Training and Development of Employees

Iberia University Karachi Campus Human Resource Development (HARD) Questionnaire Respondent’s Name: Organization: Position/Designation: Instructions Division/Department: Date: a) Please fill out the questionnaire and kindly check ( the appropriate box where it deemed necessary b) In advance we are highly indebted for your full cooperation and professional support in filling out this questionnaire Q. L Could you please cost some light, on the profile of both the Parent and Subsidiary Company? Q. In HARD it is important to carry out, Strategic / Organization analysis in this intent Could you please tell us in the analysis that how do you identify the following? A. Organization’s goals b. Organization’s resources c. Organization’s cellmate d. Environmental constraints Please elaborate. Q. 3) It is imperative for the HARD Specialists to undertake important activity like assessing the HARD”s need in the Organization. By using various methods kindly explain what is the situation in your Organization? Please provide the details. Q. 4) Do you think that the HARD”s need assessment is yielding the requisite results?

Q. 9 Could you please tell us do you carry out the evaluation of HARD programs and how often in terms of its frequency? Please provide the details. Q II I en most popular Ana Antenatal Trademark approval Day Cleopatra Framework advocated four criteria namely. A). Reaction (level 1) b). Learning (level 2) c). Job Behavior (level 3) d). Results (level 4) Are you using the same set of framework? Yes ( No( Ks Evaluation If answer is “No” please provide the details which evaluation model your organization s using and consequently its satisfaction level.

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Please provide details Q. Al Do you use coaching to improve poor performance? Yes ( No (In either case please provide the details. Q. 12 In your perspective what skills are necessary for effective coaching? Q. 13 It is common to witness that NC”s has a system in place which governs the employees assistance programs. Do you have such program? Please provide the list and comment on its effectiveness. Q 14 HARD covers ten areas AT career Management Ana career Development want programs and activities do you have in this context. Please provide the list.

Are you satisfied with the current Career Management and Career Development? Q. 1 5 HARD Specialist also serves as a change agent and actively participates in designing and implements the intervention strategies in the organization. Kindly tell us what the situation in your organization is. Before we depart, we once again extend our sincere thanks for enlightening us with your invaluable inputs and insights. Finally, if you have any comments/observations which you think is critical for our assignment, please provide the details Interviewers: 3. 2.