The audience advert

This advert may suggest where the Famous Grouse Whisky is from. The action in this advert is just a grouse on the screen. Then it being kissed several times as if by an invisible person. This is then followed by cutting to the Punchline, “Best Loved In Scotland”. Then cutting again to the Picture of the bottle. This advert is aimed at a different audience. This is aimed towards the scottish minority of the viewers.

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These previous adverts all keep to the same formula of theme tune, setting, action, and do not do anything complicated. This is to develop he idea and recognition of the grouse character. The next two adverts do not keep to this idea. Mellow This advert has a different theme tune in the fact that its sloewer and does not have the same voicing as the last few adverts. This is played on a saxophone giving it more of a swinging type of rhythm. The grouse in the advert walks onto the screen slowly, looks at the camera, and then walks off slowly giving a laid back atmosphere to the advert. It then cuts to the Punchline, “Mellow,” and then cuts again to the picture of the bottle.

This change is made because of the amount of time the advertisement campaign has been running, the makers are expecting the audience to recognise the grouse and the theme tune. They expect the people to be anticipating the end of the advert and expect them to be trying to guess the punchline. They have made this one harder because they are trying to portrey a mood to go with the advert. A more of a subtle, laid back mood.

Behind Scottish Rugby

In this advert, the punchlinme is directly linked to the action in a literal and amusing way. Behind Scottish Rugby would have been shown during the international rugby league tournament. This would have been because, to feature the scottish rugby team in an advertisement would need their endorsement. In the advert, the theme tune has changed to the scottish national anthem for the most part of the action until the end where it changes back.

The action sequence is very simple. On the screen to start off with is just a rugby ball. Then the grouses tail pokes out from behind the ball. It does this slowly, until it comes to the grouses head, where it pulls out quickly and blinks at the camera. At this point, the music changes to the Famous Grouse theme tune. The screen cuts to show the punchline and then to a different screen where there is the scottish rugby logo. This advert would have been aimed towards the scottish rugby fans, or all rugby dfans seeing as there is a prestigious name is on the advert.


In conclusion, I found that the advertising campaign was successful in elling the product. The advert has a catchy theme tune, it is very simple and memorable, and it is also amusing, adding to the memorability. The audience this advert is directed at is the kind of person who would be able to buy the product for example rugby fans, or people who class themselves as laid back. It also incorporates the circumstances in which somebody might be watching the advertisement using the Swift One and Time For Another adverts that might be played during the same advertisement interval.