This social network operates

This social network operates with the aim of bringing professionals and businesses together. This is a one platform where businesses and professionals from all fields come together. The users here can discuss various work related issues and maybe give and take professional advice. The users can also find and meet potential employees and employers. The companies and professionals using this website can also communicate with others on the website and find out more about the background, the vision and the mission of the company. Facebook This is a social networking site that is meant for the people.

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The users of this website can share personal information with others. This is also the most popular website on the internet. Facebook gives special importance to businesses and supports business marketing operations. When a business advertises through Facebook, they can target customers through their personal data, interests, likes and preferences. People on Facebook can also be classified according to demographics. This is very beneficial to businesses as they can save the cost of advertising for the mass and still manage to achieve the same if not better results. Ecademy This is a social networking site that is meant purely for businesses.

Their statement of purpose is ‘connecting business people’. This statement itself tells us how important and helpful this website might be to businesses. Foursquare This is a social networking website that synchronizes the location of its users in real time. This website is mainly made for mobile devices with a GPS connection. The GPS synchronizes the location of the user and gives the user an option to check-in, every time he/she is located in a recognized area. If the area is not recognised the users can add it manually. The statistics that are generated from this website can be used by the business as a form of market research.

Also using this foursquare can recommend the users new places which are similar to the ones they often visit. Blackberry Devices Another social networking based technology, interface, or service has had a major impact on the society is the Blackberry Messenger. Blackberry messenger is a real-time messaging service that can be used my many ways for corporal purposes. It’s very popular blackberry messenger service can be used by event organisers and other people where real-time communication and data transfer and synchronization is needed.

In-fact this service has received a positive response from all its users from the very time of its launch. This service was previously considered a service only for corporate but increasing popularity and launch of new low price range models made it popular amongst the teenagers. Corporate people rely on blackberry devices for its fast and reliable email transmitting technology called push mail. Push mail technology is a way of communication on the internet in which the client and the server are both in constant connection through another server.

This server consumes less bandwidth and maintains a very fast connection with the both the email server and the client. Also the emails and other blackberry messages are encrypted so the safety and privacy of the consumer is not compromised. The security, privacy, reliability and the speed of data transfer on these devices made them the most popular social networking device for corporate and personal use. Twitter It is a micro-blogging site. The users can ‘follow’ their friends, favourite stars, brands etc.

By endorsing the celebrities with a large number of followers brand can influence the posts of the celebrity and also create an impact on the followers of the celebrity. Important facts and reasons for the need to change to social ways Numbers of users on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, The population of world today exceeds 7 billion. And the number of people around the world using social networking too has increased. In a survey done by Experian marketing a few key statistics were found out. 1. Facebook is the world’s most popular social networking site with over 800 million active users; 200 million of those were added in 2011.

This is almost 11. 5 percent of the world population. 1 2. The average number of friends per user on Facebook is 130. Also an average user is connected to about 80 events and pages. 1 3. 75 % of the users of Facebook are from outside North America and accounts are available in 75 different languages. 1 1. It is also estimated that 91% of the adults in United States of America use some form of social media each month. [1] 2. 98 % of the 18 – 24 year olds use their social accounts monthly. 1 3. The users of Social Media and Social networks are more influential and active when offline.

1 4. When an average adult internet user was compared to an average adult social networker following key results were found out. 1. 19 percent of the users were more likely to attend sporting events. 1 2. 47 percent of the users tend to be heavy spenders on shoes, clothing and other accessories. 1 3. 32 percent of active social networkers follow a celebrity. 1 4. 53 percent of active social networkers follow a brand1 1. In a report released by comscore, a brand on social network that posts at least once every day will reach 22% of their fans in a given week.

50 percent of small business owners said that they gained new customers through social media, especially through Facebook and LinkedIn. 1 3. 51 percent of Facebook users and 64 percent of twitter users are likely to buy products of the brand they follow. 1 4. 60 percent of the small business decision makers do not spend 100 dollars on social media and social networks and 74 percent of businesses’ do not employ anyone to manage their account. 1 5. In a survey done by zoomerang it was found out that 44 percent of small business decision makers use social networks. 1