Thorpe Park Customer Needs Evalutation

Evaluation I am going to be looking at the different customer types that visit Thorpe Park and what customer needs they have and how Thorpe Park suits their needs. First looking at the customer needs families have and how Thorpe Park meets these needs. Families with young children will need baby changing rooms for their children. Thorpe Park has baby changing rooms at nearly every toilet block and If you can’t find them they are easily locatable by looking at the parks map. Also, families will need buggies for their children.

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Thorpe Park does offer buggies ATA low price. However, it Is first come first served. So, this means if a family turns up later than others they are not possibly going to be given a buggy. When I went to Thorpe Park I found It hard to locate the buggy area, however on the map it is easier to locate. Families with babies will need high chairs when eating. Thorpe Park offers high chairs in all their restaurants and they are easy to see and there is always enough of them. Children when eating In the restaurants will need children’s menus.

When I went to Thorpe Park I looked at the restaurant menus and saw for myself that they do have children’s menus at a cheaper price. This is good because it gives the children a wider range of options for food. Another thing I noticed is that on Thorpe Parks website is that they said they have a creche which Is a centre where you can leave your children for a few hours where they will be looked after well. This Is good because it gives the parents a break and it gives the children a fun place to go in the daytime. However, the not so good thing is that when I went to Thorpe Park I found it hard to locate these areas.

I think Thorpe Park should make It easier to locate these areas and other family areas, hey should advertise It more so family know about It. In a questionnaire I did I asked people “If you were traveling with the elderly, disabled or young children would Thorpe Park suit your needs? ” twelve out of twenty people said yes, Thorpe Park does/would suit our needs. ‘ Overall, I think Thorpe Park does suit family needs very well. A suggestion for Thorpe Park to make their family services better Is they could make all their family areas easily locatable so family’s will know about the places like the carchew.

Now looking at how Thorpe Park meets the customer needs of disabled people. Firstly, disabled people will need ramps for their wheelchairs so they can enter gift shops/restaurants etc. Thorpe Park does have disabled access at their attraction. If you are old and have a stroke, Thorpe Park provides a medical centre where you can seek medical help. They offer a wide range of different services for people with disassembles. Also, disabled people will need disabled toilets. When I went to Thorpe Park I did notice disabled toilets around the park in nearly every toilet block.

Looking at the Thorpe Park website the main point I saw is ride access passes, a wristband is even to disabled guests who are unable to queue and a helper. The wristband allows disabled guests and a helper to bypass the queuing system through the exit or a designated entrance designed for fast pass/ride access passes. However, that disabled person will need to be able to show proof that details reasons in why that I OFF allows people who are unable to queue to still enjoy Thorpe Park and attend the attraction. When I went to Thorpe Park in the car park I noticed disabled parking.

This is good because it means people with disabilities don’t have to work so far. Again joking at the graph above shows that people think Thorpe Park would/does suit their needs. Overall, I think Thorpe Park does suit people with disabilities customer needs. The best thing they offer in my opinion is the ride access passes because it means the customer won’t have to queue/stand for long if they have a disability. I cannot give a suggestion for Thorpe Park to improve because I think they are very good at catering for people with disabilities.

Next, Thorpe Park needs to cater for business/ corporate events that visit the attraction. When I went to Thorpe Park, we had a talk room a member of staff who works at Thorpe Park. He told us all about how they cater for corporate/business events. He said that they provide meeting areas/rooms for meetings to be held in. This is really good because not only does Thorpe Park attract teens/young children/adults it also attracts business people, which means more people will be visiting the attraction.

However, this can also be a problem for the park because it can cause overcrowding and long queues. Business people when in these meeting rooms will also need a projector; the member of staff told us that they provide different services for business people. Such as; projector, teas and coffee’s and snacks for the customers. This is good, because it makes business people want to attend this attraction because they get offered all the services they would expect to get. Lots of groups visit Thorpe Park, e. . School groups. Thorpe Park offers group tickets for 10 or more people. Obviously trying to buy 10 tickets at check in will be very slow and very expensive. So, Thorpe Park offers special group tickets. This is good because if it’s a group of primary school children, it offers you tickets for children less than 12 years of age. This will then attract more groups to attend the attraction because it offers cheap group prices instead of buying single tickets that would be expensive for a lot of people.

This is a table from The Thorpe Park website which shows how expensive the group tickets are. Groups that visit Thorpe Park are known as external customers, whereas staff are known as internal customers. The difference between external customers and internal customers is that external customers are outside business and individuals who visit the attraction and internal customers are the colleagues who work within the organization. If the group is a school group the teachers would need guidance as to where is a DOD place for the children to meet etc.