Technology development on teenagers

In the past years, Technology has been developing rapidly creating an effect both positive and negative towards society. Technology can be defined as mobile devices and Social Network and Society can be defined as Teenagers. This essay will discuss about the advantages and disadvantages created by the technology development by arguing that mobile devices nowadays are getting more useful but on the other hand, mobile devices can effect some social issue in the society and secondly it will argue the benefit of Social Networking, yet Social Networking could lead to criminality.

Firstly, Mobile devices has been developing the most out of the technological devices for the past few years. It is believed that every develop that make, makes the devices easier for us to use. For example, nowadays phone can open social networking, browsing whereas before it could only call and do text messaging. Therefore, Opening things such as twitter or Backbone can be opened without computer devices which make our live easier. However, it can be argued that mobile devices has disadvantage to the society. As they are to focus with their mobile devices, or could be said addicted, there is some social issue.

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For example, a teenager is to focus on his/her mobile devices, she is more closer with her friend that she met on her phone then when she met in real live. This situation make parents worried about their children’s physiology. Therefore, Social issue could happen because of addiction Secondly, Social networking has been popular since Friends was built on 2002 (A), it has been growing rapidly and now most of the teenager Joined at least one of the social networking. It has a lot of advantages such as meeting new friend globally, finding old friend, sharing picture and experience. It is also a good place to relax.

For example, asocial networking called Backbone has games inside for the users to play and relax. Therefore, social networking is very useful for the user But on the other hand, It can be argued that social networking causes some criminality. From light criminal, such as cyber-bullying and blackmailing, until heavy criminal such as kidnapping and murdering. Teenagers are often the target of the kidnapping or murdering. In Indonesia, cases such as kidnapping and murdering teenagers when the witnesses are claiming that she/he went to meet someone she/he met on social outwork has often occurred.

Cyber-bullying also often be found in social networking such as twitter and Backbone. Therefore, criminality could occurred because of the social network In Conclusion, It could be stated that mobile devices are very useful for the society’s live yet it causes some social issue. Secondly Social networking are good for the user but on the other hand criminality often threaten them. Therefore it could be argued Technology development that the impact of the negative aspect and the positive to the society are equal technology development on teenagers By Gabriele-Supplant