The Corporation Case Study

Carlton Brown, a commodities trader, recounts with unabashed honesty the mindset of gold traders while the twin towers crushed their occupants. The first thing that came to their mind, he tells us, was: “How much is gold up? ” Do you believe that this is an inherent truth or are there any exceptions to this in the world of commerce? I believe it is an inherent truth, unfortunately there are certain people in this world that only look at the Profits In any given situation and make the sections based on money, greed and power and have no concern on the effect It will have on the environment or the public. . According to the documentary corporations have no built-in limits on what, who, or how much they can exploit for profit. Today, every molecule on the planet is up for grabs. In a bid to own it all, corporations are patenting animals, plants, even your DNA. Should the government protect and draw boundaries around some things as to precious, vulnerable, sacred or to important to the public interest to be exploited by corporations?

Yes, the government and the people should have a vote in what is exploited, the things that are God Given or natural to the environment for those who don’t believe In a higher power should not be the property off corporation or individual. It belongs to all of us and therefore Is the responsibility of all to respect and take care of, so that It Is available for all generations to come. To the 1934 business-backed plot to install a military dictator in the White House as proof of the pathological nature of business. Do these examples serve to support this inclusion.

No, I don’t believe that IBM was fully aware of the impact the alliance was going to create, they were building a census machine. Its really hard for me to grasp that IBM knew they were creating a way for Germans to kill people and keep track of the information. Is it possible that that something similar to that could happen here? I would hope not but anything is possible with any dictator. 5. Corporations may be trying to render government impotent and seize control of all assets of any value. What did you see in the documentary that suggests there is event to counter act this?

Americans are standing up for the values that our country was built on, we as a nation are not going to allow big Corporations to run this country as a business for profit ( monetary) Americans what a strong country that has a leadership who values the beliefs and liberty’s that we as a Nation will stand behind. People like Michael Moore and social media groups are educating this country and calling out the corporations and individuals with underlying agendas that do nothing to support our nation, but only give the corporations more power over us.