The SWOT analysis

Our boss is very attentive to those who work a lot. Thus, I have bigger chances to be promoted than the others. Because of my short temper, my boss sometimes makes comments to me. This is totally unacceptable if I want to get a promotion. When I delay the order execution, my colleagues take interesting projects I would love to be involved in. Ђ Getting a promotion means important duties and a lot of responsibilities. My “charge stress” can cause problems with the performance of duties. The level of competition in our company is rather high. Because of my unwillingness to perform long lasting tasks I could be replaced by someone else. Reflection: The most interesting for me was to find out how deep the roots of my weaknesses and threats were. The internal analysis permitted to reveal my negatives and strives.

Moreover, the analysis proved so successful that I realized the point was to get rid of my weaknesses in order to promote my opportunities and to avoid threats. Now I understand the origin of my threats and opportunities much better. The second fact I was impressed with was the connection existing between what I do best and what threatens my activity. Obviously, there is a relationship between each part of this chart, proving that a personality is a complex social phenomenon. The SOOT analysis By Kankakee

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