The Dynamic Interdependence of Developmental Domains

Different cultures are no longer following the rituals they once did for the right of passage to adulthood. People are looking at the right of passage to adulthood as finishing high school, finishing college, getting married, having a family, and maintaining a career. With people returning to college at an older age as well as the younger adult’s Just entering college it shows that Jobs are less permanent. Steersmen, 2007) Here in the United States parent are going out of their way to help young adults to try to become responsible adults while making the transition into adulthood.

When making this passage into adulthood for those in their twenties and early thirties parents show on a large scale downward material and emotional support. (Chosen & Ross, 2005) While taking this course Human Growth and Development my perspective have not changed much. Perhaps it may be due to my age and knowing that perhaps I have reached my goals in life thus far, but I am still striving for more. When looking onto Human Growth and Development we want to find out why each of us is the way we are, every individual is different. After infancy we become young adults and begin to form our independence.

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Adolescence is the physiological change that a person makes along with the cognitive and social change this is the process from childhood. Topic 2: Older Adulthood When it comes to the development of the life span a person is expect to grow and as they get older the declining process will begin due to aging. During a person life span the development perspective involves several different stages such as ultrasonically, multidimensional, and multidimensional. (Contracts, 2012) The growth involves includes the process of going through biological and social cultural factors.

The older adults are beginning to live longer due to medical breakthrough with medication, them exercising, they must have healthy diets. Older adults that are obese will probably not live long due to what they eat. Physical exercise is highly important to living longer when it comes to older adults. When the research was done on over a thousand older adults over the age of seventy it showed that they had ore accidents at none Decease AT dejects Delve In tenet path Ana Walt coeducation AT the situation to them concerning this there would be fewer accidents.

Spirituality in Older Adulthood Existential Meaning Productivity and Live Events When individuals are at the end of life stage they become more spiritually in tune with God especially older adults it is important to them. Some theorist from the disciplines of gerontology, psychology, and religion understand older adulthood to be a time of increased spiritually. (Negatron, 1968, Jung, 1971) Knowing that they are at the end of life stage they must find peace within themselves. An older adult realizes that there is not a future for them thing were different when they were young adults and when they were in their middle adulthood.

It is a time to come to the conclusion that being spiritually within them self will make death easier. In conclusion the adult role in becoming adults can change and have different various depending on the domain that a person goes through. Early adulthood starts in individual early twenties and will continue into their thirties, in the individuals early forties and into their sixties they will be inter into middle adulthood, this is here their domain will change because it’s the time they have responsibilities, have social agenda with others and getting to know one self while maturing as an individual and establish a career.

When a person inters into their sixties and seventies they have interred into their late adulthood and has come to their end of life stage this process is the last of the domain change of their life span, a time of retirement, have social interactions and to enjoy the remaining of one’s life. References: Contracts,J. (2012). Life-Span Development. (14th, De). Retrieved from [Vital Source Bookshelf version]. Retrieved from http://store. Viticulture. Com Steersmen,Richard A. ,Jar. (2007). Passages to adulthood: Linking demographic change and human development.