The employer course

In an interview you should dress very smartly as this will give your interviewer the impression that you are a very clever person and that you can present yourself well. Do not walk into the room ‘baggy’ clothing otherwise you will give off the bad impression and this may cause you to not get the job. Etiquette: Make sure as soon as you walk into the room, go in for a handshake to the interviewers as this shows you have good manners. Also, do not willingly take a seat unless you are offered one. This proves that you are fairly polite and can respect others well.

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Body Language: Always sit up straight in an interview as this shows you are interested in the job. In addition, make frequent eye contact with the interviewers as this shows again you are interested in the job and that you are actually paying attention to what the interviewer is asking. Try not to play with your clothes or hair as this can distract the interviewer and also could be a sign of nerves which is not something the interviewer really wants.

Voice: When talking and responding to questions in the interview, make sure you change your tone of voice. This shows that you are not a boring, monotonous person and that you actually are keen on the job. Furthermore, it helps the interviewer too as they know that you are focused on the interview and are not becoming bored Preparing answers to likely questions: In the interview you will most likely be asked a question that gets asked alot which is, ‘why do you think we should pick you over everyone else?’ This is a question you would need to prepare for beforehand because in the interview you do not want to give half answers and then disappoint the interview and fail to get the job.

Preparing questions to ask the employer/course tutor: Having one or two questions ready to ask the interviewers is always handy because this shows that you are quite keen on getting the job. The questions don’t always have to be something you really want to find out or can be a question you already know the answer to. You do this because it proves to the interviewer that you are interested in the job and that you can ask questions in order to find out more information.

Learning relevant techniques: Going into the interview you need to ensure that you can express your variety of techniques through and please the interviewer. Attributes such as being confident and being enthusiastic will help to enable you to show off and hopefully win you the job. Interview Notes – Specific Interview Preparation * If you were applying for a college course and it is very popular you need to ensure that you know alot about the course. This will help you in the interview as it shows that you have prior knowledge to the course and will be of great benefit to you as the know what you are talking about.

Make you sure you dress smartly for the college interview; no one wants to accept a student who looks scruffy. You need to make sure that you have done a fair bit of research about the actual college, just so that any surprise questions will not be much of a fright to you. Knowing exactly where the college or sixth form is is very crucial. This is because if you know where the college is located you will not have difficulty in reaching there. In addition it ensures that you will reach on time for your interview. Having the name and where exactly the interview is, these details with you will again help you out in terms of timing and just making sure you are comfortable in the environment, especially if you have not been there before.