Technological Development

Technological development has a positive rather than a negative impact on society? Technological development refers to a more advanced controlling in machinery or the ability of machines which are easier to use and more adaptable in the society. Society can be defined as a community which citizens are interacting with each other. In recent years, technological development has become a major source of discussion, as technological development could be beneficial or negatively to the society in different sectors, such as medical, industrial.

In this argument essay, whether or not he development of technology has a positive rather than a negative impact on society would be debatable. It will discuss the advantages and disadvantages brought by technological development to the society by considering a few issue, as technological development is beneficial to the industrial sector which brings more production and helps improve humans health at the same time, yet it also causes unemployment. Firstly, increase in production outputs is the major advantages to the society.

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It is well known that an economic growth is mainly brought out by an increase in outputs of the country. For example, after applying machineries in industrial sector in the past few decades, the outputs did increase predominantly. As machines are more efficient than employing workers, and they are capable to work non-stop through whole years. Therefore, technological development would has positive impact on society especially on industrial sector which provides a better production system and raise the outputs level lead to an economic growth.

Apart from that, technological development has also improved humans health . As technological development has helped investigating medicine for most of the sissies, and has also been more efficient in surgeries. For example, during an operation, human error like distraction and tiredness could be eliminated by medical robots and due to the development, bacteria could be studied or classified easily with microscope. These applications have prolonged human lives and protected us from illness.

Therefore, it could be argued that technological development could be a positive impact on society. Finally, technological development can be argued to have a negative impact on society, as citizens are the element of the society, a better standard of living of them means a better society. Technological development would bring out more applications of machinery in industrial sector or eventually develop in tertiary sector as well, which might cause an increase in number of unemployment.

For example, in car factories, cars could be done within a few employees only, as painting, matching of component could be done by the machines while workers are only responsible for confirming the products and checking the processes in production as a result, less workers are needed and they are replaced by machines. Therefore, it could be argued that technological development could increase the employment rate in long term. In conclusion, this essay has discussed the advantages and disadvantage of technological development.

Despite technological development could increase the unemployment rate, but on closer inspection on the advantages, application AT technology In Instinctual sector Ana meal sector could bring economics growth with better efficiency in production, and provide better system in health care. Therefore, it could be concluded that technological development has a positive impact rather than a negative impact on society as it improves the quality of life to a large extent.