Target Corporation-Hr

No organization can exist without a human resources department (Walsh, 2009). A company without an HER department would be reducing its operations and could collapse within a short amount of time. The Target Corporation is a large American retailer with its headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is the second-largest discount retailer in the U. S. And was founded in 1902 as Dayton Dry Goods Company, even though the first store opened in 1962. They grew and became the largest Dillon of Dayton Hudson Corporation, culminating In the company being renamed as Target Corporation in August 2000.

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Target announced its expansion into Canada on January 13, 2011 and has an aim of operating over a hundred stores In Canada by 2013. Target Corporation sells as well as retail goods in their department stores. There are several ways of collecting data for analysis for this paper. Questionnaires, one on one interrogation, online research and organizational newsletters are among these ways. The method chosen to collect data for this particular paper Is online research and organizational newsletters. The purpose of the paper is to assess human resource management and its effect on the employees of the Target Corporation.

Job Design Job design refers to deciding the contents of a certain Job, or Job analysis (Evangelic, 2010). It is repairing the duties and responsibilities of the Job holder, how to perform the Job and define the relationship between subordinates, superiors and colleagues. This should be clearly defined In a company’s polices and procedures, to assure that employees adhere to them. Any explanation needed with regards to Job descriptions should be answered by senior management of a company, preferably the human resource manager. Job design involves the comprehension of several Issues in any company.

A company has to ordain job analysis and confirm the support of top management. Job analysis includes reviewing existing Job details and should be communicated to employees and management. Job design helps to reduce or curtail lob dissatisfaction amongst employees In the workplace, since employees are involved in what they like most (Roberts, 1997). It creates rotation since an employee is able to learn how to perform multiple tasks in the organization. Employees can interact when the necessary Job design is implemented. Job design increases productivity in a company since employees are fully motivated to work.

Also, it ensures the chain of command Is used, if correctly followed In an organization. Job design assists balance requirements of any Job with human aspects. A poorly other industrial related problems. There are many factors that can affect Job design in an organization. Job scope should be properly described, at all times. A narrow scope implies less challenge, allowing no chance for development via management. A wide scope on the other hand, will produce the over worked management and may result in distress, dissatisfaction and loss of control. Job design should offer full time challenges at the workplace.

Managers’ efforts should be fully utilized to ensure efficient use of time, during working hours, as this might make managers over-step their authority and distress the work staff. Putting a manager’s skills into effect, before his Job design is put into place, is essential. Not everyone is gifted or talented in the same manner so, a highly skilled manager should be given a Job with a lot of challenge. A manager should also be flexible and open to learning new skills for future promotions and Job opportunities. Jobs should also be flexible enough to accommodate managers according to their skills and experience.

Managers expansible for Job placement should keep in mind the organizational requirements and culture, since all companies do not have the same Job design. Individuals should be flexible enough to fit into the culture of an organization (Grotto, 1996). Target Corporation has a very detailed Job design that clarifies the responsibilities of employees in their various departments. They have a strong and effective Job design in place, since it is a constantly growing company. All the departments at Target coexist very well with one another and this has allowed continued success over years. Not one department works independently.

Instead, they are all connected, which allows them to assist one another in their duties and with the customers. There is a thorough screening process before any candidate is hired. An intensive interview is conducted, allowing only the most qualified candidates an opportunity for employment. Canvassing is not tolerated, as this leads to automatic disqualification from the selection process. All the employees at Target wear the same company uniform throughout the entire organization. Name tags are worn by each person with no title showing on the tags, which eases tension in a new employee who may notice supervisor via a name tag.

Employees must conduct themselves with professionalism and courteousness, at all times. Protocols or systematic approaches are observed in solving any organizational issue. Employees have their work clearly detailed to them, in Job descriptions of their respective departments. This reduces the potential for problems in regards to Job distribution. This Job design seems to work for Target as it has decreased turn-over in the past years. Employees are more focused while working, than they were before and managers and other team leaders are able to build relationships with their respective teams.

Productivity has increased due to an efficient Job design adopted by Target. Training activities Training is a necessity at Target, as it takes a newly hired person through the necessary steps of their position, before they assume their responsibility. It occurs before the employee begins their Job. Usually, it is given by a company trainer or leader with vast experience in the company’s operations. Ample time should be given to the training aspect of the Job, as this will have an overall effect on a company’s activities. A company should lay out necessary steps to be used in training before the hiring process is completed.

The human resource manager should ensure that new assume (Okinawa, 1997). Training enables a company to adapt and utilize technology advancement, since it has a staff equipped with knowledge. Training increases efficiency of any team and also assists the improvement of motivating the staff. It is through training that companies have confidence to venture into new markets, since the employee base is well knowledgeable. In small organizations, and some large organizations, training helps increase employee retention as well as decrease the need for supervision.

This makes it easier on management to involve themselves in there issues that involve the company’s operation as a whole. Training should be done in an orderly fashion and there are many steps that need to be followed. Organizational objectives should be kept in mind and the need for training on the side of employees. An assessment should be conducted to ascertain whether there is any type of gap between employees and senior management. Training objectives should be clearly laid out, so as to conduct an organized training.

Departments and employees in need of additional training should be observed, to improve time management when training individuals who need it. Not every method works for all trainees, therefore, effective methods of training should be formulated to suit everyone, individually or as a group, in a company. The trainer should put into place an efficient method of evaluation to make sure training has an impact on the trainee afterwards. First, a trainer needs to understand where the training is needed so there is little time wasted when establishing if trainees really require what is being offered.

Supervisors and managers should understand that training making an employee more effective, productive, and efficient. Management should not limit raining to fit its company, but should also consider offering additional training to better educate their employees, even outside a company’s premises. Some issues need little training and/or training materials. Some materials are sent to employees via e-mail for them to read and learn by themselves and ask questions later. Target Corporation gives every new team members a detailed plan of all the technical training and leadership training, which they will be undergoing.

This information is available during the first ninety days of employment and is offered in Spanish with over fifty modules. Training materials are published for the Human Resources department sand translation for key operational tasks are done in both English and Spanish. Team leaders and supervisors are also given intensive training themselves, which focuses on tools and experiences needed to become a better leader. This encourages every team leader and supervisor at Target with the knowledge, that they are well equipped with materials which enable them to make rational decisions, at all times.

There are also week-long assessments, year-long development series and shorter development programs for nomination-based leadership development orgasm for potential leaders at all levels of the company. Target upholds training for all employees because management understands that an employee is better positioned to perform well, when given adequate training. Managers believe in their employees’ capabilities and therefore offer them great training allowing employees to rise to any challenge. An employee at Target is open to work at any department since training offered is all inclusive.

Employees feel respected, valued and appreciated while working, which contributes to the growth of the company. Also, the employees’ perform their tasks with confidence and ease. Quality products are evidence to show that employees do not Just work but they give their best to make sure the image of Target Corporation is appreciated even in the outside world. Employees understand the culture of Target Corporation thru their training, hence making it easier for employees to interact well with one another, and without reservations. Recruitment Activities Any company needs to be sure that vacancies are available long before placing notices.

This will ensure that a company is not over-staffed. It is also the responsibility of the management to assure that current employees are not under- taffeta resulting in them being over-worked. Recruitment refers to finding qualified candidates that the company feels are suited to achieve the goals set by the company and improve its operations (Evangelic, 2010). It is the enlistment of people for various vacancies that have arisen within the company. Recruitment should not be for short term placement, although these particular needs are needed.

In these particular situations, the company may hire temporary workers, to help with the extra work load. Management should understand that recruitment is the first process awards creating a competitive workforce that will give them a competitive edge over other companies, in the same industry. Recruitment is not Just hiring qualified individuals, but, is a lengthy, procedural process that takes time. It begins when a company becomes aware of a vacancy. Usually, departmental leaders are the ones who report an open position to the Human Resources department, in case of need to hire.

Departmental leaders have to specify number of positions and people needed to fill these position, as well as, the duties and qualifications to be performed. Preparing the Job description for these vacancies should be done with the specifics required to fill those vacancies. The company then needs to list sources of employees required. They may source for the individuals internally or may opt to outsource, or hire externally. Hiring externally calls for an extensive way of advertising for each vacancy. Some companies however, prefer using recruitment agencies to do the whole process of recruitment on their behalf.

Once the advertisements, Job posts, and notices have been placed, individuals may apply for those vacancies. A company sees its recruiting department to choose experienced individuals according to given qualifications required. The chosen candidates are then called for interviews by someone from Human Resource department. Recruitment is affected by several factors. Top management may decide to recommend individuals referred to them by fellow supervisors in the organization, or from within. This is because the recommended individuals have a special relationship with top management.

Such occurrences may cause a company to hire employees that don’t have the skills and qualifications needed to perform the Job. On the other hand, it can have a positive affect too, allowing the company to hire someone from within, saving time and resources required, to train them and to bring them to the level of other employees. Recruitment is also affected by time of production. When production is increased, a company hires be it casual or permanent employees, to ensure continuity in production. Target Corporation, being a large company, has a well-defined recruitment process.

It may decide to hire internally but may also hire the services of department, Target Corporation has a developed department that is able to ordinate all other Human Resource departments. It is clearly described in the company’s policy that any applicant who canvasses in any way is disqualified from the hiring process. In its quest to strengthen its team with the most qualified individuals, Target Corporation holds Job fairs at universities, colleges and other training institutions. While doing this, they conduct various career conversations and interviews with people in those institutions.

The recruiting panel at Target Corporation also attends organized networking events to enable them access to diversified candidates. There is also a designed Target Recruitment Application form that potential candidates complete. Candidates are required to fill out the application with their employment and education details, achievements, skills or training, availability, references and right to work details. Candidates are also expected to sign a privacy statement that specifies the details they provide are true as this is also verified by references the candidates provide.

Selection Approaches After the recruitment process is performed, a company then begins the process of selecting viable candidates for the positions available. The selection process is not usually very long since a company already has all the information needed, from the candidates who have applied for various positions. From this point, it is only a matter of making decision from applications received and the interviews done. The best candidates are then selected if there is no interruption from senior management.

A typical selection process at Target Corporation begins with an initial screening completed by Human Resources, followed by two or more interviews, which are conducted by potential supervisors. Interviews at Target Corporation are structured, hat is, they are conducted as per a predetermined outline. The selection process is open which ensures that competitive candidates are chosen for the positions that are vacant. There is no complicity between potential candidates and the top management at Target Corporation. This makes it possible for competitive candidates to be picked for the open positions.

Also, it improves the confidence of the candidates since they are sure that they will have an equal chance of being selected. This openness of selection allows employees to be sure that growth is merit based, but, not on the basis of whom one knows in within the corporation. Performance Appraisal Systems This is also referred to as employee appraisal, career development discussion or performance review. It is a way of evaluating one’s Job performance in terms of quality of work, quantity of work, cost and time. This evaluation is done by the employee’s immediate supervisor.

It assesses an employee’s strengths and weaknesses, successes and opportunities for growth among others. Performance appraisals help management to make decisions with regards to more training and suitability of promotion, from one position to another. Performance appraisal is mimed at giving employees feedback on their performance, in order to help them identify areas that require more training and/or education. It also helps in forming a basis for human resource management in making decisions in regards to promotions, salary increases, and award of certificates for good performance, as well as, disciplinary actions and bonuses if any.

Performance appraisals aid the Employees may benefit in receiving additional coaching, development and counseling. Performance appraisals can be performed in various ways. Management may decide to use questionnaires where employees are requested to answer questions, though this is done in the presence of a supervisor. This type of appraisal helps bridge gap between employees and their supervisors. A company may also choose to use 360-degree appraisal where an employee is assessed by managers, peers, subordinates and customers. This type of appraisal gives the manager a better view of the employee on whom appraisal is being done.

Target Corporation has a unique appraisal system. Employees receive a positive approach which isn’t intended to intimidate the employees but rather to motivate them to work harder and achieve success. It is usually conducted by immediate team leaders or supervisors of respective departments. This appraisal happens periodically, and may be monthly or yearly, depending on the managements’ decision. It usually takes a longer period of time as compared to other companies, since Target Corporation is an international company. All appraisals for every employee should be received by the top management whenever an appraisal is to be conducted.

The method of appraisal to be employed depends on the market and the season. It is virtually impossible to conduct appraisals when it is a busy time of season, since production time will be eased. Target Corporation management handles performance appraisals in off season times, since this will not affect production as much. Employees are usually informed of when their appraisals will take place and where they will be performed. The place varies upon the location, since all employees can’t meet at headquarters, as it wouldn’t be cost efficient for both the employees and the employer.

Appraisals at Target have helped improve employees’ confidence in the company and has also decreased turnover. Employees are able to work more effectively, efficiently and they also maintain the company’s culture. The management has earned the confidence of employees since no conflict has occurred in the past with regards to promotion and salary increments. Promotion systems implemented Promotion refers to changing an employee from a lower position to a higher position. This usually comes after performance appraisals have been completed on employees. It is based on merit as well as hard work, on the side of employees.

Promotion boosts employees’ moral, helping them to develop trust and respect for the company. Promotion is usually done if vacancies arise in higher positions within an organization. It may not be implemented if there aren’t any places for employees to move up the ladder in the company. At Target Corporation, promotion is implemented immediately after performance appraisals are done. The way promotions are done at Target Corporation has encouraged employees and helped to own the company since they know that at some point they will get positions higher in rank.

This has allowed employees to be more focused and work diligently, in effort to try and move up the ladder. Production has increased and quality of products and services has been relatively high. The opening of other branches in the U. S. And other parts of the world is also an opportunity for employees to grow. This is because top management. Pay parts and other benefits Target Corporation pays $6. 25 to $8 an hour, for entry level positions (www. ]bono. Com, 2011). It also offers health care insurance to employees which are a bit restrictive.

Target dropped health care insurance for all casual employees. However, they offer multiple health care plans to their employees based on the geographic location, as per the company’s handbook for employees. Target is a flexible place to work, for employees who want part time or full time Jobs. Target’s 01(k) plan for retirement is among the best in the retail industry. It matches dollar to dollar, up to five percent of total contributions made by employees. All employees receive a ten percent discount on most merchandise purchased. These benefits have made employees work productively and efficiently.

Target has also expanded in recent years as a result of employees’ devotion in marketing, as well as, offering goods and services to its customers. This has made loyal customers in the company therefore, allowing guaranteed growth. Supervisory styles There are several types of supervisory styles that can be applied in any company. This has to be applied effectively so as to make sure that goals of a company are not compromised. It is also necessary to have experienced supervisors as this will ensure that work is done in the best way possible.

Supervisors should be able delegate, train, coach and communicate to subordinates. The various types of supervisory styles are authoritarian, Laissez Fairer, companionable and synergistic supervision (www. Answers. Com, 2011). Authoritarian supervision is based on the belief that the team requires continuous supervision probably because of immaturity as staff may attempt to work less, needing closer supervision. Laissez Fairer supervision allows employees to be free to use their talents to perform their duties. It is based on the expression, “Hire people and get out of their way. Companionable supervision is where supervisors create a friendly environment because they avoid confrontation with staff. Synergistic supervision is a cooperative effort whereby staff and supervisors work together, in an attempt to solve problems that might have risen in the course of work. This type of supervision is dedicated to helping staff develop their problem solving abilities and be solution focused, enabling them to grow in their arrears. Target Corporation applies the Synergistic type of supervision blended with the Laissez Fairer type of supervision.

This helps employees to use basic reason even in the absence of supervisors to solve problems that might arise. It allows employees to become self-sufficient and develop their supervisory skills. Employees support supervisors and vice-versa, so errors are minimized. Employees at Target Corporation are content with this type supervision since it ensures their growth. Productivity is of high quality and efficiency of employees is also commendable. Also, employees’ morale has increased since they are sure of Job security having earned respect amongst their supervisors.

Many of them become long term employees, since job satisfaction is almost guaranteed. Conclusion Target Corporation is a large company that has been growing in the recent past. This is evidenced by the many stores that have continued to be opened in several parts of the world. However, in any company, there has to be opportunities for growth and Target Corporation is not an exemption (Rowley, 2004). Target Corporation has been this will help improve the company’s image in the outside world. A company’s involvement in community service is also a form of advertising its products and services.

Target Corporation has an exceptional health scheme for employees and this has enhanced Job satisfaction amongst employees. In the retail industry, this company has a competitive health scheme for its employees. However, all workers should be given a uniformed medical plan whether they are full-time or part-time. When the medical plan was removed for casual employees, this affected production adversely so; bringing this back will definitely work for the company. The wage per our should be increased since currently; it is low, compared to the prevailing market conditions.

Employees have researched and proven that other companies are offering better terms and the management should respond to this by giving a pay increase. The type of supervision employed at Target should continue as is because this has led to a strong bond between employees and supervisors and also increased production in the corporation. The company should organize more employees’ supported functions, to ensure employees know and understand one another. This would increase teamwork and production, as a consequence. A strong bond between employees is an assurance of quality production.