The Coffee Exchange Company

The website can be continuously developed to have all the creative flair of an advertisement, the style and information of a company brochure, the tailored presentation of face-to face interaction and should ensure that it always leaves the visitor clear as to what action should be taken next. Threats: Relatively low barriers to entry mean that Coffee Exchange must continuously remain ahead of new and existing competition by offering new or improved products and services and providing more incentives to prospective franchisees and customers.

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The need for fast loading and response times can be a difficulty for online marketing because of the technology driving website use. Improved video graphics, plug-ins and sophisticated rich media can enhance the visitors experience when entering the Coffee Exchange website. This means that increased investment into the e-business extension of the company can produce increased profitability and the number of prospective franchisees. A survey in the US found that there were four essential characteristics of a good website.

It must be easy to navigate, continually updated, have in-depth information on its subject and must offer quick loading and response times. 1 4. How else could the Coffee Exchange Company use the Internet to promote its business? Future developments of the Coffee Exchange website can become a valuable means of communicating with a potentially global audience easily and cost effectively, freeing them from the constraints of geographic catchment areas experienced by their traditional coffee roasting competitors. Links

Coffee Exchange should utilise database software to register interested franchisees online, and visitors whom would like more information on the products and services on offer. By obtaining market information, Coffee Exchange will be able to assess the needs and requirements of their target market with more accuracy and will then be able to offer more specialised products and services by analysing customer feedback and response. Email newsletters containing the latest news, information and updates can then be sent to potential franchisees and customers encouraging a stronger relationship with the company and increasing awareness of the brand.

The website should reinforce the corporate identity and produce and display online product catalogues. It should be used to inform potential investors and franchisees; provide detail of current and archive press releases; provide basic product and location information; present the company history, mission and achievements and views; inform suppliers of developments; communicate with employees; attract new job recruits and have a Q&A page with frequently asked questions about the company and products.