The head of the branches

The spreadsheet will allow the user to update any expenditures and profits made. This spreadsheet will help the manager of the cool leisure centre write letters to the head of the branches. It will also allow the manager to see if the centre is on target for a specific income or not. I will need to ask the manager of the branch to give me the details above. This will allow my facts to be correct. Grid Design I will need to design two grids. One will need to be of the income sources and the other will need to be of the expenditures. All the data that I enter will need to be compatible with formulas, macros, and new sheets.

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Inserting Grids in Excel I will need to make sure that I name each column appropriately. I will also need to make sure that the data within them is correct. The sizes of the columns and rows will need to be adjustable. To set up my first grid I thought of appropriate names for column. I then entered the names that I was given for the rows. Formulas I used many formulas in this spreadsheet as it will in future save the manager time. I mostly used the =SUM formula and I also used the =IF formula as shown on the printouts. I have also explained what the formulas I have used do in the spread sheet. Graph Generation

Once I had made my spreadsheet I needed to make a graph so that it was easier to understand the results. I selected the columns and rows that were needed so that I could make a bar graph. As this screen shot shows I selected from cells A3 – E8. I then clicked the graph button bringing up the screen shown below After selecting an appropriate graph my graph looked like this I repeated the steps above so that I could get a pie chart. After selecting an appropriatepie chart it looked like this. To save the manager from doing this again I recorded two macros. One for the bar graph and another for the pie chart.

I did this by going to tools, macros, record new macro. Clicking this brought up the screen below. I assigned a shortcut and started to record. After I was finished once I pressed the short cut, ctrl + e, the graph popped up updated. I then did the same for the pie chart. I made sure that all the graphs were labelled appropriately. I also made sure that the x and y axis were labelled correctly. Sorting grids After all changes were made I wanted to sort the rows alphabetically. I did this by selecting the cells that I wanted to sort and clicked the sort ascending button.

This sorted the expenditures (as shown on page 14) alphabetically. Security and accuracy To make sure that my work was safe I made sure that the spreadsheet was password protected therefore protecting any data that is important to the centre. I made sure that my work was backed up. I did this by going to the schools resources and using the Ninaa email account assigned to me. Once I got to the email account I sent the work to my hotmail and totalise address. This enabled me to keep my work on the internet and on the computers at home. I made sure that my computer was virus free.

I checked the spreadsheet for accuracy by proof reading it my self and also getting it proof read by the manager of the centre. Evaluation I enjoyed making the spreadsheet because it was factual and it was amazing what DDE (dynamic data exchange) could do. In future I would like to base my spreadsheet on something factual as it is easier to do. The formulas that were used in the spreadsheet worked perfectly and interacted all the time. If I had more time I would like to have made another sheet in the spreadsheet. This would be to show how many or which members had visited the centre.