The control limits

According to the control limits, what we have set up, the finding are – the first process is out of the control, and the second process is in control. The reason why we have assumed that the first process is out of the statistical process control is because; as we can see from the graph below the average of the sample falls outside the upper and lower control limits in the range chart. The next step will be to investigate the process to identify assignable causes and to correct them, thereby bringing the process under control.

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Because the primary focus of control charts is to bring the process back into control. The reason why I assumed that the second process is in control is because as we can see from the graph below the average range sample falls within the lower and upper limit. From my findings, there is clear evidence that one of the process might be out of the control. However, there is only one point outside the control limits, which means that we should repeat the control process, because we could have done something wrong when the data was taken.

Normally when there is evidence that process is out of the control we should stop the production, eliminated the causes and start again. However, we have to keep in mind that when we stop the production line it will cost the money. In addition, we need remember that SPC is a new improvement plan in our organisation, and we could have done some mistakes when data was recorded. When SPC is implemented, we must be sure that the data and measurements are recorded precisely. That is why the best option for us to do is to repeat the control process.

How might you use the quality tools to determine the source of the defects and where might you start your improvement efforts to eliminate the causes. The aim of quality control is to ensure each finished product meets the standards set out by the organisation. To achieve this quality standards inspectors check the finished products and reject defective one. This system detects quality problems at the end of the production process before the products are selling to the potential customers. However, we have to remember that inspectors are only human. They become tried and bored in the end of a day; machines itself has variability.

A new approach of improving quality in our organisation is Total Quality Management system. It is the method where everyone in the business has to commits in achieving the quality standards; not only inspectors at the end of the production process. It means those quality standards are check at every stage of the production process. In addition, we have to check the machine regularly, as well as look at measurements methods, communication style among the employees and employers, responsibilities within departments, and to invest more money in training for all employees and employers.