Textile industry

India textile industry largely depends upon the textile manufacturing and export. It also plays a major role in the economy of the country. India earns about 27% of its total foreign exchange through textile exports. Further, the textile Industry of India also contributes nearly 14% of the total Industrial production of the country. It also contributes around 3% to the GAP of the country. India textile industry is also the largest in the country in terms of employment generation.

It not only generates Jobs in its own industry, but also opens up scopes for the other ancillary sectors. India textile industry currently generates employment to more than 35 million people. Indian textile Industry can be divided into several segments, some of which can be listed as below: cotton Textiles O Silk Textiles 0 Woolen Textiles 0 Redeemed Garments 0 Hand-crafted Textiles 0 Jute and Coir 1. 2 Current Scenario The Indian Textiles Industry has an overwhelming presence in the economic life of the country.

Apart from providing one of the basic necessities of life, the textiles Industry also plays a vital role through Its contribution to Industrial output, The sector contributes about 14 per cent to industrial production, 4 per cent to the gross domestic product (GAP), and 17 per cent to the country’s export earnings. It provides direct employment to over 35 million people. The textiles sector is the second largest provider of employment after agriculture.

Thus, the growth and all round development of this industry has a direct bearing on the improvement of the economy of the nation. India has the potential to increase its textile and apparel share in the world trade from the current level of 4. 5 per cent to 8 per cent and reach US 80 billion by 2020. Private & Confidential Page 2 of 14 1. 3 Export Scenario The Indian textiles and clothing industry is one of the largest contributors to the amounts exports. The textile products continue to hold an important role in the Indian exports.

Home textiles, bathrobes, terry towels Home textiles, woven and knitted apparel fabric, garments and polyester yarn Raymond Ltd Worsted suiting, tailored clothing, denim, shirting, woolen outerwear Arrived Mills Ltd Spinning, weaving, processing and garment production (denims, shirting, khakis, knitwear) Bombay Dyeing & Manufacturing Company Ltd Bed linen, towels, furnishings, fabricator suits, shirts, dresses and saris in cotton and polyester blends Garden Silk Mills Ltd Nonfatal Industries Ltd Ditty Barilla Novo, a diversified conglomerate of the Ditty Barilla Group, comprising three divisions -?

Mantra Garments, Seashore Textiles and Indian Rayon TIC Lifestyle Reliance Industries Ltd Dyed and printed fabric Shirting, poplin’s, footwear fabrics, voile’s Mantra Garments -?lifestyle market (Louis Philippe, Van Houses, Allen Solely, The Collective) Seashore Textiles -?domestic linen and worsted yarn Indian Rayon -?viscose filament yarn Lifestyle market Fabric, formal menswear 2. 2 Profile of Major Players in India Wellness India Limited (WILL) is the Flagship Company of Wellness Group with enterprise value of U. S. $ 3 billion.

WILL ISO 9001 :2000, 14001 and AS certificated company. WILL is a composite textile mill producing Cotton Yarn, Territory’s and Rugs for international market. Wellness India Ltd. Is one of the largemouth Textiles producers in Asia and amongst the top 4 producers of Terry Towels the world. WILL is located at village Moral in Villas district, Gujarat State. Walnuts sales turnover for year 2009-2010 was RSI. 681. 881 scores. They have presence over 50 Countries, over 24,000 employees & 100,000+ shareholders, Wellness is one of Indian’s fastest growing conglomerates. 2. 2. Verandah Group was established in 1965 and is a leading textile conglomerate in India having a turnover of $700 MN. They have over 24 manufacturing facilities in five states across India, the Page 4 of 14 Group business portfolio includes Yarn, Gregg and Processed Fabric, Sewing Thread, Acrylic Fiber and Alloy Steel. Verandah Group manufacturing facilities include over spindles, 65 tons per day yarn and fiber dyeing, 900 shuttles looms, 90 MN meters per annum processed fabric, 33 tons per day sewing thread, 18000 metric tons per annum acrylic fiber and 100,000 tons per annum special and alloy steel.

Products 2. 2. 3 Cotton Yarn Special Blended Yarn Organic Cotton Yarn Core Spun Yarn Fair Trade cotton Yarn Melanges Organic Fair Trade Cotton Yarn Gassed Mercedes Yarn Elitists Yarn Modal Yarn Vortex Yarn Thence Yarn Club Yarn Viscose Yarn Acrylic Yarn Hand Knitting Yarn Poly – Cotton Yarn Specialty Yarn Acrylic – Cotton Yarn Look Industries Ltd. Is an India-based textile manufacturing company and was established in 1986. Look Industries is a private textile manufacturing company and has manufacturing bases spread over 6 locations in Nava Iambi in API and Silva, situated in Maharajah’s.

Its business domain involves weaving, knitting, processing, home textiles and ready-made garments and its a diversified manufacturer of world-class home textiles, apparel fabrics, garments and polyester yarns. Its buyers include manufacturers, exporters, importers, retailers, and branded apparel manufacturers of the world. Further, it operates its embroidery business through its sister concern, Crystallographer Ltd. Today, Look Industries is one of the largest private exporters of textiles in India. Its business operations are spread across all the continents.

Moreover, the manufacturing lab has been certified for ISO 1993 and their shares are listed in Bombay Page 5 of 14 Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange. They has posted a net turnover of USED 13 billion for the FYI 201 lass compared to USED 208 million turnover in 2004. 0 2. 2. 4 Look Industries product lines include Apparel Fabric (Woven) Apparel Fabric (Knitted) Home Textiles Polyester Yarn Embroidered Fabric Retailing Raymond was incorporated in 1925 and has over 60% market share in worsted suiting in India The company has a diverse product range of nearly 20,000 design and colors of suiting fabric.

Woolen Outerwear. Furnishings. Retail (The Raymond Shop and Brand Store). Engineering (Files, Cutting Wools, Hand Tools and Agro tools and Auto Components). Personal Care (Park Avenue and Sumatra). Prophylactic (Sumatra and Surgical Gloves). International Business. Corporate Wear Page 6 of 14 2. 2. 5 Bombay Dyeing Bombay Dyeing is one of the leading companies in the textile business. In fact,Linda has made a position in the world textile sector holding the hands of Bombay Dyeing.

The textile products of the company are exported to different nations all across the 2. 3 Products of Bombay Dyeing: Bombay Dyeing by using advanced technology has brought about a change in the textile business. The entire production is divided into two broad streams, weaving and spinning and winding. The production level on a daily basis is over 300,000 meters of fabrics. Some of the important products of the company that have already become significant in both, domestic and export markets are: Cotton Sheeting

Polyester Cotton Sheeting Poly Cotton Drills Shoe Lining and Duck Fabrics Satin Furnishings Yarn dyed fabrics Flannel Sheeting Dobby and Fine Count made-ups Downpour Shells and Comforters Towels, Table Tops and Napkins Bombay Dyeing at present is the largest exporter of sophisticated made-up items and also of products made of cotton and poly cotton. Bombay Dyeing has created a sizable market in the production of a wide range of fabrics and ready-made. This includes both formal and casual wear. The ready-made collection of the Bombay Dyeing has been changing its production pattern with the evolving fashion trends.

The consumer section of Bombay Dyeing comprise of bed linen, towels, furnishings, suiting and shirting fabrics, and cotton and polyester blended dresses and saris. Technology used in Bombay Dyeing: The technology applied in the production process in Bombay Dyeing is of international standards. Regarding the weaving facilities, the technology used is from one of the most technologically advanced company of the world, Seller. The automation used in weaving, spinning and winding by Bombay Dyeing are like Seller Projectile Machines, Sultriest Machines, Chlorofluorocarbons Rotors, Auto