Team working

Team working has been applied at Blacks using various methods. The first step that employers take when new staffs are hired is to make sure that a good relationship is developed between all staff by going out together for an evening so we can improve our relationships and essentially work well together as a team. Another method that the manager uses is to ask our opinions on how to layout the store and whether we agree the display of stock has been done to a satisfactory level.

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By developing and improving our relationships between ourselves we also help each other develop skills further as there are certain individuals in the store who are better at either salesmanship, or organising the paperwork, or how to display the stock and we all help each other reach the same level. Through good relationships our communication between each other has become even better and we are all able to understand each other and essentially we are able to communicate to each other what needs to be done in store.

Dissemination of information – employers should keep employees informed regularly of any relevant company information using meetings, notice boards and bulletins. Blacks do this by using the method of having notice boards in the staff rooms. The notice boards will always contain the weekly fact sheet so that all staff knows what is happening within the company and the weekly rotas so all staff know when they are working. Meetings are conducted mainly when there are any issues to be dealt with. An example recently is that we had a mystery shopper and the manager wanted to evaluate the results with us and train us on any needed areas.

Acknowledging achievement:- Employers should regularly acknowledge the efforts of their employees, especially when company targets are met, using a range of financial methods or non financial rewards. Either way the confidence or morale of workers will be boosted. As I mentioned previously, if managers acknowledge the work done by employees, then it will build their confidence so that when they serve customers with the right attitude and the behaviour of the workers will represent Blacks’ brilliant customer service. When employees do meet targets set then they receive financial rewards in the form of bonuses.

The non-financial rewards they provide are giving workers more responsibility or promoting them so their job descriptions change. This way they are depended on to look after a certain section in store which again helps motivate the workforce. Suggestion schemes:-  Employers should encourage their workers to make suggestions to enable the business to improve its business practices. This is applied at Blacks and when meetings are held we are always asked by the area manager as to whether we believe anything could change that could make the store more appealing to customers. If of course the suggestions put forward are practical and would better benefit Blacks then these are acted upon accordingly.

Fringe benefits:- These can be offered in addition to the workers basic salaries. Examples of this include sickness benefits, welfare benefits, bonuses, and other free medical insurances. At Blacks we are all entitled to sick pay and receive bonuses when targets are met. Free medical check-ups are offered to full-time staff. Job security:- Blacks offer their workers job security so as to gain their loyalty. An example of this is training courses. Every six months a training course is carried out for a sales assistant wishing to become a supervisor, or a supervisor wishing to become an assistant manager, or an assistant manager wishing to become a store manager and so on. This way everyone within organisation can develop their skills and become indispensable to Blacks. Also there is always the opportunity of promotion which can help motivate workers.

Benefits beyond the contractual obligation:- In addition to basic pay and fringe benefits employers can also win their employees loyalty by offering them additional perks. An example recently in our store was a bonus in our pay to who ever could get the most customers to join a competition we had running. Another example includes free or reduced membership to social clubs or gymnasiums.