The Hospitality Industry and Illegal Immigration

I do not support Illegal Immigrants simply because they are not paying taxes and my taxes are being used towards them when they themselves aren’t paying any taxes. However, I am glad they are not poor, hungry and on the street. I think it should be mandatory for background checks to be done for all employees at any given company. It’s cheating the system to hire an Illegal Immigrant to work at an organization. The employer isn’t paying taxes on these individuals and that in itself is fraudulent.

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The profits the company makes from hiring an illegal immigrant at low ages, isn’t worth what they are going to have to pay once they are convicted, prosecuted and fined for employing an Illegal alien. The hospitality industry is attractive to so many illegal immigrants because the types of Jobs they are offered and are able to find are not in the spotlight. There are more- so behind the scenes of any operation in the Hospitality field. Illegal Immigrants are easy hires that employers are able to often under pay.

Usually illegal immigrants are paid “Under the Table,” which in theory means they are not paying taxes on this in reticular employee nor is this employee paying any taxes – obviously because they are Illegal. Presently, Immigration quotas, In my opinion are adequate for the demand of the labor market. The majority of the people that work in the kitchen of the catering company I work for are In fact immigrants from various countries, but mainly Latino. Fortunately, I work for a company that does not hire illegal Immigrants.

Our staff has to have either a Green Card or be a U. S. Citizen, from there we also apply a background check to every Individual hired. If your background doesn’t fit in with what we are looking for as a company, then we don’t hire you. Any employers that are hiring illegal workers should most definitely be penalized. An employer who hires and is knowledgeable that their employee is not a U. S. Citizen or Is an Illegal Immigrant Is committing fraud. I think of this more along the lines of cheating the system. We need honest leaders in this industry – not cheaters.

Any 1 OFF and even potentially losing their business license is simply not worth the little money oh save by hiring an illegal immigrant who is willing to work for minimum wage or lower. I’m still not sure how we aren’t able to control the flow of illegal workers in this country. These people are coming in by boat, hopping fences, coming in on planes. You’d surely think by now that with as intelligent as our government is, we’d be able to regulate and effectively keep track of who is entering and leaving our country.

Hiring illegal immigrants definitely does not translate into larger profits and depressed wages. It may seem that way from an outside standpoint, but if you really go into your accounts and finances, hiring one or two illegal workers at a low income, really isn’t going to save you money. If someone’s entire staff was made up of illegal immigrants of course the profits will be larger and the wages obviously depressed, but realistically there isn’t anyway someone will get away with that for very long. I can guarantee once caught the repercussions aren’t worth those temporarily made profits.