be an opportunity for positive personal growth.  If you can learn to stay emotionally and physically healthy, a divorce can actually expand your life rather than destroy it.

Divorce Relief™ provides individual counseling and coaching for people considering or going through a divorce as well as those who are beginning their post-divorce lives.

Through a positive, solution-focused and mindfulness-based technique, I help my clients learn healthy coping and self-care skills to build confidence, self-esteem and optimism during an otherwise difficult time.  I work with each client to create a clear, customized approach to transform negative feelings into positive ones. No matter where you are in the process, my goal is to help you replace fear and anger with balance, clarity and hope.



Contemplating divorce can be a scary and confusing mental process.  You might feel shame and responsibility for having thoughts about ending the relationship.  You might not be clear on why you’re not happy.  If you’re seriously considering this life-changing step, it’s important to remember that relationships are complex and they rarely end because of just one reason.  Getting clarity about why you’re in this position and what you really want from the relationship is key to making an informed decision.

Divorce Relief™ can help you:

  • Figure out why couples therapy is not working for you
  • Explore your tangled feelings about this decision and get clarity on them
  • Explore your fears about ending the relationship
  • Effectively create decision making strategies to determine your next best step
  • Plan how/when to tell your spouse, your children, your extended family and friends



Getting a divorce, even if it’s the healthiest choice, is a complex process. Communicating with legal and financial counsel while also coping with your own emotions and those of your children, family and friends can be overwhelming.  But although a divorce will have a dramatic impact on your life, that impact can be positive.

With Divorce Relief™, you’ll learn how to transform negative emotions into positive ones so you can reserve your emotional strength for the new life you build after the divorce. By collaborating with your legal and financial counsel, I can also help manage the pragmatic decisions that must be made at this time.

Divorce Relief™  can help you:

  • Work through feelings of anger, shame and fear so that clear, healthy, long-term decisions can be made for you and your children
  • Grieve the loss of your married life in a healthy way in order to move forward
  • Make good decisions quickly
  • Keep emotionally and physically healthy during this transition
  • Prioritize and complete tasks for your lawyer, mediator or financial planner
  • Figure out how to talk to your children about divorce and effectively parent them during their adjustment
  • Begin thinking positively about the future
  • Build a strong support system: lawyers, financial analysts, therapists, social supports, job counselors



After a divorce is final and all the legal and financial decisions have been put into action, you might still feel lost in your new life.  This is not unusual; the first two years after a divorce are considered the crisis period.  Adjusting to dramatic changes in your living situation, financial position and relationship can be difficult.  But how you handle stress during this time determines how effective you are at creating a happier life as you move forward. The more determined you are to take steps towards positive change during this period, the more successful you’ll be as time goes on. It’s critical to turn your challenges into opportunities for personal growth.

Divorce Relief™ can help you:

  • Minimize the impact of divorce on your children by maximizing your emotional and physical health
  • Make long-term, beneficial decisions
  • Let go of anger and resentment to make room for more positive emotions
  • Learn how to have a fulfilling life after divorce
  • Establish your independence and increase confidence
  • Reinvent yourself
  • Return to work/make career change
  • Learn how to date again
  • Find new social supports



As a licensed psychotherapist and dynamic motivational coach, Kaylee Murphy combines innate compassion with extensive training and personal experience to guide individuals through the divorce process.  Dedicated to a brief treatment model, Kaylee’s approach employs positive psychology as well as solution-focused and mindfulness-based techniques to advocate the efficient, safe and positive personal growth of each client.

Kaylee is living proof that the challenges of divorce can be transformed into personal growth opportunities. As a mother of four, she got her graduate degree from the Boston College Graduate School of Social Work while her divorce was in process.  Rebuilding and renewing her own life inspired her to support heterosexual and LGBT people through the challenges of divorce.

Kaylee serves the greater Boston area and is available for individual counseling sessions in person and over the phone.  Periodic support groups are also available.

Comfort Design Press Release Example

Newsworthy hook & story linked to current events in client’s industry.
Industry: Home Decor


Shoppers Counteract Faltering Economy With Brighter Colors; Comfort Design Leads The Home Furnishings Trend With Exquisite Choices

High Point, NC — Once again, shoppers’ reaction to the state of the economy is setting the mood in fashion and home furnishings. Browns and earth tones dominated when mortgages were safe and credit intact, but typical of an economic downturn, color trends are now moving towards a more uplifting spectrum.

As a new Booz & Company survey found, shoppers are traveling and eating out less often in an effort to save money. Spending more time at home encourages shoppers to revitalize the space they’re living in with cheery furniture. Women’s fashion seems to be dictating the trend, with shoes and handbags in bold, unusual colors that are moving into the home. Fabrics and textures are also stealing some market-share away from micro fibers. Comfort Design’s stationary and motion upholstery furniture gives shoppers cultivated color and fabric choices to refresh a sitting room.

Though a relatively new company, Comfort Design has already established itself as the up-and-coming leader in motion products with uncompromised framing supported by steel-reinforced wood, steel-tiered arms and steel seat boxing. Impeccable construction is the foundation of motion upholstery that also boasts elegant colors that enliven any space.

“Shoppers are clearly doing what they can to stay positive in this economic environment,” says Executive Director of Comfort Design, Phil Cooper. “We wanted to provide them with home furnishings that can elevate a room and a mood, without compromising sturdy, functional construction. We believe our stationary and motion upholstery does just that.”

With exceptional leather pieces in garnet, eggshell, cobblestone, platinum, copper, spice, granite and metallic, Comfort Design’s unique tones give shoppers with discerning tastes unusual ways to easily update their home. But leather isn’t the only option; Comfort Design also gives home furnishings a new feel with jacquards and tighter woven goods.

Times may be tough, but shoppers are recreating their surroundings to keep their spirits up and Comfort Design is helping them put the heart back into their homes

APA-LA and Cedars Sinai Press Release Example

Announcement of arts charity competition benefitting Cedars Sinai.
Industries: non-profit and photography


APA-LA’s 5th Annual Camera Works Competition Benefits Cedars Sinai Medical Center; Exhibits New Work During Photo L.A. Week

Cedars Sinai Medical Center will receive over fifty percent of the proceeds gained from the Advertising Photographers of America’s (Los Angeles) Fifth Annual Camera Works Competition, exhibiting at the Pacific Design Center and opening during Photo L.A. Week in January, 2007. Running from January 15, 2007 to February 16, 2007, the exhibition will present current personal and commissioned works of over 50 selected finalists from a diverse international photographic community, including six recipients of the Judges Choice Award. The Camera Works Opening Reception is on January 19th.

This is the first year a portion of the sales from the competition will benefit a non-profit organization. “Cedars Sinai has a long-standing relationship with the artistic community,” says Jim McHugh, APA-LA Board Member and point person for Camera Works. “Donated paintings and photographs grace their walls, incorporating the artistic process into the built environment of the hospital. Cedars Sinai has done significant work in the medical field for children, a population that APA works with through our outreach education program for children 10 – 16 years old. With these common interests, we wanted to raise awareness of Cedars Sinai’s contribution to both the medical and the artistic communities.”

Cedars Sinai, event sponsors and competition finalists will have a greater chance of exposure during Photo L.A., the week-long Photographic Art Exposition that has attracted over 7,500 top international buyers in the past and only expects to grow. This year is the first the exhibition will be installed at the Pacific Design Center. The PDC is an award-winning architectural icon designed by renowned architect Cesar Pelli and the home of interior and architectural design for the city of Los Angeles. Camera Works will be mounted by the world famous master framer, Jerry Solomon of Jerry Solomon Enterprises.

Award-winning artistic professionals Louis Stern, Joseph Lewis and MC Marden will judge the event. Louis Stern is the owner/director of the Louis Stern Fine Arts Gallery in West Hollywood, a past venue of the Camera Works Exhibition. Stern is also a founder of the Photographic Arts Council at LACMA.

Joseph Lewis is the current Dean of the School of Art & Design at the NYS College of Ceramics at Alfred University. He has previously served as the Dean of the School of Art and Design at FIT in NYC and the Chair of the Art Department at California State University, Northridge.

MC Marden’s career in photojournalism spans 3 decades and began at the original LIFE Magazine. Well-known for her eleven years as the Photo Editor at People Weekly, Marden was also the Photo Editor at Men’s Journal and National Geographic Adventure.

Marden is on the Board of Directors of the Eddie Adams Workshops and has worked extensively with the University of Missouri School of Journalism. She also created the template for several prestigious book series published by Time Life Books. Marden is currently a Photography Consultant living in New York City.

Submissions are open to the Los Angeles photographic community. Deadline for submissions is November 17th.

About APA
APA’s mission is Successful Advertising Photographers. Our goal is to establish, endorse, and promote professional practices, standards, and ethics in the photographic and advertising community. We seek to mentor, motivate, educate, and inspire in the pursuit of excellence. Our aim is to champion and speak as one common voice for advertising photographers and image-makers to the advertising industry in the United States and the World.

About Cedars-Sinai
Cedars-Sinai Health System, a nonprofit, independent healthcare organization, is committed to

1) leadership and excellence in delivering quality healthcare services,

2) expanding the horizons of medical knowledge through biomedical research,

3) educating and training physicians and other healthcare professionals and

4) striving to improve the health status of our community.